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Posted By DES On 06/11/00
When i try to print a copy of a ladder now i keep on getting a error message relating to a conflict with a windows dll. file. I could once print though. ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 06/11/00
DES, you need to get the EXACT name of the .dll file. If you can identify it, I'm sure someone can send you a copy. Apparently, you have been doing ..
 A-B Bit shifting question
Posted By Allen F On 06/10/00
I have a Micrologix 1000 setup at home for self teaching purposes.
I'm playing aroung with the Bit Shift instructions and have no problems
getting the BSR to work. I move the B3:Word location for the BSR to the
outputs and all works well

But when I try to use the BSL(Bit Shift Left) instruction, it faults
out the cpu every time. Error 41h.

Can anyone shed some light on why the BSL isn't working.

When I replace the BSR with the BSL instruction in the exact same
program, it faults every time.

Thanks, in advance, for your ..
* Added By Bob On 09/03/00
"TheLearningPit" web site has an excellent online tutorial for RSlogix and seams to address the problem of the BSL instruction. It also ..
* Added By Debanik Paul On
I have a LOgixPro PLC Simulator software for self teaching purposes which have download from "TheLearningPit" web site.The software is in ..

 Please tell me where I can get Manual, Package and Cable for SA-22-EX(E-01B, E-02B-EX)
Posted By Ming Xu On 06/10/00
Please tell me where I can get Operational Manual, Software Package and Cable for Koyo Electronic Industries Co. PLC Model:SA-22-EX(E-01B, E-02B-EX). Thanks a lot. ..
* Added By Bernie Carlton On 06/12/00
Your numbers seem similar, though not EXACTLY the same, as the KOYO parts referenced by AutomationDirect at their web site ..
* Added By Ming Xu On 06/15/00
Thank you Bernie. I have contacted with AutomationDirect and waiting for their reply. ..
* Added By quy phuong On
please buy software for koyo ..
* Added By quyphuong On
please buy software for KOYO ..
 Where to get info?
Posted By joe On 06/10/00
Can anyone tell me where to get info on gould pc-0085-102, I have tried modicon with no luck, Im new to plc's and would like to know what software and cable to use with this plc, Thanks ..
* Added By Jim Dungar On 06/14/00
The Gould 085 was built before personal computer based programming software existed. In those days they used dedicated terminals. It is probably ..
* Added By rsdoran On 10/31/01
handheld programmers is what was used, I have 1 gould and the handheld but it would be hard to find...may want to try or similar auctions ..
* Added By Ron King On 02/14/02
Yes software was available for the PC to program a PC-0085 PLC. The GOULD part number I have is GM-CS85-001 Rev B. The part numberfor the ..
* Added By James k. carey,jr. On
I would like to order knew pesonal checks how do i go about it on here? ..
* Added By James k. carey,jr. On
I would like to order knew pesonal checks how do i go about it on here? ..
Posted By Richard Lundahl On 06/09/00
does someone help me to get a manual or description of a programmable controller FA-1 type PFA-1C24R?
many thank
* Added By Wayne On 06/12/00
You can find information about this controller from This is their web site for their PLCs. ..
 A B Micrologix Message buffer
Posted By Jeff Traugott On 06/08/00
I have a Micrologix 1000 connected to a Metrocom radio modem using DF1 full duplex protocol runnung at 9600 baud. This particular site has a weak signal and appaently the message buffers are filling up and the messaging stops. The only way to get the message command to work is to restart the unit. No one at AB can tell me how to flush the buffers, does anybody have any ideas? ..
 Soft PLCs?
Posted By Joe On 06/08/00
I need to evaluate some softPLC packages - what are the most important specs when choosing a package? ..
* Added By Greg On 06/09/00
I think one of the most important things is to make sure the software does not make changes to the operating system. ..
* Added By Terry On 03/07/01
Also consider how long the company has been around, what I/O drivers that have available and how fault tolerant it is.... ..
* Added By Brent On
Brent Looking for software for allen_Bradley SLC 150 Can someone Help? ..
* Added By iis sunarta On
soft plcs for traner ..
 Matsushita FP2
Posted By Glenn Wainrib On 06/08/00
Is there a modbus module available for the FP2 PLC, and if not is there one planned? ..
* Added By TMR On 06/08/00
Currently there is no Modbus for FP2.I have not heard of any plans for this in FP2 but that does not mean that it will not happen.There is ..
* Added By amir abolhassan khanali On
dear sir hello I want software contact pc to plc mitsubishi model A2A under opearation system dos thank you ..
 RSView with KOYO PLC
Posted By Eric On 06/07/00
Just wondering if anyone has succesfully used RSView with koyo PLC's. ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 06/07/00
I haven't done it with RSView, but I have connected to Koyos usnig WonderWare. Lookout, Cutler Hammer, and others. The trick is to use the Modbus ..
* Added By Blue On 06/19/00
Eric, go to . They have a driver that works with RSView32 and the Koyo PLCs. Click on the OPC server list. ..
* Added By Happeeman On 10/12/00
I was just wondering if anyone has the activation file for RSView32 so I could try it out? ..
* Added By Steve Schuett On
I use a software called DIRECTSOFT 32, it works great... ..
* Added By M Salazar On
I have used RSView extensively with KOYO PLC's. I have used the modbus driver from Standard Automation. I tried the KEPWARE product and felt it ..
 Northern MI firm looking for PLC controls work
Posted By Ken Kacel On 06/07/00
I have been programming PLCs perpetually since 1994 without a hitch. A/B, Modicon, Siemens, GE Fanuc, Compumotor, CNC retrofits, Omron, (whatever the company wanted). The bulk of our work has been in manufacturing in plastic injection and hydraulic smart presses. We have worked with alot of specialized machines (CNC tube benders, part assembly machines, Robotic/ PLC installs, PLC servo applications, and many more) This has been the first slow period I have experienced in 6 years. I work with a top notch group of system integrators.

Is the ..
* Added By Allen F On 06/07/00
I can surely say that in Cincinnati, Ohio the demand for automationproducts has not slowed down at all. I don't think your slow period is ..
* Added By Daniel Kreiling On 06/13/00
My company hired me to avoid having to hire contractors for any but the largest of projects. Especially since process changes seem to be continuous. ..
* Added By KADSA On
i need communication command for plc siemens S7-200! ..

 PLC5 for Redundancy
Posted By Palaniappan Kannan On 06/07/00
We have PLC5/40C hot back-up system and two sets of 1794 Flex I/Os. The field devices are single. Can someone please advise me how to configure a redundant shutdown system with all these components? ..
 General PLC Offerings
Posted By Gene Robinson On 06/06/00
Has anyone seen a listing of the current popular PLC manufacturers including their; product families (differences/intended application/limitations), programming software offerings, MMI software offerings, predominant industries served, comparisons,... I've been in Systems integ. & plant automation for a good while (a coons-age for you southerners), and am trying to keep my arms around the available tools. Just came across your site (great info & exchange), and figured I'd check with you guys & gals before spending a bunch of ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 06/07/00
Control Engineering magazine has buyers guide issues that have the info htat you want. You may be able to get back issues from them, but if you ..
 training simulator
Posted By saurabh On 06/06/00
I am working on low budget simulator for operator training in power plants ( low fidelity ). I am using the following & everything is fine presently.
Intouch - HMI
Incontrol - Contols
Visual Basic - simulator
All features such as save state, malfunctions, free & fast move, free-unfreeze, initial conditions, emergencies are taken care.
Do you have any suggestions on this. Thanks for your contribution. ..
 12 digit keypad to slc dc input
Posted By John Armstrong On 06/05/00
Has anyone interfaced a 12 digit keypad to a dc input card? I would like to avoid using an keypad with a rs232 interface.
Also, Thank you all that make this site possible. It is a valuable resource. ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 06/05/00
John, are you looking for a keypad similar to a thumbwheel that is compatible with DC inputs or do you have one and need tips on decoding the ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 06/05/00
Sorry John, I omitted the link in my last post. Here it ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 06/05/00
Just out of curiosity, why do you want to avoid RS232 serial keypads? ..
* Added By John Armstrong On 06/06/00
Thanks for the feedback. I think the Total Control 601 product will work fine. My previous intent was to interface with a 12 digit keypad with a 7 ..
 Communication between Advantech Genie, PL7 Micro V3.4 and the PLC TSX Micro 3710.
Posted By Kenneth Bjorklund On 06/05/00
We are working on a project where we are going to connect Altivar58 to PLC TSX Micro 3710. And monitorize the Altivar via the PLC on the computer with the Advantech Genie . The problem that we have is how to connect the Advantech Genie with PL7 Micro V3.4.
The PLC will be the master. Altivar and PC will be slave. ..
* Added By Jim Dungar On 06/06/00
Kenneth, What communications network are you using to tie all of this together? I suggest you consider Modbus instead of Unitelway if you are using ..
* Added By Kenneth Bjorklund On 06/07/00
Thank you Jim. Well, we are using one PLC and one drive. We are using the modlink for all communication. We have not the communication card. We are ..
* Added By Jim Dungar On 06/08/00
Kenneth, you need to use a communication card and module in order to have the TSX37 PLC be a Modbus master. ..
 mitsubishi software
Posted By J.Rincon On 06/05/00
Recently purchased a Mitsubishi FXO-24 ES off ebay..I have worked with A.B. and also Aromat plcs and have software for both(barter). If anybody with the software needed to run my new plc would greatly appreciate it. Again...Thanks! ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 06/05/00
Unless some one has a programming software package they can sell you, complete with manuals, I really think you are best off buying the PC software ..
* Added By kevin On 08/05/01
I have the medoc and melsec programing and conversion software for this. i think it is the same used for the fx64mb ..
estoy necesitando el soft para un plc mtsubishi de la serie FX0 y el circuito del cable para conectar el PLC a la PC si alguien me podría fasilitar ..
 *** Personal PLC Tutor Site Update ***
Posted By Phil Melore On 06/04/00
Hi Gang,
I hit a slight delay (surprise) in getting the new site up. Look for
it by next weekend though!
New features will include a MUCH BETTER "interactive Q&A section" and
yes, you will be able to post ladder diagrams... and even upload ladder
files to our server for others to download!!!
Also new are:
A section to post jobs offered/wanted
A section to buy/sell new/used plc stuff (auction)
An instant update survey section... where you can also see the current results
PLUS MORE!!!!! It WILL be ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 06/05/00
Thanks for the update. I think this is the best Q & A site in our field, and appreciate your efforts to improve it.P.S. I also like your ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 06/05/00
Sounds great Phil, looking forward to the new features. Let me add my thanks to you for maintaining a great resource! ..
* Added By Glenn Wainrib On 06/08/00
Great site Phil,I've passed on the site address to all my collegues. Keep up the great work.Regards Glenn WainribSales ..
* Added By Bobb eitz On 04/02/01
Good job so far, thanks for the help.Bobb SeitzControls Engineer ..
* Added By ANDY MARTZ On 08/14/01
I am a beginer in plcs but so far this place is the best site I have found with questions and answers that I can use.Thank you everybody who ..
 Klockner-Moeller PLCs
Posted By ericn On 06/03/00
Anybody here have experience with K-M PLCs? One of our customers wants me to replace their existing controls with Koyo (AutomationDirect) PLCs. I'm well versed in Koyo, but I don't have the K-M sofware or manuals (and don't plan to buy them either!). I have a printout of the K-M program in STL and most of the translation from K-M to Koyo is easy, but I'm stumped with a few instructions. Mainly stuff like how they use subroutines, and the timer and counter instructions (e.g. What is the difference between "T", "TF", and ..
 Ladder Programming for Omron K series PLC's
Posted By Peter Boyko On 06/02/00
I am very new to this subject. Im in the golf business and would like to
teach some of my equipment new tricks. Most of them have Omron's installed.
I have a need to communicate with someone on the phone to explain to me
how some of this things work. The manuals are filled with words I just
don't understand. Please email me at or call me
at 800 327-9731 and provide me with a price for you telephone consultations.
I am also willing to barter for a gorgeous set of golf clubs.. However, rumor
is plc ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 06/04/00
I have Played Golf With my best score of 90.For 9 holes.I can help you But Im in AustraliaEmail Me if You Want My Contact ..
* Added By Richard On 06/07/00
Hi Peter, if you'd seen me play golf then your last remark would probably be true! Out of interest, where do you fit a plc to a golf club? I've not ..
* Added By Peter Boyko On 06/07/00
Thanks you all.. I got a few calls some emails.. I'm more confused thanever. But I'm on the way to making my machines dance.. ..
* Added By Fernando On
I can helpyou with any Omron PLC but you need to be mor clear in your needsCall me 1 815 339-6831 ..
 chemical injection problem
Posted By Bill Johnson On 06/02/00
I have a turbine flow meter w/ mag p/up that I can expect 10700 rev per gallon rate.
I have a expected water flow rate of 2 gpm that I will measure with the turbine flow meter.
I have an injection pump with an output of 1 cc/stroke.
I need to inject 1 cc per 5 gallons of water flow.

