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PLC Related Employment Classifieds

Find a PLC RELATED job here! or
Find a new PLC RELATED employee here!

Welcome to the PLC Employment Classifieds. This is the place to find a PLC Related job or find an employee! And you can place your classified ad for $FREE$!

Please only use this area for jobs utilizing PLCs.

Instructions for Using the Classifieds

Submitting Your Classified Ad
To submit your classified ad, completely fill out the form below. If the form is not filled out completely, your ad will not be added to the system. When done, push the "PostAd" button located at the bottom of the page. Your ad will be posted and you will receive e-mail confirmation.

Viewing Classified Ads
To view classified ads, select one of the sections below to view. Then, push the "ViewAds" button at the bottom of the section list.

Removing your Classified Ad
If you have posted a classified ad and wish to remove it at any time, (i.e.if your position has been filled or you found a job) then please Click Here .

Which section do you want your ad to be placed in or you would like to view?
PLC Related Employment - Wanted
(use this section when you are looking for a job for yourself)
PLC Related Employment - Offered
(use this section when you are looking for an employee for your company)

Please enter your information below.
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Please enter your ad information below.
What is the subject of your ad?
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Don't forget to say where the job is located OR where you are willing to work!(i.e. Chicago, London, Anywhere in USA, etc)

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