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"Reliance Automax 6010 CPU"

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vinod - (41 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster Nov-03-01, 02:21 AM (EST)
"Reliance Automax 6010 CPU"
Reliance Auotmax user's please help me.We are in urgent need of Automax programming software for processor 57C430B , 57C430A(CPU 6010)
We had DOS based software Automax software AMX2 , version 2.1K. Old DOS software AMX2 v2.1K was supplied to us by our machine supplier from japan in early 1990's. Now we donot have support agreement with them.
We had this software in a samsung make laptop with MSDOS6.0. we tried to take backup for the software and hence we copied the whole AMX2 directry to another directory. after we copied the directory the old AMX2 software did not open when we clicked the *.Bat file. MSDOS reported the following message " Divide overflow".
Now the software is not opening and hence we donot have anyother software.
we are in trouble as whenever we have a power failure in our plant ,immediately our PLC go to error state and we have to clear the fault only through the software.
hence i request you to kindly send me email on how to solve the problem or the cat no. of new windows based programming software for the same processor.

many thanks


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RE: Reliance Automax 6010 CPU, rsdoran, Nov-03-01, (1)
RE: Reliance Automax 6010 CPU, john paley, Nov-03-01, (2)
RE: Reliance Automax 6010 CPU, rsdoran, Nov-03-01, (3)
RE: Reliance Automax 6010 CPU, vinod, Nov-05-01, (5)
RE: Reliance Automax 6010 CPU, rsdoran, Nov-05-01, (6)
RE: Reliance Automax 6010 CPU, vinod, Nov-05-01, (4)

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rsdoran Click to Email rsdoran - (161 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster Nov-03-01, 08:34 AM (EST)
1. "RE: Reliance Automax 6010 CPU"
the above is to Automax V4.0 to use with Automax DCS


john paley - (65 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster Nov-03-01, 09:34 AM (EST)
2. "RE: Reliance Automax 6010 CPU"
We got our first system in 1987 before they called it automax. It was simply DCS. I think we got serial # 2 or 3. Our system doesn't allow uploads from processors, can't monitor or download over the network, and doesn't allow many things the newer systems do.

We use the original DCS 5000 dos based software with our system. The software works fine with older processors, like 386, 486, but some things don't work well with pentiums. Mainly comms things. For instance, I can go online and monitor variables, so I know I have established comms. But when I try to download tasks, it tells me I'm not connected.

I guess it's time for us to bite the bullet and get new stuff.

I could zip the 5000 files and e-mail em to you, if you want. I don't think it's piracy as they were giving the stuff away when we got it and it's not copy protected.

E-mail me if you want it.

j paley


rsdoran Click to Email rsdoran - (161 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster Nov-03-01, 06:46 PM (EST)
3. "RE: Reliance Automax 6010 CPU"
Suggestion, you have the dos based software that was on the laptop but is now on the new computer..correct? It doesnt run right when you clik the .bat file...correct? You didnt state the OS but I will assume windows 9x/2k OK? The dos software will still have an executable file that you can use to start it, I dont know what but ??????.exe, right click that file then goto Program tab and click once. Make sure command line is correct and batch file name is correct...path and name, then click Advanced, you will see options, your choice depends on what is needed..does the software need share.exe loaded?? or anything like that loaded from config.sys? If so choose MS DOS mode, if not then use Prevent MS-DOS based programs from detecting windows.

One more thing you didnt mention was the type of connection, since serial is standard I will assume that is what is used, OK? Now its also standard for a computer to have 4 serial port options, com 1,2,3,4. Sometimes the external port is disabled in bios, verify it is enabled. That is done by entering setup from boot screen...HIT DEL ( or F1 or F2 ) TO ENTER SETUP. Once verified then make sure (within software) that you have chosen the correct serial port...on some systems a mouse may take com 1 and modem com 2...that leaves you hurting. IF the system is fairly new or mouse is ps2 then com1 will be open ..normally. Verify external is attached to com 1 if that is case. IF external serial port is connected to com 2 verify its not being used by modem or another device. Normally if you have serial port 2 enabled in bios then a modem cant use it, only an external device (if attached to external port).

Hopefully some of this will help you. Wish you luck.

BTW I would gladly look at the program files.


vinod Click to Email vinod - (41 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster Nov-05-01, 09:51 AM (EST)
5. "RE: Reliance Automax 6010 CPU"

we copied the AMX2 directory contents(where our automax software is installed) into another new directory into the same computer hard drive ( c drive). laptop is very old around 1990 model from samsung . processor i think is 386 based.

Is there any way of solving this problem.

actually we did not have the installation software in floppy disk and we thought that if something happen to our old laptop then we will not be able to go online to the plc.
so we thought of copying the software from hard disk and to install that in another computer. but before we did that we copied the same into another new directory in the same computer and we tried to open the software from the new copied directory by clicking the *.BAT file. but nothing happened.
then we opened the old software from its old directory and we got the error message " divide overflow.

can you please tell me how to solve this problem.

so if nothing can be done then i thought of purchasing the windows based software. but i noted that version 4.0 of automax does not support the processor that we have (6010).

many thanks


rsdoran Click to Email rsdoran - (161 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster Nov-05-01, 07:36 PM (EST)
6. "RE: Reliance Automax 6010 CPU"
>>>can you please tell me how to solve this problem.

I will try, if the software is dos based it shouldnt matter as long as you get all the files copied to new directory. NOW once done you have to associate the .bat file to the NEW directory. If in dos then use "edit" command to look at and change it if needed. At dos prompt type
edit c:\directory\???.bat
directory=name of new directory you put files in
???.bat=name of .bat (batch) file

Look thru the file to find the path listed for it to look in.
I have Logicmaster 90 software, the default directory is lm90 and batch file (.bat)is lm90.bat
the original path is c:\lm90


I move the files to new directory named NEWLM90 now I need to edit the batch file to change the path to c:\NEWLM90

As to the divide overflow error message, are you using ms-dos 6.0 by any chance?

If so and have the dos disks ( by some unbeleivable chance) try reinstalling dos...DO NOT FORMAT. If you have a problem reinstalling dos ( wont let you cause its already installed ) then let me know, I can tell you work arounds. If you have access to dos 6.2 then install it. Again if any problems I can give workarounds.


vinod Click to Email vinod - (41 posts) Click to check IP address of the poster Nov-05-01, 09:44 AM (EST)
4. "RE: Reliance Automax 6010 CPU"
LAST EDITED ON Nov-05-01 AT 09:58 AM (EST)

Dear Mr.John paley ,

Thanks very much for your reply. can you please send the DCS 5000 Programming software to my
email id:

Will this software work with my CPU 6010.

Thanks very much for your kind support




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