I can get a very expensive head for the turbine meter, takes it's digital output in an existing SLC 5/01, do the conversion and stroke the pump. This is an ugly and expensive solution (approx $500us give or take)

OR I can take an existing 5kHZ -> ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 06/02/00
Bill, I'm not sure why you need another head on the turbine meter to use the existing SLC. It would seem to me possible to take the pulse into a DC ..
* Added By Bill Johnson On 06/02/00
The pulse rate would be too fast for the slc to get a good measurement, plus the output of the mag pickup is a very weak oscillating signal.The ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 06/02/00
Bill, you say you have the freq to volts converter. Do you have room to install an analog input module in the SLC? You can definitely do the ..
* Added By Bill Johnson On 06/03/00
No room in the slick chassis, thats part of my problem. Second big part of my problem is that it has to be cheap. I am going to pick up one of these ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 06/03/00
Bill, Newark Electronics ( carries several lines of counters including Durant, Veeder-Root, Newport, and Omron. Durant is a division ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 06/03/00
You could use a solid state relay to boost your signal so the SLC can pick it up - Phoenix contact and others have them. You could alsu use the ..
* Added By Suseka On 06/10/00
I think your flow meter output can not be used directly into any PLC(in the order of 60-100 mv).You will need a low impedence input (to rule out ..

 More Education
Posted By Joe Colmenares On 06/01/00
I'm a navy electricain with 7 months to go till I get out. I've just now heard about PLC's. Is there a school in San Diego I can go to. This way I can be more marketable. Thanks... ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 06/01/00
Joe, local community colleges usually have a Continuing Education Program for local electricians. Check with the Community Colleges or find some ..
* Added By joel On 06/02/00
Congratulations, Joe! You will be out before you know it. I bet you are interested in having some formal certificates to add to your resume ..
* Added By Shawn Ballee On 06/27/00
Hi Joe, I am an x-navy nuc, and currently teach full time at a community college. I am not sure about in the San Diego area, but another ..
* Added By Bob On 09/03/00
Go to "TheLearningPit" on the web and check out their online plc courses and simulators. The site offers a free simulator. If your ..
* Added By Jonas Hernandez On
I can show you how it work by chat rooms or emails. ..
 Mitsubishi High Speed Counting
Posted By Dick O'Sullivan On 06/01/00
I've just configured a Mitsubishi A1SJCPU, A1SD61 High Speed Counter
Module and coupled an incremental encoder at 2000ppr which rotates at approx 1 rev per second.(2KHz) I have no problem reading the data into a 32 bit register, but encounter problems when trying to use any compare functions. Sometimes they will execute, or not as the case may be. If I use a 200ppr encoder, all works well. I'm convinced the encoder / count module are functioning correctly and hence it's my program application at fault.
Its my first time ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 06/01/00
Dick, do you have to do anything to make the compare instructions act on long (32 bit) integers? The intermittent correct operation and the fact ..
* Added By Dick O'Sullivan On 06/01/00
With Mitsubishi, you normally indicate a 32 Bit operation with the D prefix. This indicates using the next two consecutive data registers, ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 06/01/00
Dick, refer to the post by Shawn Cassidy on 5/25. His problem was related to scan time. How far apart are the low and high limits of the range ..
* Added By Dick O'Sullivan On 06/01/00
Thanks for your assistance Steve, yes if I rotate the encoder at a reduced speed the sequence functions correctly.In terms of accuracy, I would ..
* Added By huh On 06/01/00
How does the Mitsubishi counter module work?Is there shared memory in the counter module that the CPU reads?Or is it just bits that are ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 06/01/00
I'm not intimately familiar with Mitsubishi, but most PLC high speed counters share some common traits. First, the reason for their existence is to ..
* Added By Dick O'Sullivan On 06/02/00
Gents, In discussion with Mitsubishi, you are very limited to the number ofactual comparison which can be carried out within the main ..
* Added By Shawn Cassidy On 06/02/00
Dick,I've been looking over what you guys have been discussing and your application and your problem sounds similar to mine.I rescently ..
* Added By Dick O'Sullivan On 06/03/00
Thanks Shawn, It gets a bit frustrating at times, as all the PLC manufacturers give a certain impression about high frequency etc. ..
 Mitsubishi Programing
Posted By Scott On 06/01/00
I have not done much on PLC and I am trying to program a small fxon model. I have take 5 plc classes at a local community college, but all programing was on a SLC or PLC5. What I want to know is can I move different words (time) to a timer preset on a mitsubishi? What is the word file that I would store my different words in (N:X files in AB)? What is the move command? What is the word for the timer preset? and does timer have enable bit and done bit? What a really need is a programming manual. Can I get it off the ..
* Added By KEN KACEL On 06/01/00
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 06/01/00
Scott, I suggest you contact your local Mitsubishi sales rep for their programming manual. It is small, but is really pretty thorough. If you can't ..
* Added By huh On 06/01/00
There is nothing in the AB TT, EN, PRE, ACC, and DN that cannott be done here.TT (I think this is timer timing)can just be a bit in paraellel ..
* Added By Dick O'Sullivan On 06/01/00
Scott, Timers within the FXon, T0 - T62 are normally 100msec timers.You can define the time as a K value i.e. K600 = 6 Seconds. You can ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 06/01/00
Sorry Scott, I don't have an answer for you, just a comment about the discussion on timers... Everything I've read sounds INSANE! I believe that ..
* Added By huh On 06/01/00
Ok how does this sound. Timer Zero= T0 is the done bit EV0 16 bit signed word location ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 06/02/00
For huh, Do you know what is in Soylent Green? ..
* Added By huh On 06/02/00
Um I think this soylent green was from a movie or a book or both, something about ground up old people?Why would you ask me this? ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 06/03/00
Because you said..."This is Aromat/Matsushita PLC's. Everybody likes what they like."It sounds so Orwellian, as in get with the ..
* Added By huh On 06/03/00
I guess I don't understand the thing about getting with the program.All I was doing was pointing out a timer / counter system that I was aware ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 06/03/00
Sorry Scott, we're (or at least I am) just doing what we seem to do... tangents. They seem to exist for the exploring! Again, all I wanted to ..
* Added By Scott Batey On 06/03/00
There were other "soilent" food colors also .... ..
* Added By Ken Kacel On 06/05/00
I sorry if I can't get my ideas across by simply talking English or Spanish or Basic or C++. But if a machine needs to run and has a PLC on it ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 06/05/00
For Huh... I must apologize profusely... when I woke up this morning it dawned on me why you didn't know what I was talking about. It was because I ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 06/07/00
Ill have to search my Garage, I may still have my old manuals.I beleive that,( a long time ago to remember ) the timer or counter is addressed ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 06/07/00
Ill have to search my Garage, I may still have my old manuals.I beleive that,( a long time ago to remember ) the timer or counter is addressed ..
* Added By huh On 06/08/00
For Terry Woods, I can defintely see how you interepted my message that way like everybody like what Matsushita likes, that is truly not what I ..
Posted By JEFF On 05/31/00
* Added By Rick Densing On 06/01/00
I am curious, how is PWM used to determine position? The temposonic web site was not much help. ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 06/01/00
I cant help you with AB but, the temposonics units Ive used need +/- 15V supply and in return give a Voltage output -5 to +5 volt outputThis ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 06/01/00
Is the PWM output done by an add-on module to the Temposonics sensor? If so, maybe you can locate the signal that feeds the module (mA or Freq?) and ..
* Added By George Bradley On 06/01/00
Have you tried http://www.amcicontrols.comJeff when you get the answer, please post it to this site no matter when. ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 06/01/00
Steve, By memory the PWM output is the standard Output. The Temposonics Unit has an APM Modlule which produces an analogue signal. Its about the ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 06/01/00
If Ian is correct, then George's link is the place to go. AMCI makes a SLC500 module that allows you to directly connect to the Temposonics unit. ..
* Added By 93.LT1 On 06/02/00
I believe we have a Temposonics transducer with the analog convertor module talking to a PLC 5 through an analog card. A couple weeks ago, while ..
* Added By Peter Nachtwey On 06/03/00
Allen Bradley has a couple modules that interface a Balluff or Temposonic rods to a SLC. For full motion control look at the 1746QS. There is also ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 06/04/00
Peter obviously Knows the AB PLC, Where as I dont.An Ausie 10 cent piece is just over 3/4 " in dia. and 1/16 " thick.Lucky my age ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 06/05/00
Peter, thanks for the info on Temposonics output options. ..
* Added By Erik Mager On 06/10/00
I ran into this exact problem last year. I ended up getting the module for the transducer from Temposonic to convert the PWM signal to an analog ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 06/10/00
Erik, The APM module i used, required tuning at the lvdt itself. The result was a normal 0v to +10 volt output. No further converters were needed. ..
* Added By Chun On
How can I got STEP7 Service Pack 6 ..
 SLC-500 for sale
Posted By Gene On 05/31/00
For sale SLC-500/03 7-slot 16 DC-input,16 DC-out ,Analog 2-in,2-out.
+ RS-Logix 500 to program it. Best offer.
E-mail at : ..
* Added By Jeff Henderson On 06/27/00
Gene, have you thought about donating it to a community college. I can give you the tax sheet to take it off taxes. We could really use a SLC in ..
* Added By ZENO MARTORANA On 07/17/00
* Added By Keith Gruber On 04/13/01
I'm most interested in the RSLogix software. Please let me know if it's still available. ..
* Added By John S. On
I looking to purchase RS Logix ..
* Added By Vince On
HI: I am interested in the software. let me know if it is stillavailable. Vince. ..
 Which Sensor would I need?
Posted By Mohammad Jamil On 05/30/00
Hi, all, thanks to your continued support, someday I'll be able to help other guys like me. My problem is I need a Sensor, to detect a cigarette rod, the Sensor will be exposed to extreme dusty Environment, So I think I will need a Infra-red or a Laser type sensor, yet, it has to be fas because the rod travels @ 4.5meters/second, and 1 second delay would mean a hell of a job for the machine operator. basicall I want to detect the presence of the Cigarette Rod. I've done a lot of searching and found some (from SICK Inc. & OPTEK) , but the ..
* Added By joel On 05/31/00
Hello again, Mohammad!What is a "cigarette rod"? If this is some mechanical, metallic part of your cigarette-making machine, then it ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/31/00
Mohammad, I suggest an infra-red transmitter/reciever set. Set the output to operate as Dark/ON. There are a lot of different manufacturers with ..
* Added By Frank Lanning On
Are you simply trying to detect the presence of a cigarette rod? Monitoring for RBO? What sort of check are you trying to perform? ..
Posted By Scott On 05/30/00
Does anyone have a sheet listing the pro's and con's of PLC vs. DCS. Trying to get an objective list of which is better and why and where do they out perform each other. If you have anything or can direct me to a place where I can get this info I would appreciate it. ..
* Added By joel On 05/31/00
A DCS is usually very large, whereas a PLC runs the range from very small to very large. For instance, you might use a DCS to run a chemical ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 05/31/00
The differences between the two systems are based historical backgrounds due to the industries the two systems evolved in.The process industries ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/31/00
Scott, refer to a discussion the was started on 2/23/00 "Why someone says PLC is going to die". I think it covers all the pertinent ..
* Added By Arnab On
plc is not Structurable DCS is Structurable ..
 PLC vs Electromechanical
Posted By RossM On 05/30/00
Does anyone know where to find an authoriatative discussion of the relative merits of PLC vs electromechanical control? (perhaps covering issues such as reliabilty, economics, flexibilty, speed, operability, functionality, etc.) I am running up against 'old-timer' electrical specifiers who, believe it or not, insist on electromechanical only control systems. It would be a great help to have an objective opinion to refer these engineers to. Thanks. ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 05/31/00
You will find that "old Timers" have a fear of the unknown. No ammount of paper work will convince them of letting go of their own safety ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/31/00
Ross, what industry are you in? It seems to me that the debate over the relative merits of PLCs vs electromechanical relays has been settled for at ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 05/31/00
With some old farts (mental age, not chronological), their attitude is "My mind is made up - don't confuse me with the facts." If that is ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/31/00
WOW! the BIG THREE! (or is it four now?) :-)) Excuse my play Steve. I just had to jump in.Ross, as far as authoritative, well, that depends on ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 06/01/00
You got it right Terry , Its the big 4 now. So Dave are you out there to make it five.Still I believe that if the Spec.s are Electro-mechanical ..
 A-B SLC 150
Posted By Dan Kreiling On 05/30/00
After searching the company storeroom I found a never before used SLC150 PLC (a spare I suppose). I would like to use it to build a PLC training device for the maintenance department. The instructions on the unit say in order to clear the CPU fault light I must press CMD on the pocket programmer, but unfortunately we havent had one of those around in quite some time. I do have, however, a DOS editor program (AB 1745-PCD ser. C)circa 1989 but I can't get the diagnostics program to clear the error. Does anyone out there remember these old ..
* Added By Mark R. Auberg On 05/30/00
Dan, Your best bet is to get a A-B Micrologix 1000. You can do more and the software is up-to-date. As far as the handheld programmer goes I think ..
* Added By Scott On 05/30/00
I also use a couple of SLC150's but only have one programmer.The part# is1745-PT1. cable is 1745-C1.I saw a couple of SLC150's on E-BAY and I ..
* Added By Dan Kreiling On 05/31/00
Actually Mark it will be used strictly for demonstrative purposes. Because of this and the way things are budgeted at my company I probably would ..
* Added By derek werdermann On 06/02/00
please let me know how you do with this. i believe that editor will run on any PC/AT that is 386 DX or better. i know the PLC5 editor will. i.e. ..
* Added By suseka On 06/10/00
Dan, Why do want to train people with some model which is obsolete? You will need a dos program pcis and a special interface from pc to plc which ..
Posted By Ken Kacel On 05/30/00
I would like to know if anyone has used the A/B HSRV servo card for the
SLC500 series processors and I would like to know what the engineering design is like . Extremely easy to use or put in extra time for the steep learn curve. I have used the IMC110 and HSTPR and both are sink holes for time, due to the fact that integers do not work well with, 16 bit words and big numbers (32768),also decimals and whole numbers require different registers, and scaling to real units !outrageous!.

