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"Cables for Allen Bradley PLC2 and PC"

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Frank Balkie - (2 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster Nov-10-01, 07:25 PM (EST)
"Cables for Allen Bradley PLC2 and PC"
Since I wrote this I have reread some other posts and learned that there is a cable available for sale. At over $100 I am hoping for info on how to make my own.


Several weeks ago I posted a question concerning available software that would allow me to use a laptop PC to program and troubleshoot the AB PLC2. We have been using the "Industrial Terminal T3" (or something like that) and I was looking for something more convenient.

While I was snooping around our engineering department I discovered that we had just what I needed - "Taylor ProWorX for Allen Bradley PLC2". No one seems to know much about it, even though it is only a few years old.

I need help figuring out how to make that connection between the PLC and the PC. The Taylor manual shows several wiring diagrams but they seem to be for different AB interface modules (ie 1771KC, KD, Ke etc). The processor manual, Mini-PLC-2/02, doesn't help. It only talks about using the 1770 T3 terminal.

In the Taylor user manual there is one line that mentions an "active cable (or smart cable)" available from Taylor that will connect to the front of the processor. That is certainly what I need. But there isn't any more information. I went to a Website where Taylor software is discussed, but searching for Cables and AllenBradley ProWorx listed dozens of pages but nothing I could use.

So, finally my question. How can I connect my PC to the Allen Bradley PLC2?

Thank you for your time and help;
Frank Balkie


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rsdoran Click to Email rsdoran - (192 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster Nov-10-01, 07:42 PM (EST)
1. "RE: Cables for Allen Bradley PLC2 and PC"
Frank, AB is notorious for stuff like this. Checkout this link

AB didnt use rs232 back then (barely does now) so you have to use a card (KT KE etc) or buy an aftermarket smart cable

This smart cable is $200

Didnt lookup the prices but AB still offers the means

If you cant get to that link, then goto then product support and register. Once registered then goto knowledgebase and look at PLC2..scroll down list to INTERFACING WITH YOUR PLC2



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