Would also like suggestions on was else is available ..
* Added By Peter Nachtwey On 05/30/00
Have a look at the RMC motion controller at It communicates with the SLC505 by Ethernet or SLC504/SLC503 using Profibus DP ..
* Added By huh On 05/30/00
Why only AB.I have seen other PLC motion control cards that are easy to use. Just set up a data area and write it to the posistioning card. ..
* Added By Rick Densing On 05/30/00
I have used the HSRV. I have never used the imc110, but I hear that the HSRV is a great improvement. I have used the HSTP module and found the ..

Posted By Jamal Jus On 05/29/00
* Added By Ian Trost On 05/29/00
Im not familiar with 'hima PLC', However i've heard of one type of PLC, according to its manufacturer is safe 'PILZ'. But All sales staff like to ..
 AB Plc2 to Plc 5 Conversion Program?
Posted By Gregory Heinrichs On 05/29/00
I know the software is out there anyone know where to get it. I need to convert plc2 logic to plc5. Have about 6+ procesors to do. ..
* Added By Shawn Ballee On 05/31/00
Go to they have a TOPLC5 program which will convert from PLC 2 to 5. Dont know the cost. Good luck. It may just be ..
 general plc's
Posted By nick On 05/28/00
I am your everyday "joe" electrician trying to upgrade my skills,finding it very difficult to work,raise a family and go to school for upgrading(at this particular time),does anyone know of any good reading or self teach books available. Although i understand it is almost impossible to self teach plc's without hands on experience,a starters guide of any kind would greatly help as this site did.Thanks ..
* Added By 93.LT1 On 05/29/00
I have seen a pretty good book if you are into Allen Bradley PLCs. It is called Programmable Logic Controllers, By Petrazulla. It really goes over ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/29/00
Nick, In general, programming a PLC is a piece of cake. It's much like Data-Entry... simply key it in! Of course you have to key in the code ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/29/00
Nick, you're absolutely correct in that there is no substitute for hands-on experience. I'd suggest asking your employer to buy a starter kit for ..
* Added By Orn On 05/31/00
Hi Nick here is a book that I found fantastic for learning about how PLCs work. It is called "Programmable Controllers, Theory and ..
* Added By Bill Simpson On 05/31/00
Nick, You might want to download our PLC emulator (free) at making sure to print off and use the student exercises that ..
* Added By Bob On 09/03/00
I am a great fan of Bill Simpson and his plc simulators. They work and work great. I am an industrial electrician who struggled to find the time and ..
* Added By Terry "Boat Rockin' " Woods On
Just wondering if this will post. ..
 Upgrading software
Posted By Shawn Ballee On 05/27/00
Hello guys,
I currently use APS for AB PLC's. I want to upgrade my classroom to using
window based software. I'll pretty much stick with Allen-Bradley because thats the PLC's I have now. Do any of you have preferences for a particular
windows based program that will program SLC500,thrgouh 5/03? Is there a program that will do the SLC family and RSlogix? Keep in mind that my students start out knowing nothing, practical wiring experience maybe, and
the easier the program is to learn the better. Any preferences???? ..
* Added By Gregory Heinrichs On 05/28/00
RsLogix 500 will handle all slc's and micrologix. Not cheap ..
* Added By 93.LT1 On 05/29/00
I dont think you have much of a choice other than RSLogix500, for windows based programming software, for the SLC500/Micrologix families. If there ..
* Added By Scott On 05/30/00
I just started using the RSLogix starter software it was $499.99.this theentry level package be sure to get the level you want.I didn't need ..
* Added By Shawn Ballee On 05/31/00
Thanks for your input guys. I am planning to upgrade my lab this summer. I run 5-10 lab stations at once so I will convert all of them to RSlogix ..
* Added By Scott On 05/31/00
I believe you can only install one copy of RSLogix and its key(disk)on one computer. I am running RSLigix on a Pentium 100mhz.It is slowbut ..
* Added By Jeff Henderson On 06/27/00
I teach at a community college in Iowa. Shawn get hold of your local A/B rep and Rockwell has a education program on software. You can get it at ..
* Added By 93.LT1 On 06/27/00
Jeff- which college do you teach at? I am in Iowa also. ..
 COMMS: Connecting PLCs to communications networks
Posted By Colin Marsh On 05/26/00
I would appreciate feedback to resolve a technical argument.
Early Allen-Bradley PLCs such as PLC2s required a special interface module (1771-KF?) to enable their serial ports to connect to the original Data Highway network. These interfaces apparently "polled" the PLC, read back status data(containing information from PLC ladder logic), and from this was able to determine if the PLC had a message to send. If so, the interface module then generated a read command to the PLC, got the message, reformatted it and passed it on to the ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 05/26/00
PLC communications fall into three categories. First, the most primitive is one device to another, like the early programming panels or some remote ..
* Added By Blue On 05/29/00
Colin, The PLC2's required an additional module to be able to communicate on some sort of Data network whether it was Data Highway, Data Highway II, ..
* Added By Hugo Ahrens On 05/29/00
There are a few things wrong with the postings so far:The DF1 is a peer to peer, not a master/slave.The older PLC-2 used a 1771-KA module ..
* Added By Peter Nachtwey On 05/29/00
DF1 has two modes. Most commonly used between PC and PLC is full duplex which can also be used as peer to peer. DF1 also has a half duplex mode ..
* Added By Hugo Ahrens On 05/29/00
YesBut, in the context of the original posting the subject matter was interfacing to PLC-2's, and there the half duplex implementation was quite ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 05/30/00
Thanks for the corrections, Hugo. A-B protocols are many and arcane, and I frankly have trouble keeping them all straight. That's why I'm happy to ..
* Added By huh On 05/30/00
Isn't DH485 peer to peer or multi master also?Every device on DH485 has a unique address, correct?Just trying to confirm my belief.Thanks. ..
 Omron CTBL instruction problem
Posted By Shawn Cassidy On 05/25/00
Is anyone familiar with Omron's CTBL function. I'm working on a project using
a CPM2A 30 I/O 20Khz input plc. The CTBL function is used to count my high speed inputs froma 200ppr
encoder. The problems start when I use the target value method or a very small range. Every
Every so often the PLC will just ignore the fact that the encoder has reached the desired
number of pulses and seems to forget to execute the designated subroutine. If I use the range method
and set it above 8 pulses the subroutine always executes as it ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/25/00
First of all, let me say that I have absolutely no experience with Omron, so anything I suggest is sheer speculation on my part. However, a couple ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 05/25/00
Shawn, Steve may be right with the slow scan time. I have not yet used the cpm2 but in all Omrons you can change the plc scan rate via the PLC ..
* Added By Shawn Cassidy On 05/25/00
I agree with what you guys are saying concerning the scan time because I set the scan time to constant and things began to be more accurate. ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 05/26/00
Try the data trace function in Syswin you may see whats not hapenning. Also try to slow the scan time down or skip all unnescessary program ..
 RSLinx Lite
Posted By Dan Kreiling On 05/23/00
Ever since I installed RSLinx Lite on my laptop which I use to communicate with a MicroLogix1000 PLC I have not been able to communicate with any other device using any other program. Examples include APImate 3.1 for API Motion motor controllers and Allen-Bradley SLC 100/150 software editor for series SLC 150 PLCs. It seems as though the RSLinx Lite software does not release control of the comport even when it is shutdown and even after re-booting the laptop. I have verified comport settings and tested the comport with a loopback test and ..
* Added By 93.LT1 On 05/24/00
First of all, can you still establish comms with the Micrologix?? Is the RSLinx little "chain icon" on in your lower right hand ..
* Added By Daniel Kreiling On 05/24/00
The driver I am using for the MicroLogix is PIC-1 DH485. Today I changed the assigned comport for this driver to COM2 temporarily and then was able ..
* Added By 93.LT1 On 05/24/00
Actually, I think we have one of the more pricey versions of RSLinx.I didnt know you could use the PIC driver with a Micrologix. That sounds ..
* Added By Dan Kreiling On 05/26/00
I am not sure what a PIC device is. Actually I am still learning about alot of this stuff. The driver was set up with the program of the conveyor we ..
* Added By 93.LT1 On 05/26/00
What does the cord from the Micrologix to the laptop look like? Is it a straight cord or is there a box? If there is a box wht is the number? A PIC ..
* Added By 93.LT1 On 05/28/00
I looked at our Micrologix 1000 at work. If you are using RSLogix, all you have to do is go into "channel configuration" You only have two ..
* Added By suseka On 06/10/00
Dan, I think you have selected RSlinx to start automatically with the computer,making the com port not available every time you restart.You can ..
* Added By Michael Jody Isaacs On 10/14/00
Actually, you do not need to have RSLinx running before starting RSLogix. Once you start RSLogix, and try to go online, RSLinx will automatically ..
 RSlogix programming
Posted By Scott On 05/23/00
I am working on a project using a SLC500 0/3,RSlogix.
I have 10 cherry pitters being fed cherries from a conveyor
using a a.c. drive. Not all the pitters run all the time,the
goal is to have the drive running at 50% for 5 pitters,20% for
2 pitters,etc. My problem is trying to process the random inputs.
I am familliar with basic ladder programming.If someone could
point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/23/00
Each running pitter moves a value of 1 into a separate N7 register. Total of the registers is the number of pitters on.OFF to ON transition of ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/24/00
This problem might be a little more complicated than you imply, Steve.The usual routine on drives is that you can select a pre-programmed speed. ..
* Added By Scott On 05/25/00
Thanks for the input..The drive is a Reliance sp 150,it can be configured for analog input,digital input and push button style input i was ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/25/00
Upon rereading my earlier post, I see that I forgot to mention that I suggested two possible ways of arriving at the number of pitters running. ..
* Added By scott On 05/25/00
Well Steve i am very confused now. I can move value of each pitterto a seperate N7 regisier using the mov command and end up with 10N7 ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/25/00
First method: You have a value of 1 in N7:1 through N7:10. Now ADD N7:1 + N7:2 Dest N7:11, then ADD N7:3 +N7:11 Dest N7:11 etc. Don't be afraid to ..
* Added By Scott On 05/25/00
Right on the money Steve I had totally overlooked the one-shot ORS.I was getting nothing but crazy destination numbers. I went with the ..
* Added By mark On
Scotti just saw your question. some of the answers you got were kind of confusing. if you still need help let me know,mark ..
 UNKNOWN TERMS - terminos desconocidos
Posted By ZENO On 05/22/00
Español: que significan los terminos "PEER-TO-PEER" y "REAL-TIME" muy comunes en el lenguaje relacionado con la automatizacion y los PLC´s
TANKS - Gracias de antemano. ..
* Added By Alf On 05/23/00
Real time significa en tiempo real, podemos controlar un proceso en tiempo real através de un Scada, y los cambios los estamos observando y ..
* Added By ZENO On 05/23/00
* Added By 93.LT1 On 05/24/00
Me no hablo espanol!:) ..
* Added By joel On 05/26/00
SPANISH: el Par-a-par refiere típicamente a la comunicación entre dos dispositivos similares. Por ejemplo, MPI en el mundo de Siemens S7 es ..
 Stabilising analogue data
Posted By Barry James On 05/22/00
Can anyone offer me an effective method of stabilising 16bit digital data sourced from an analogue input module in a Koyo DL240 where a sample rate of around 1x second is required - averaging before or after ranging doesn't seem to improve signal stability even with battery powered analogue loop. Thx. ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/22/00
Is it electrical noise that you are trying to eliminate? Check your cabling, grounded on one end only? In a separate conduit from power wires? ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 05/23/00
Steve has you covered if the problem is electrical noise. On the other hand, if you truly have a process variable that fluctuates (I see this a lot ..
 PLC to control motor stepper
Posted By Timothy On 05/22/00
I'm using Modicon PLC to control ball valve attached to a stepper motor by gear and I want to control water flow with that valve. Is there anyone can help me to do it? I was thinking to use PID block but I confused because the output is analog. How about using proportional only without the PID block and how to convert the output to stepper moves... please help me! ..
* Added By Peter Nachtwey On 05/22/00
Most ball valve I have come seen use a servo system not stepper but in any case see This motion controller ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/22/00
You can get analog to frequency converters that will output a pulse train to your stepper controller. ..
* Added By Dan Kreiling On 05/22/00
Ball valves are generally designed for stop and start flow applications rather than for throttling due to thier short stroke characteristics (1/4 ..
* Added By Ken Kacel On 05/23/00
I have always thought that a stepper motor could be written into the PLC and controlled writing some grey code logic to drive the outputs. Is this a ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 05/24/00
Ken's answer is actually better than P-I-D for most applications. However, if you really want to use P-I-D you can do it.Use a "Time ..
 turntable/ revolve positioning
Posted By Sean Reish On 05/21/00
I am currently in the stages of building a new PLC based control system for a theatrical style turntable. (revolve)
This unit will require multiple positions to be recorded frequently.
ANY creative way to address this task other than planting a PLC / PC host and a programmer close by every night depending on the new position?

Any and all comments would be helpful due to the timely nature of this project.
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/21/00
You'll need to provide more information on the specific hardware you're using. Do you need to record the positions so that you can return to them? ..
* Added By Peter Nachtwey On 05/22/00
See motion controller has a teach mode that can work in stand alone mode or communicate with ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/22/00
Sean, I got your email with the hardware specs. I'll continue to post here, so others can add their input. First, it sounds like you're trying to do ..
* Added By Ken Kacel On 05/22/00
I have used a BCD encoder on a rotary table ( it gobbles up some inputs)It decodes 0 - 360 degrees in .1 increments , it never needs homing and ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 05/23/00
Just a side note Ken, an Absolute encoder is also Called a BCD encoder.But the information posted above does not clearly mean that Sean has a ..
* Added By Sean Reish On 05/23/00
Per Ian's request.Update of information:-yes, everyone - I have used the HMI interface (along with SEW and mitsubishi have the same features) ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 05/24/00
Thanks Sean, Cabling means Microphones, indirect stage lighting etc.An answer to your problem could be One or Two Proximities at the edge of ..
* Added By Richard Hughes On 05/26/00
We use a similar set up at work (tho' its a concrete factory not a theatre) and find we get good accuracy using an Omron encoder and H8PS cam ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 05/26/00
Correct me if im wrong Richard, but the cam positioner is only 360 degrees. This would prove to be inaccurate with diameters of 16' to 20'as ..
* Added By Shawn Cassidy On 05/26/00
Sean,I agree with Ian's solution to use a rotary encoder. Use the differential method for figuring out your direction :A & B are for ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 05/29/00
Sean Just a second thought for you.Put a low pulse encoder,360 is fine, on the pinion of the bull ring and a Proximity with a Flag for Home ..
* Added By sean reish On 05/30/00
Ian,*8" diameter pinion - for the record. ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 05/31/00
well you have now tested my basic maths360 pulses over 2 feet and 22 turns of the pinion will be a lot more accurate than before .06 per pulse ..
* Added By sean reish On
Long Term follow-up for all who posted.June 17, 2005Turntables are working very well and this is the final design - as built.Automation ..

Posted By DAVE LAWRENCE On 05/20/00
* Added By Ian Trost On 05/21/00
what is your Requirement for Vision Systems?Omron has a "cheep" type system as probably other companies as well.I have no ..
* Added By Glenn Wainrib On 05/24/00
Dave,I have had experience with the Omron F150 and NAIS (Matsushita) M100/200 vision systems.The success or otherwise of these systems is ..
* Added By Shawn Cassidy On 05/26/00
Dave,Check out the Omron or Keyence web sites. Very simple easy to use systems. ..
Posted By jonathan sasser On 05/17/00
i am running an Allen-Bradley 5/03. i want to set up a timer to energize an output for a few seconds and then cut it off for a few seconds and then back on and continue this as long as the rung is true. I am a novice and was wondering if someone with more experience might have an idea. i am trying to use this to control a valve. ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/18/00
You need two timers. Call one of them Off-time, the other one On-time. Let your controlling logic enable On-time. Let the Done bit of On-time enable ..
* Added By George Bradley On 05/18/00
Like Steve says, using two timers is a simple way to make the valve turn on and off.It can also be done using a sequencer.I believe you ..
* Added By Rick Densing On 05/18/00
Another and simple possibility if you don't care exactly how long your pulses are is the free running clock. (S:4) S:4/0 pulses every 10ms, S:4/1 ..
* Added By George Bradley On 05/19/00
Jonathan, I meant my link is lame because it has ten thousand characters in it.glad that it worked though.Your email got to me, but I could ..
 PLC software
Posted By Lawrence Markosian On 05/17/00
Is C commonly used for programming PLCs? What portion of PLC software
out there is written using C, PLC assembler, and GUI programming tools?
What's the typical size (in LOC) of a PLC program? ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 05/19/00
As shown by your lack of response, the answer is "not very often" PLCs are generally programmed in ladder logic, which is a graphical ..
* Added By Bill Johnson On 06/03/00
As an addition to what Tom said, some of the newer software such as AB's RSLogix is windows based, but the GUI builds ladder logic, and compiles ..
* Added By amir abolhassan khanali On
dear sir helloi want software mitsubishi A2A pc to plc in dos thank you ..
 Industrial Networks
Posted By Alf On 05/17/00
I'm trying to learn about industrial networks, small applications with actuator, sensors, small touch screens and plcs, I've found a lot of staff in different webs, but always a lot of publicity, I really only need a bit of theory and easy and complete samples. Someone Knos where to look for?
Thanks. ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 05/17/00
There is a lot of info at industrial networks work on the same principle - the only difference is the type of connection ..
* Added By Rick Densing On 05/18/00
I got a book from Turck, Inc called Understanding Device Level Buses- A Tutorial by Bob Svacina. It was pretty good and unbiased. ..
 Structured wiring
Posted By Alf On 05/17/00
Structured wiring. In spanish it's called "Cableado estructurado", in industrial automation I suppose it refers to the industrial buses and connectivity between sensors, plc,s and actuators. But what about this when you talk of buildings instalations.
Thanks. ..
Posted By Alf On 05/17/00
Could somebody talk me about "Resolver", what is it and how to control it.
Thanks ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/17/00
A resolver is frequently mounted on a motor to provide speed and position feedback to the controller. The output of the resolver is two separate ..
 Siemens PLC cable
Posted By Ribeiro On 05/17/00
Can someone get me the pinout of the cable for the Siemens S7-200? ..
* Added By Jean Pierre Vandecandelaere On 05/17/00
The so-called cable for S7-200 is not just a cable but a convertor from RS-232 on the PC-side to RS-485 on the PLC side. Here at home I don't have ..
* Added By Jean Pierre Vandecandelaere On 05/18/00
The connections for the convertor are as follows:RS232-side (PC – connector DE9S)Pin 2: RxD – Received DataPin 3: TxD – Transmitted ..
* Added By Toni On
Could somebody tell me what is the pinout of the cable for comunication siemens plc s7-300 with computer?Thanks. ..
 control and monitoring PLC from pc
Posted By Ahmet Bolat On 05/17/00
I'm using Delphi and I have S7200 CPU 214 Siemens PLC.I want Control I/O, timers,counter control and change my software. I need PC/PLC communication protocol ..
* Added By Jean Pierre Vandecandelaere On 05/17/00
If you are willing to change variables in your programs, it's OK Ahmet. You could use the "Freeport" protocol described in the manual. As ..
 PID Control Using an Allen-Bradley SLC 5/04 Processor
Posted By Jeffrey R. Turner On 05/17/00
As part of a classroom demonstration, I'm attempting to simulate control of a real-world closed-loop feedback control process in which the temperature inside of a paint curing oven must be maintained at a constant setpoint temperature. My simulation involves an infrared light bulb mounted inside of a small box. The bulb's light intensity is driven by an output signal from the controller (control variable) which causes heat to build in the box. A thermocouple is also mounted inside the box to provide input (process variable) to the ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/17/00
Try adding some bias. With zero bias, the CV is entirely controlled by the error, so as the PV approaches the SP (error approaches zero) the CV ..
* Added By Ken Kacel On 05/17/00
Jeff I agree with steve with no Integral the loop doesn't behave correctly. I usually start with I at .1 . ..
* Added By G. Schmidt On 05/17/00
I suggest using a different system. Controlling position with a servomotor would be a good demonstration. You'll never get the response required ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/17/00
With all due respect to G. Schmidt, are you suggesting that the PID alogorithm in a SLC5/04 is incapable of controlling a simple temperature loop? I ..
* Added By G. Schmidt On 05/17/00
In order to demonstrate the Ziegler-Nichols method, you have to use a system that will become unstable for a large proportional gain. That will ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/17/00
It seems to me that if the box is small enough relative to the size of the IR lamp heating it, then you can get a fast enough response to become ..
* Added By arif On
i need listing program for PID control AB SLC 5. can i get it? i need your help.. ..
 Panelview 1200 Upload/Download using Windows NT
Posted By Hugh Wright On 05/15/00
Does anyone know if you can upload or download AB Panelview 1200 MMI programs using Windows NT??? I have had NO success to date. If anyone has any info on this it would be greatly appreciated.

Hugh W. ..
* Added By David On 05/19/00
Hi Which model 1200 are you using and what software? Then what comms cable? ..
* Added By J.C. Delgado On
Many people think they are having problems communicating because they can not "upload" the file from the HMI. They can't because it is a ..

 AB compatability
Posted By Dan Krieling On 05/15/00
Can I use RSLogix500 software to program an Allen-Bradley SLC 150 programmable controller? If not, is there a Windows NT compatable program for this purpose? ..
* Added By Ken Kacel On 05/15/00
Dan The RSLogix will not program the SLC150. The processor is extinct by todays standards. Although I have linked into some SLC150's recently ..
* Added By Dan Kreiling On 05/15/00
Thanks Ken. It is just as I suspected. I also ran the old DOS program on my desktop, but I haven't tried it yet on my laptop. Unfortunately the ..
* Added By Pat On 10/12/00
Another issue you will have communicating with the SLC150 is that you need a PIC box. I do not have the part # here at the house but I know that it ..
 Remote dialing by PLC
Posted By Sandeep Kusurkar On 05/15/00
We are using Modicon PLCs (TSX brand), which needs to dialout to a remote site having a cellular modem installed. The site has a scanner for accepting 4-20 mA signals. The scanner will be in turn connected to the cellular modem. Has anyone used or has experience of such combination. Any help would be appreciated on the difficulties faced. ..
* Added By Jim Dungar On 05/18/00
You need to be accurate in the type of CPU you have. We have used the internal modem communication card for the TSX-57(Premium)family. For ..
* Added By Sandeep Kusurkar On 05/20/00
Jim,Thanks for your reply. In our case, we are using a TSX P57 202M processor module alongwith a modem card TSX MDM 10. Our contractor has been ..
* Added By Jim Dungar On 05/23/00
Sandeep, The TSX57 literature makes several reference to this modem being compatible with a switched telephone network (STN). I don't think it will ..
* Added By Sandeep Kusurkar On 05/24/00
Jim, the modem card will be connected to a Switched Telephone Network (STN) atthe control room end. When you say that the modem card ..
* Added By Jim Dungar On 05/25/00
Sandeep, I am not really familiar with wireless modems although I know they are more difficult to implement, especially when mutliple vendors are ..
* Added By hen1 On 11/07/01
I am not an expert here, but it sounds to me like its time to call "Black Box" for the right convertor ..
 Is there an easy way to explain discreet data to me?
Posted By Jon Trelfa On 05/15/00
I understand (sort of) how discreet logic works. I think it's a way to make the output of processor A be used as an input to processor B. However, I am at a loss when it comes to figuring out how it works or why I would want it to be that way. Can someone put it into simpler terms? ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/15/00
Jon, discrete logic refers to a particular way that transistors are used. A normal transistor is an analog device, that is, if input=A then ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/15/00
Jon, I'll see if I can confuse you any further. When I think of a discrete input or output, I think of something that can take one of two possible ..
* Added By 93.LT1 On 05/16/00
If you are now fully confused, discrete logic really has nothing (specificly) to do with tying the output of one processor to the input of another. ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/16/00
Of course, the question on Jon's final could have been, "How can discrete logic be used to transmit data from one PLC to another"? ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/16/00
So Jon, it appears that there are many answers to your question. Each of us took a slightly different approach, however, all of the answers are ..
* Added By Jon Trelfa On 05/16/00
Well, you all have touched on what I was asking. The question wasn't so much looking for a specific application. It was intended for me to get a ..
 Using PLC for an existing Block Making Plant
Posted By S.Rajendran On 05/15/00
Hello Every one!
I need help from experienced collegues. May anyone have a sample program for a Trolly mechanism written for Siemens S7-200 ? The trolly collects newly built concrete blocks and moves to an empty rack and places the blocks on the rack for curing. Also the trolly takes out cured blocks for packing. I am very greatful for your help and suggestions.
S.Rajendran ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/15/00
S. refer to the earlier thread to Makky M. on 05/02/00. Read the whole thing, then come back with some questions.Terry ..
* Added By Jon Giedraitis On
I've got a program that does this for a SLC 5/02. What type of equipment are you running? ..
* Added By Jon Giedraitis On
I cant tell you anything about a siemens plc, however...I believe I have a similiar system at work here. What I've got is a Multi Spade ..
 Omron Syswin First Download Error (no END instruction)
Posted By Orn Jonsson On 05/15/00
I am using Omron Sys-Win V 3.2 to program CQM1 Plcs. On initial download to the PLC I get a no END instruction error and the PLC will not allow the NT20S Operator interface to display the correct initial screen. My solution was to download the program 2-3 times and cycle the power to the PLC... as far as the NT20S not coming up with the correct screen on initial start up, I went to the PT Control area in the PLC and WROTE the screen number to the Operator interface. The third problem I have had with Omrons is Counters being ON after initial ..
* Added By Paul On 05/15/00
The "No End Instruction" error means that the program needs and End (001) instructionas the last instruction in the program. Check ..
* Added By Orn On 05/15/00
I for got to mention that-The END (001) is already at the end of the last program block. That's what so weird.... ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 05/16/00
Please send me a copy of your ProgramAlso try TWO end statements Please let me know which Processor it isCQM1 ???Have you used ..
* Added By Paul On 05/17/00
Ian is correct about using two end instructions. There is an option in "Project Preference" to select the use of double end ..
* Added By Nick On 05/17/00
To get the NT20S to display the correct screen on start up use the first_scan bit (253.15) to do a Mov(21) instruction of the screen number you want ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 05/18/00
You Know Nick. That is the biggest problem with the Omron Screens.You need to waiste programming instructions for the screen.An absolute ..
* Added By OJ On 05/21/00
Problem solved, Upon initial connection to the PLC there is an error, apparently beacuse it has no program in it. If the error is cleared out ..
* Added By Alf On 05/23/00
There is another reason why the Syswin Program shows the No END instruction: when the program is to large, it doesn´t fit in the memory set of the ..
 Need A AB PLC-5 Rack
Posted By Aravin Sam On 05/14/00
Anyone has Allen Bradley PLC-5 Chassis (rack) for sale? I am looking for a 4-slot or 8-slot rack. Or any one know where can I buy one for a cheap prize? Thanks ..
* Added By Ken Kacel On 05/15/00
AravinI got one and some 1771 A/B cards . What is cheap ... 40% of cost ...Call at 1-231-832-5638 and ask for Jody, Ray, or Ken. Maybe we ..
* Added By Scott On 05/17/00
Try ebay they have lots of AB equipment.. ..
 TM100MD-1616+ Triangle Research PLC
Posted By Lloyd Wright On 05/13/00
Has anybody had any experience using this PLC? I would welcome any comments regarding , interfacing digital I/O, interfacing analog I/O, using the Modbus protocol for SCADA, implementation of the PID instructions and general comments on the programming software.
Would this be an ideal machine for PLC training and interfacing with small processes in a training enviroment? ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 05/15/00
I can really comment on anything other than the software.It's fine, nothing flashy, the shining feature is the built-in simulator that lets you ..
 unitary, modular,rack mounted
Posted By paul On 05/13/00
explain what a unitary,modular and rack mounted plc is and give one example of each? ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/13/00
Sounds like a question from the final. A unitary PLC is:A: A PLC that can control only one output at a time.B. A one-piece PLC that can fit ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 05/17/00
Don't any of you guys read the text before finals week? I can't believe the instructors put those arcane questions on the take-home-final without ..
 MS Windows NT Workstation 4.0 w/service pack 4
Posted By Eric Miller On 05/12/00
We are using this operating system with Intellution FIX 32 as an HMI and MS Excel 2000 for data acquisition from a PLC 5/15. The PC needs to be re-booted at minimum, every ten days or the system runs out of memory (smart stack) even though we have a 10 Gig hard drive and 128 meg of RAM. As I understand it Windows NT has a memory leak, but service pack 4 was supposed to correct it. Does anyone have experience with this problem? What was the fix other than weekly reboot? ..
* Added By Peter Nachtwey On 05/13/00
Your problem sounds like a problem called a "memory leak". This occurs when memory is allocated but not released. Eventually the ..
* Added By Jon Trelfa On 05/15/00
Try upgrading to Service Pack 6. It fixed all the memory leaks I had on my NT workstation. ..
* Added By Gregory Heinrichs On 05/28/00
I had a simialr problem with fix selectively polling processors. Turned out on a reboot everything would be fixed. What we did to take care of the ..
* Added By Tim Goodson On 11/22/00
Try installing a freeware program called 'Rambooster', which will automatically scan your memory periodically and re-allocate unclaimed memory. You ..
 need help connecting ABB 07KT93 via RS-232
Posted By Alex On 05/11/00
so I have to monitor the data inside an 07KT93 via COM1 or COM2;
I have more or less the code for a PC program but it's confusing with the PLC programming part.
any help will be appreciated!

Alex ..
* Added By cao son On
pc conection plc of omron cqm1/cpu21,rs232 cable bd9 ..
* Added By cao son On
pc conection plc of omron cqm1/cpu21,rs232 cable bd9 ..
* Added By cao son On
pc conection plc of omron cqm1/cpu21,rs232 cable bd9 ..

Posted By A Henderson On 05/11/00
I am having trouble connecting to a A series plc via a modem. I am using a E900 hmi(in transparent mode) to convert the RS232 from the modem into RS422 for the plc. Has anybody else tried this and if so what was the protocol used ? (ie 8 data bits, no parity and 1 stop bit) ..
* Added By Ken Kacel On 05/12/00
A HENDERSONI've never connected to an A series (mitsubishi I assume) through an HMI,modem wise that is.I know it works well when using an ..
Posted By Joe On 05/11/00
Can anyone refer me to information on the basics of tuning PID instructions in the various AB platforms? ..
* Added By Shawn Ballee On 05/11/00
Hi Joe,A good book I use in several courses is "Programmable Logic Controllers" by S. Brain Morriss.It has a really good section ..
* Added By Mike Jacks On 05/11/00
DO you have an instruction set manual, they explain the AB PID instruction, but not much help on practical tuning methods? ..
* Added By Ken Kacel On 05/12/00
Joe If you are using RSlogix software refer to any and all of the help pages, Each application of PIDs has different settings (cooling, ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 05/12/00
Ken covered the most important tuning parameters. One he didn't mention is direct or reverse acting. Direct acting is when you increase the output ..
Posted By Ho Sou Weng On 05/10/00
Is there online material in English related to interpretation and use of grafcet for designing control systems. ..
* Added By joel On 05/11/00
You might try that does not do it, then consider going to the home page ..
 Contract Employment
Posted By Elliott Sancan On 05/10/00
I'm a Canadian I&C technologist who wants to work in the US. I have three
and a half years experience with a canadian consulting firm doing PLC/HMI
programming and control panel design on water and waste water projects.
Does anybody have any advice how to break into the market (who to contact
etc.)? Also, does anybody have any idea what kind of salary I could
expect? cheers, Elliott ..
* Added By Shawn B On 05/10/00
Hi Elliot, I take it that you are looking to stay in the sme field?If you could answer some basic questions perhaps I could tell you where to ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/10/00
Elliot, Try As far as salary, up to $60K if you are degreed, else $35k - $45k without a degree. Strictly ballpark figures.That's ..
* Added By Elliott Sancan On 05/11/00
Hi Shawn, I have a diploma of technology in instrumentation and processautomation. I'm just looking for an intermim position (contract?) of ..
* Added By Shawn Ballee On 05/11/00
Hi again Elliot,You should have no problem with a process control degree, people will be fighting over you.Start by checking internet jobs. ..
* Added By Elliott Sancan On 05/13/00
Thanks alot for the advice, Shawn. It really helps and is very encouraging. I'll try to track down a copy of Water Environment Federation's ..
* Added By Elliott Sancan On 05/13/00
Thanks alot for the advice, Shawn. It really helps and is very encouraging. I'll try to track down a copy of Water Environment Federation's ..
* Added By Sandeep Kusurkar On 05/15/00
Elliott are you aware of of a Canadain company called Valmet Automation now taken over by Neles Automation. I think they would be interested in ..
* Added By Shawn Ballee On 05/26/00
Hi Elliot,Hope everything is going well. I would caution you about the agencies. The typical agency is out to make themselves money, not ..
* Added By Sandeep Kusurkar On 05/26/00
Elliot, can give you a name of someone in HSQ with whom I came in contact sometime back. E-Mail me direct for the same. Also Elliot I do know of a ..
 AB APS Software
Posted By Scott On 05/10/00
Is there a upgrade to the aps software?? I have a slc 500/03 and aps
software but the software only lists up to a slc 500/02. Thanks ..
* Added By Guy Dannolfo On 05/10/00
The latest and final release of APS software is version 6.04. There are four 5/03 processors.L532C/D requires version 6.01, L532B requires ..
* Added By Scott On 05/11/00
Thank you very much Guy.. ..
Posted By Allan Leopold On 05/10/00
I have seen a triac in air conditioner controls, can someone tell me what it is and its function? ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 05/10/00
A triac is simply a solid state device to switch AC, just as a transistor is a solid state device to swithc DC. You generally use triacs when the ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/10/00
Allan, a TRIAC, like Tom says, is a solid state switch for AC. It is basically 2 SCR's connected in parallel and inverse. That is, an SCR will ..
 Which PLC?
Posted By John Holder Jr. On 05/09/00
I am building a plexi-glass model elevator. I would like to use a PLC for the controls. Can someone reccomend to me an inexpensive PLC to use and a guess at the price range?? Thank you!! ..
* Added By Stephen Luft On 05/09/00
Entertron offers various controllers that have been used in elevator and lift applications...their web site is ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/09/00
Find out what distributor in your area provides the best support and buy a starter kit for their micro PLC. You ought to be able to get one for ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 05/09/00
Triangle PLC has one for about $300 or so. Be sure that it has (more than) enough I/O to do the job before you buy it. ..
* Added By Elliott Sancan On 05/10/00
PLC Direct has micro PLCs in the $200 range. ..
* Added By Martin Graham On 10/26/00
Keyence and Siemens offers Training packages that include PLC, Programming Cable and software for a reasonable price. ..
 Building a real time clock.
Posted By J.L. On 05/09/00
I am using a MicroLogix 1000 and need a real time clock. (of course it doesn't have one and I didn't know I need one when I purchased it) I was told you could do it with timers and move functions. Does any one have any suggestions. ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 05/09/00
I've never done it with a MicroLogix, but the concept is the same. How far you go depends on the resolution you need.Use a self-resetting timer ..
* Added By tmr On 05/09/00
Using timers and counters in logic how do you keep track of time when the processor is not in the run mode? ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/09/00
You'll improve your accuracy if instead of resetting your timer, you subtract the preset value from the accumulator. Keep your enabling logic true ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/09/00
In response to tmr, you're right about the Run-Mode problem. You certainly lose time when you are down for programming changes as well as when you ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/09/00
You didn't say whether you are using one, but many HMI devices have real-time clocks and can pass the value to the PLC. ..
* Added By Tom Jekins On 05/10/00
Terry and tmr are correct - my scheme only works when the rocessor is in RUN mode. I do process control systems, so that isn't a problem for ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/10/00
Steve, If the PLC doesn't have a real-time clock I doubt very much that it has an RS-232 or some-such to communicate with a MMI (HMI and Political ..
* Added By Ken Kacel On 05/11/00
J.L. ,The Micrologix1200 has a realtime clock but it is an A/B option,means more money, it is embedded in the eeprom module.The best way ..
 Some OMRON PLC commands
Posted By A Ruiz On 05/08/00
I need an easy sample of the use of the following commanders: MOVB and MOVD of the OMRON PLCs family.I know how they work more or less, but I can't find a sample to use them. Thankyou very much ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 05/09/00
Do you have a copy of SYSWIN 3.2 or above?Even a Demo copy will give you all the bellow informationMOVB - move BitDifferentiated variant ..
* Added By ericn On 05/10/00
By the way, Omron has finally made their PLC manuals available online in .pdf format...check here: ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 05/23/00
Isn't Japanese English , JINGLISH, Such Fun to read!!!! ..
 Professor Bill
Posted By Gene On 05/06/00
Looking for more information, was told Professor Bill would be a good spot, but I can't seem to find it. Any help?? ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 05/07/00
It just so happens that he sent me the link today :)http://TheLearningPit.comJohn ..
 Just to let you guy's know what's going on....
Posted By Terry Woods On 05/05/00
Phil, the guy that runs this site, (thanks Phil, I love it! And I know others do as well) has been trying to build a new page that will hopefully support rung illustrations, and at the same time he's trying to reduce the download burden by dropping the older threads... Well, he's having some problems making it all happen.

Just bear with it and all will be well!

Terry ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 05/07/00
Ill be looking forward to thatThanks Phil ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 05/08/00
Thanks from all hte users fro trying to make a great site beter. ..
* Added By DaveB On 05/08/00
I'm sure that we would all thank you for the new improvements. I would like to thank Phil and all involved, for just having the site. Also to ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/08/00
Phil, I hope that you see that your "irregular" regulars (Tom? Ian? Steve? Peter? John? Dave?, certainly myself) surely do appreciate ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/08/00
It will be a great day when we can post rungs of ladder logic. If there is any way I can help that day arrive any sooner, just say the word Phil. ..
* Added By Phil Melore On 05/10/00
Hi all,A brand new design is in the works as Terry pointed out. Actually, it's been in theworks since december... but that's another ..

 Mitsubishi special bits
Posted By Tim V On 05/05/00
I have to convert a mitsubishi FX program to a Hitachi H-series PLC.
Do the following bits of the mitsubishi PLC have special functions:
M1000,M1001,M8000,M8001,M8002,M8012,M8013? ..
* Added By ntd On 05/05/00
M1000,M1001 ------ no special functionM8000 ------ always on when program is scanning (Run monitor bit)M8002 ------ On during the firs scan ..
Posted By Marvin On 05/05/00
Does anyone have any information on a VEM Numerik PS2000/1
This PLC is from Europe. Thats all I have. I would like to retrieve the program if posible so I can convert the machine to a new PLC. ..
 Siemens Graph 5
Posted By Rod C On 05/04/00
Hey I was wondering if anyone could help me with a graph 5 problem. We wanted to make a simple change in the program. After making the changes we did a db-gen and downloaded the changes. At first the plc locked up so we tried again, this time it seemed as though everything worked. But when we went to monitor it and try the changes, it appeared as the rung was true but the plc wasn't actually telling the outputs to work properly. Does anyone have any suggetions? ..
* Added By Roy Robbins On 05/07/00
Do a cross reference to verify the outputs are not being over wriiten later in the scan. It could be done directly or indirectly. The last time they ..
* Added By Rod C On 05/11/00
Thanks Roy that's what it was!!! Really appreciate it. ..
 Siemens Programmer PG 630, 631, 670
Posted By Arnold Over On 05/04/00
We have several machines with ancient Siemens Sigmatic S5-110 PLCs. Siemens Tech Support tells me these require a special, stand alone programmer that is no longer available from Siemens. The programmer numbers are: PG 630, PG 631, or PG 670. I have been told the PLCs performed flawlessly in the eons we have owned the machines, but, as the new guy and former Boy Scout, I want to be prepared. Does anyone know where I might find one of these programmers? I have searched several of the commercial equipment disposal sites without success. ..
* Added By ntd On 05/05/00
Try PG605 or PG710 ..
* Added By Paul On 05/08/00
Siemens was running a special offer in th UK last year, we traded in several old PG's of the type you are after, whether they have thrown them away ..
* Added By Shawn Ballee On 05/08/00
I may have one, I'll take a look. Lots of old stuff stored around here. May take a couple of days. But I'll get back to you. ..
 Training PLC and Programing
Posted By Todd Bayreuther On 05/04/00
I've been handed 2 systems with PLC controls. I Know were the PLCs are and thats it. Were can I get training on the PLC concept, basic and advanced? ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/04/00
Start with the tutorial on this site. ..
* Added By Todd Bayreuther On 05/04/00
Steve, Thanks! I came upon the tutorial after I posted my question. A trip out of the power plant would be ok also. ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 05/07/00
You could also check out Professor Bill's site too. At: ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/08/00
As an inmate that would love to get "out of the power plant", I'm sure that you would love to get out anywhere, but to be realistic, where ..
 Is there an AB clone?
Posted By jeff On 05/04/00
I was wondering if there was a plc out there that was a "knock-off" of the AB slc unit, one that uses the same programming software etc. ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/04/00
If such a device existed, it would probably fall under the legal difinition of patent infringement. ..
* Added By jeff On 05/04/00
Steve, why would it be "patent infringement"? The only thing AB has over any other manufacturer is the over-rated reputation! ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/04/00
I'm not a fan of AB either, but what you seem to be asking for is a lower priced PLC that allows you to use programs created to run on a SLC. The ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 05/04/00
As an Allen Bradley rep was heard to say recently "You might buy better than A-B, but you'll never pay more"I don't know if A-B has ..
* Added By Peter Nachtwey On 05/05/00
Visit www.softplc.comThey sell a PLC about the same size as a SLC500 that programs like a PLC5. ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 05/07/00
I don't think that there is anything that AB can do about it. At least as far as the SLC instruction set is concerned. If Modicon would have had ..
* Added By Jon Giedraitis On
RELIANCE! Reliance has what I beleive to be identical to SLC's. They are, in fact, manufactured in the same building as the AB SLC's. The only ..
* Added By Ken Livingston On
Though they are not a clone Automation Direct is owned by the same parent that produces the SLC Products for Rockwell and their software is $1000's ..
 SLC 5/02
Posted By Wayne Doyscher On 05/04/00
sINCE THIS IS NOT A CRITICAL function I would like to know hoe to have the program skip that part of the logic and keep the machine running. I am using RSLOGIX 500. I posted this question on Apr. 26th but it does not show on the site ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/04/00
I think AB offers a 'JUMP' instruction that will do what you want. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL IF YOU DO THIS!!!Circumstances vary, but I am ..
* Added By Rick Densing On 05/04/00
You could use the MCR function. It is like putting and extra XIC in each rung that is in the MCR zone. Since you have RSL500, you can find an ..
* Added By Wyatt On 05/04/00
Deja vous all over again. I responded to the question on the Apr 26. It was there for a day or two and then vanished. What gives? ..
* Added By Wayne On 05/04/00
I was away for the 2 dqys this was posted on the site . I was notified about receiving answers but when I tried to check it out the whole thing ..
* Added By Peter Nachtwey On 05/04/00
See PLC programs more like a PLC/5 but is close if not the same to a SLC in size.It is the closest thing I ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/04/00
Wayne, I remember seeing your question and the responses. I remember agreeing with one of the responses. As I recall it was something ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 05/05/00
You might also consider using a Trico oiler or a spring fed grease cartridge on the bushings. Then you won't have to shut the machine down to lube ..
* Added By Grant On 05/05/00
Another simple way is to add an opposite type contact for any one of the contacts in that rung. One point can't be true and false and the same time. ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/05/00
Grant's answer is ok if you really want to negate, that is, eliminate, or otherwise, ignore, the code. That's fine if that's what you really want to ..
* Added By Ken Kacel On 05/08/00
Wayne there is probably no need to bypass anything the RSlogix has one of the easiest debugging features around . It is called forces , just force ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/08/00
Of all the posts on this thread, I agree most with Terry's on 5/04 and Tom's on 5/05. An addition to Terry's suggestion; Once you reach the time ..
* Added By Ken Kacel On 05/09/00
For more information to Steve Baily on forces, the internal bit to turn on or off the forces in a A/B SLC500 is S:1/5. But I don't know if a HMI can ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/09/00
Wayne, under NO CONDITION should you employ Ken's idea about FORCE! If you provide a means for the operator to ignore the condition, HE ..
* Added By Wayne On 05/14/00
Thank you all for your great ideas, I think I will go with Terry's sugesstion of the timer and the constant reminder. Thank's again!PS: Terry . ..
Posted By ercan erdas On 05/04/00
I wonder is it possible modem connection between ti505 plc and tisoft 2.1 programming software . if anybody have an exprience with this ,which modem used and how is the modem setting and which program used for this .

thanks in advance . ..

 solved examples
Posted By doaa On 05/04/00
i want some solved examples to know how can i design real wolrd problems using ladder diagram . ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/05/00
Read the tutorial on this site then get yourself abook on Boolean Logic.Terry ..
Posted By Thunder On 05/04/00
what is a PLC 48E/245 type? ..
 A-B Sequencer instructions
Posted By Allen F. On 05/03/00
What kind of applications is the sequencer instructions used for?
I've played around with them on my lab and Micrologix but so far I fail to
see much use for it. What apps have you guys used the sequencer instructions for?
Allen F. ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/04/00
Allen, you can use a sequencer in exactly the same way that the old clock-driven drum switches use to be used. That is, if you have a process which ..
* Added By George Bradley On 05/05/00
I've only written about five different Ladder files, but every one of them has a sequencer in it.The best example I have of using a sequencer is ..
* Added By Allen F. On 05/05/00
Sounds like I need to take a harder look at this.We use our plc's for controlling parts loaders in high volume machining applications. The ..
* Added By George Bradley On 05/05/00
It's fair to say sequencers are good for apps where you are onlyoutputting a sequence of steps and not checking inputs for movement ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/05/00
Most PLC mfg's provide for time sensitivity as well as event sensitivity, as I said in my earlier posting. Sometimes you need to select the type you ..
* Added By Ken Kacel On 05/08/00
I have used sequencers for multiple-bend tube benders where I enable x number of outputs which actuate bend cylinders (extend or retract) and hold ..
 Programmable Logic Controllers
Posted By Suresh Kumar On 05/03/00
Dear Sir/Madam,

Please! Kindly help me to get the answers for the questions below:

1) Describe the design characteristics of typical programmable logic devices.

2) Describe different types of input and output devices.

3) Describe the types of communication link used in programmable logic control system.

4) Describe the internal architecture of a typical programmable logic device.

5) Describe the operational characteristics of the CPU.

6) Evaluate a typical programmable logic controller in terms of its design and operational ..
* Added By BILL GATES I WILL BE THERE On 05/03/00
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/03/00
Is that all that's on the final? What an easy course! You can find the answers cleverly hidden in plain sight on the tutorial. If you post your own ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/03/00
Gee... I just don't get it. Seems the more weak-minded they are, the more polite they are.BTW, a note for BILL GATES I WILL BE THERE, I don't ..
* Added By Allen F. On 05/03/00
Geez, thats asking for quite a lot! I would suggest reading a good book on the subject of PLC's. The on-line tutorial is an excellent place to ..
* Added By Shawn Ballee On 05/03/00
Since this is final exam time, you should have already read the text I am sure your instructor had you buy.Look in the appendix for good pages ..
* Added By Grant On 05/05/00
Engineers always lack knowledge. That's why it is such a great career. Where else do you get paid to be a perpetual student! :) ..

 Siemens Simatic S5
Posted By Wes Rinella On 05/03/00
Is there a site where I can list"For Sale"Simatic S5 PLC's ? ..
* Added By mike On 05/03/00
eBAY ..
* Added By elan On 05/22/00
do you sell only the softwear for that plc? ..
* Added By Sujarwo On
I have CPU S 5 110 s and I/O modulplease contac fo me ..
 Help Needed on PLC Project - Please Help!!
Posted By Makky M On 05/02/00
Hello there everyone! I require help with my project using PLC.
We have set the task to simulate the workings of a Drinks Machines
and an Elevator <Lift>. We are working with Bytronic International's
<LADSIM> Software. I can e-mail anyone with the details of the project
it's basically quite simple we are told, but we are new to PLC,
and as a team we require your help, by e-mail / diagrams etc.
Of course we would be happy to help anybody out there with whatever
we can, even if its just sending you a birthday ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/02/00
This sounds like a school project. Rather than asking for help on what to do, why don't you post your solutions and ask us to critique them. ..
* Added By Makky M On 05/02/00
Thanks Steve, but it's not quite that easy.It's not a project we were given, it's one we chose to undertake, and furthermore if we had any kind ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/02/00
Soooo... you're trying to build a Beer machine in the penthouse (that's why you need the elevator?). You don't know how to do it, and you want use ..
* Added By Makky K On 05/02/00
If I was on the level of owning a Penthouse I wouldn't need to come here since I would have people doing the job for me, but on the other hand I do ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 05/03/00
If you load the elevator program into the beer machine and Vica verca. Wouldnt we be pissed at the expence of those in the penthouse ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/03/00
So, have you come up with a design spec? That is, have you defined how these devices are expected to work? Don't even start thinking about the PLC ..
* Added By Makky M On 05/03/00
Thanks for your input TerryI will get the spec's to the site by tonight.Thanks ..
* Added By Makky M On 05/03/00
Hello Again! Here are the tech-specs of the project thus far. It's what we need the help on, constructiong suitable ladder diagrams for fit the ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/03/00
Are you familiar with the concept of boolean logic?If not, you had better get a book on it before we proceed.Terry ..
* Added By Makky M On 05/03/00
Boolean > Yeah we did some of that a while ago.However, we are using the Ladsim software, how would this affect us in our work? ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/03/00
I don't know what LADSIM is. Never heard of it. I'm going to talk in terms of pure logic. You have to take that logic and find out how LADSIM does ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/03/00
OK, you've given us the first level spec based on Terry's description. Here's my take on the second level for the drink dispenser. 1. Insert ..
* Added By Shawn Ballee On 05/03/00
I still think something is missing from the dispenser, perhaps a beer button.Seriously, write down the purposes of the system. You have. Write ..
* Added By Makky M On 05/03/00
Steve - Thanks for your post on the subject.The drinks machine is one which dispenses cans, therefore the cup holder etc. would not be required, ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/04/00
One more thing your drinks dispenser needs is a sensor to detect the presence/absence of cans of each of the flavors. The logic I described in my ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/04/00
Here's the Boolean for the drinks machine. I used one internal coil called 'Any_Drink' and one timer.Coin_Hold_Sol = (Coin_Sense OR ..
* Added By Makky M On 05/04/00
Steve & Terry - Thanks for your help on that. About Ladsim, you can download a trial version from their website. Its Do ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/04/00
OK, I downloaded the LADSIM demo. The logic I described earlier runs fine with two exceptions. First, the LADSIM only permits four parallel branches ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/04/00
Makky, I reckon Steve nailed it down pretty good. You just need to remember that the PLC is a "Question Machine"; that is, under what ..
* Added By Makky M On 05/04/00
Steve - Terry,Thanks for that guys, we will get to work on it and see what we come up with, and post it to let you guys have a look at it and see ..
 Communication between two DL05 PLC's
Posted By Matt Shannon On 05/02/00
In the RX or WX box what should the adress be inside it. After after the three previous load instructions you put in a RX or WX and specify a place for it to go to, what should that place be. And for the slave If there is a previous program in memory does it have to be cleared and if it does how is that done. Does the slave have to be in a certain mode to work and how is that mode set since the master is set in directsoft. ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 05/03/00
Matt, I don't think you are looking at the communications operation properly. Think of the master as pushing info down the wire. The info can be a ..
 How to Synchronize two totally different motors.
Posted By M. Jamil On 05/02/00
I have a machine, which I have torn apart, as most of it consisted of specially designed cards, some of which were missing, I replaced it with a S7-216. Thanks to FRIENDS here, I have finished the basics of machines.

Now the real problem is, How or what would be the easiest way to Synchronizes two different motors so that when one speeds-up or slows down the other behaves the same. Previously it had some kind of a TACHO-Generator but since some main cards are not available, I'm stuck.

Can some 1 guide me? but in plain ENGLISH please, as I ..
* Added By M. Jamil On 05/02/00
forgot to mention, both motors are 110V -AC motors. ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 05/02/00
The answer partially depends on the degree of precision you need. The simplest method is to use VFDs for the two motors and a common 4-20 mA speed ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/02/00
Tom be Da Man!I agree with all except to note that on some motor drives the count signal is split... that is, 2048 is the ZERO SPEED, 0 is Max in ..

 communication with the DL05
Posted By Matt Shannon On 05/01/00
How do you know what adress number to write to the slave. I am sending a couple rungs of logic over to the slave that is all wired up but am not sure what adress to write the data to. ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 05/02/00
You set the adress of the port on the slave PLC using the set secondary comm port funtion of the DirectSoft programming package. If you have several ..
 Time of an event.
Posted By Ron Creswell On 05/01/00
Can a PLC record the clock time of an event? ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/01/00
Ron, It certainly can! What are the details of your situation?Terry ..
 Mitsubishi Modem
Posted By B Efram On 05/01/00
I am trying to monitor a Mitsubishi FX2n with a FX2n-232-BD comm. board
over a modem. I am using FXGP-WINE version 1.1 software. How do I
configure the RS instruction to transmitt the active ladder program? Does
the software configure anything automaticlly when I download my programm
to the PLC? ..
* Added By Phuc On
I also want to know this subject? Do you like discuss with me ? My email : Waiting your replys Truly ..
 soft PLC
Posted By B.Naylor On 05/01/00
What is the difference between a "normal" and a "soft" plc? ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/01/00
Will this be on the Test? Soft PLC refers to an implementation of a PLC language such as relay ladder logic on a PC. In such a configuration, the ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/01/00
Sorry Steve, Have to differ on this. Soft PLC is a PC running a PLC-TYPE program (ie, PLC emulator) whereas a normal PLC is in fact the same PLC we ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/01/00
So Terry, how does your answer differ from mine? ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/01/00
DUUUUUUUHHHHHH......Too Much MGD?????YEAH! That's it!But I was right about us loving PLC's, wasn't I?Terry ..
* Added By DaveB On 05/01/00
Boy's play nice or we'll have to throw you out of the sand box.Ok let see if I got this. Soft to play on the pc. Normal the plc is doing things ..
* Added By Draft G. Miller On 05/02/00
Y'all are way off. Everyone knows "soft" and "fuzzy" go together, so a soft PLC is one with internal architecture optimized ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/02/00
MY GOD! I AM AT THE MOUNTAIN AND I SEE THE GURU!Please, Master, tell us more!! ;)))Terry ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/02/00
But seriously, in response to DaveB, running a PLC program on a PC is not necessarily a simulator. An emulator is something that does the samething, ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 05/03/00
Doesnt this give that WARM SOFT FUZZY FEELING INSIDE ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/03/00
So, after having meditated to the drone of "MGD, MGD, MGD..." mantra, I've come to reconsider my response and say that... a Soft PLC ..
* Added By TOm Jenkins On 05/04/00
That's one advantage to american beer - "Victoria Bitters" makes a lousy mantra! ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 05/05/00
we CALL Victoria Bitter "VB", so as a mantra try "M VB M VB M VB..."Sounds better than " M Budwieser M Budwieser" ..
* Added By Bob On 09/03/00
A soft plc makes a good pillow. The concept was invented by Joaquin McHallery, an industrial electrician who slept a lot on the job. I use a ..
 Modicon NOM
Posted By Paul On 05/01/00
I have an application that used the CPU Modbus(MB) port and one additional NOM module's MB port. The CPU's MB port is connected to a leased line modem and the NOM's MB port is connected to a radio modem. The scada normally read data from the CPU using the leased line modem and when the leased line modem fail the radio modem will be used. Under this configuration, can I set both port to a same MB address say 39. How should these module be set up both in hardware and software in order to avoid conflict. ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/09/00
Paul, I have to say that the answer to your question is.. we don't know.Sorry.Terry ..
* Added By Jim Dungar On 05/12/00
Modbus is different than Modbus Plus, and a little more flexible. In your case you would set the MB+ address of the CPU and the NOM to the same ..
* Added By Paul Loh On 05/13/00
Jim,In your opinion, can I set both the CPU and NOM's rotary switch to the same address. If it is not allow, how can both modules be set up. ..
* Added By Jim Dungar On 05/15/00
Paul, You can have set both devices to the same address and should have no problem, as long as you are not using the MB+ ports. In my training ..
 Medoc software
Posted By walid alam On 04/30/00
Please help me to find a place where i can get medoc software and its manuals ..
* Added By jack On 05/01/00
To Walid Alam:Any Mitsubishi distributor should be able to help you. I'm in Cleveland, Ohio, and I got mine from Consolidated Controls at ..
 Wincc crash
Posted By L. Matos On 04/29/00
I have a problem with a wincc project (vers 4.02/sp1), that crushes after running for about 5 hours using win98 in english ..
* Added By Roy Robbins On 05/03/00
Check your BIOS settings and don't allow power saving and screen savers to see if this is causing problem. I am assuming you are using the com port ..
 Allen Bradley communication with Toshiba laptop with WIN 98 HELP
Posted By Tim On 04/29/00
I have had no problems using my IBM laptop running WIN95 to communicate to AB plc's. I have a newer Toshiba laptop with WIN98 and I can't get it to communicate to the plc(micro). I am using APS and have tried everything but for some reason the "Interchange drivers" won't load. I called AB tech support and they said it will not work with 98 and has problems with 95. I just can't accept the answer they gave me. Thanks for the help. ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 04/29/00
First try rebooting you laptop to DOS and then launching APS. If this doesn't work, try making a DOS partition on your laptop or a DOS boot floppy. ..
* Added By Tony Bliss On 04/30/00
I experienced a similar problem on a NEC laptop running Windows 95. My problem was resolved by turning off the Windows power management. From ..
* Added By Boyd Johnson On 05/01/00
What's APS??? Sorry..had to get that in. Rockwell has a bad habit of not making their stuff backwards compatible, not that I think that is your ..
* Added By Richard On 05/02/00
Are you using a 1747-PIC interface? After a little fiddling I've managed to get my Acer laptop (running Win98) to work but it throws up all sorts of ..
* Added By ntd On 05/05/00
Because of Toshiba !! and Allen-badly !If you still keep the blue paper( small pieces)came with your interchange,read it ,you will find the ..
* Added By Tom On 03/12/01
Your driver could be a dos driver and not a windows version.If you have RSLINX try it instead. ..
 PID feedback path
Posted By Bob Knesek On 04/28/00
Is it wise to use a network (ethernet, etc.) as a feedback path for PID?
or should it have it's own dedicated path?. ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 04/29/00
How often does the PID loop need to recalculate and update the controlled variable? Can you update the feedback that quickly over the ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/01/00
Bob, In general, I say that the answer is NO! Keep the dedicated lines!There are 2 concerns; the first has to do with the timing of the process ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 05/01/00
As a suggestion, you might want to put the PID controller at the location of your process transmitter and control device, and then connect that ..
* Added By Bob Knesek On 05/01/00
Thank you for the info, the applications are hydroelectric power plants which control the water level at the intake.the intake is in some cases ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 05/02/00
You could still run hard-wired 4-20 mA if the cost is not prohibitive. #12 AWG has a resistance of 1.87 Ohms per 1,000 feet. Most 4-20 mA ..
* Added By Bob Knesek On 05/02/00
Yeah, I suppose the PID thing for water control could be the wrong idea for this application. I might consider using PID for speed control of the ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 05/03/00
If you decide to use the network approach, I would suggest a network like Profibus or Devicenet rather than Ethernet. (I'm assuming that by ..
 TI 315
Posted By Brian Campbell On 04/27/00
We use some old TI-315 and the Seimens equivilentfor controlling cycle tests. Is there any software available any more to program them off-line. I realize this is a really old control but I thought it was worth a shot. ..
* Added By ericn On 04/28/00
Possibly DirectSOFT from Automation Direct ( It's compatible with the GE Series 1 and TI305/405 series, but my manual says ..
* Added By Roy Robbins On 05/03/00
Santa told me you were a good boy this year. Check your E-mail. Be patient when you connect to a 315, it takes a LOOOONG time for the ..
 OMRON display NT600S
Posted By Livada Gica On 04/27/00
We have an OMRON NT600S display which doesn't
work and some files on a floppy-disk with
the following extensions: m6d, m6g,
m6m, m6s and m6t. I think these are
programs for display but I don't know
with what software can I read and load them
into display. Can anybody help me? ..
* Added By ericn On 04/28/00
Those extensions are definately for the NT600. I programmed quite a few NT20Ms a L-O-N-G time ago, and used Omron's NTM Support Tool v4.2. It was ..
* Added By A Ruiz On 05/08/00
There is a software called WINDOWS NT with wich you can programm nearly all the OMRON HMI, I don't know if its free. ..
Posted By JIM DEISLEY On 04/24/00
* Added By DaveB On 04/30/00
Jim your question is a bit vague, But I think what you are looking for isA timer in you program to control the jog lenght. Then adjust the timer ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/01/00
Jim, As you know, Jogging is a manual exercise. That is, you push and hold a button for as long as you want to jog. So, seems simple enough, push ..
 plc-5/40e ?
Posted By liew_Sc On 04/24/00
i need to connect to ethernet for machine control and status report
to control pc.

how to check when is time that is ok to transmit.
how do i know there is data being received.

thanks ..
* Added By Peter Nachtwey On 04/24/00
XIO MSG?.EN MSG MSG? Ethernet MSGs take up two MSG blocks. So it is best if MSG? be MSG0,MSG2,MSG4...When the MSG?.DN is on then the ..
* Added By Peter Nachtwey On 04/24/00
XIO MSG?.EN MSG MSG? Ethernet MSGs take up two MSG blocks. So it is best if MSG? be MSG0,MSG2,MSG4...When the MSG?.DN is on then the ..

 Regarding earlier posting
Posted By Dan Kreiling On 04/24/00
Regarding my earlier posting about not being able to communicate with a Micrologix controller using RSLinksLite, it turns out the problem was with my Compaq Armada laptop. The serial port would not work until I disabled the computer's infra-red port. Thanks for everyone's help. ..
Posted By Livada Gica On 04/24/00
I need LSS or SYSWIN to transfer a program from PC into PLC OMRON.
I'll apreciate any sugestion. Thanks ..
 PLC needed!
Posted By Aravin Sam On 04/20/00
I am looking for a Allen Brabley PLC-5 /20 or more and/or a panel view 550 or 900 to buy. If anyone have....reply me! Thanx ..
* Added By RICHARD BLAKE On 04/22/00
Sam where are you located. ..
* Added By Aravin Sam On 04/23/00
I am living in Toronto Ontario. Let me know If you have any PLC for sale. ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 04/24/00
Try They haveused equipment on auction - kind of like eBay for industry. ..
* Added By dan stalcup On
I have some of the slc500 with many mod and the hand held programer and manuals will that help? ..
 RSLinx Windows NT and Wonderware
Posted By Mike On 04/20/00
I have an App. Running on Win NT 4.0, with SP4. Running RSLinx full version, wonderware, and Rslogix 5. I am communicating with three PLC/5s two via ethernet and one via data highway using KT card. Rslinx starts automatically as a service and everything works fine as long as machine is logged into with administrator account. If you log on with a user account RSLinx crashes and corrupts itself, and must be uninstalled and reinstalled. If I start it as an application in user account it will work with Logix 5 but not Wonderware. Any ideas would ..
* Added By Boyd Johnson On 04/24/00
RSLinx is a pain in the ass about this. We have the same scenario with our maintenance department laptop. If the logged on user does not have ..
* Added By ernie On 04/28/00
Try to check the "Security" setting for each directory or file in use by those application.The "Security" must be "Full ..
 Automation Direct PLC software
Posted By Tim Hovan On 04/20/00
Does anyone have the CD key and other codes for DirectSoft 32 PLC software? ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 04/21/00
Sure, and you can get your very own copy too from AutomationDirecr ( ..
Posted By B. Bhate On 04/20/00
Very dumb question. but I need an answer pl.What is meant by a tag number in PLC programming. If in an PLC application the number of I/Os is AI=31, AO= 2,DI=45 AND DO=24.Can 256 tag nos cover thethese ? ..
* Added By Mike On 04/20/00
Generaly, tags refer to MMI or HMI packages, and one tag equals one address. So looks like 256 tags would cover your example. ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 04/20/00
If your example only needs to read or write to the real-world inputs and outputs you listed, then you may be OK with a 256 tag package. If you need ..
* Added By Roy Robbins On 04/24/00
Tag counts vary by HMI manufacturer, as to how and what is counted. Some count all tag used, while others only count EXTERNAL tags. That is, the ..
Posted By George Bradley On 04/20/00
I am trying to increment a number up by 1 as long as I hold a momentary contact function key down.
This is using a PanelView600 writing to a Micrologix1000
When I use the Add function with:
N7:50 as Source A and the integer 1 as Source B and Dest of N7:50,
it increments about 130 or so each time.Too fast!
What I did to fix the problem is this:
When the Function key is pressed on the Panelview it turns on a bit
which turns on a timer with a preset of 20, with a time base of .01 Sec,
Then when the timerDone bit ..
* Added By Hugh Wright On 04/20/00
I think you can use a one-shot instruction after the momentary contact and this should only add 1 each time the button is pushed. The one-shot only ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 04/20/00
George, you have hit on the answer. The easiest way to do this is to use a register or variable for your increment. The default increment is loaded ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 04/20/00
You created a one-shot with your self-resetting timer. Prior to that, your addition was being performed every PLC scan for as long as the button was ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/22/00
George, What you are basically describing here is a velocity/acceleration problem. That is, you are trying to generate a displayed value (this ..
* Added By George Bradley On 04/24/00
Thanks for all of your suggestions here is what I did: I set two timers to start timing as soon as the momentary contact was pressed.The ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/24/00
George, you are real close to it! If you wish, I can send a ladder diagram showing you how to make it a smoothly increasing ramp that will produce ..
* Added By George Bradley On 04/28/00
Terry, Have you been on vacation? Any example would be greatly appreciated. ..
 PLC programming language
Posted By Doug On 04/20/00
My experience with ladder logic is - as I write code for a specific stage (subgroup of code)
all of the code in that stage is constantly scanned and executed with out concern for order or timing. I
am looking for a PLC programming style that reads and executes one line at a time then moves on based on
the results. Example

N205 D.5 R 8/4&2&8=out3/2 IF T2.5 JMP181

Line number 205 Wait .5 second then read word 8 points 2, 4, 8, when all are true then turn on output
word 3 point 2 if this does not happen in 2.5 ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 04/20/00
Im not certain which PLC your using but most PLC's have either a STEP/NEXT or MCR (master control) which will allow you to hold at a certain ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 04/20/00
Just a cautionary note - using jump statements or goto statements can lead to real spaghetti code that is a nightmare to troubleshoot. This is ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 04/20/00
Instead of ladder logic, try a processor that supports SFC programming. SFC stands for sequential function chart and it is a hybrid of flow chart ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/22/00
Doug, What you are looking for is PC coding, not PLC. That is, Assembly Language, Basic, C, C++, etc. You can use this kind of coding in just about ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/22/00
Doug, What you are looking for is PC coding, not PLC. That is, Assembly Language, Basic, C, C++, etc. You can use this kind of coding in just about ..

 System Integration/Construction Causing Random Run Time Errors
Posted By Brent Storey On 04/19/00
I am trying to develop a plan to fix a system/machine that was custom built for us, the builder has demured expending further resources in the effort.
The system/machine exhibits random run time errors. The system has a A-B SLC, a siemens PLC, a Vickers X-Y controller PLC, a servo drive amplifier w/ 15HP motor, a set of 4 "smart panel" process heat controllers, and assorted solenoids, servo valves, etc. The system had experienced "ghost faults" (it would frequently trip an emergency stop) since its installation in ..
* Added By David On 04/19/00
Hi Brent.I have a document called "IICA National Symposium" which is on variable speed drives but goes into ground loops and noise ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/20/00
Brent, since this was originally an R&D effort, maybe there is a spec.If so, then that would be very valuable in trying to figure out how ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 04/20/00
Talking about Noise faults or Ground Loops. My copmany experienced a very similar fault situation. The Noise was generated by the VF drives then ..
* Added By Shawn Ballee On 04/20/00
Go through a very good check of all wiring runs and cables, VFD's caues quite a bit of harmonic distortion on lines.Check all shielding ..
* Added By Brent Storey On 04/24/00
Hi Everyone,David. What is the "IICA National Symposium"? Is it IEEE or another advisory body, and where might I gain access to ..
* Added By Brent Storey On 04/24/00
Hi Everyone,David. What is the "IICA National Symposium"? Is it IEEE or another advisory body, and where might I gain access to ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/24/00
Brent, First, the guy that did the implementation at my place has the spec securely out-of-reach... it's in a box, six-foot underground, with ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 04/24/00
Hi BrentSorry about my Aussie Slang but a CRO is an Oscilloscope or Cathode Ray Oscilloscope.If your PLC is being supplied at 24 VDc then a ..
 Modicon based RTU
Posted By Mark Rivard On 04/19/00
I have 30 RTUs sending data to a Master radio that have to be linked to an Ethernet network. What hardware do I need? . A scada server will be in the Ethernet network pooling that data. ..
* Added By Eric Allen On 05/13/00
Hey there Mark. I'm working on a similar project. I have 23 wells that are collecting data on momentum modules with an ethernet top hat unit. We ..
Posted By AllenF On 04/18/00
We are considering switching over to Allen-Bradley controllers from Direct Logic controllers. My question is, does RSLogix500 software support RLL_Plus like Direct Logic does? I really like the Stage programming in RLL+ and don't really want to go back to standard RLL. ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 04/20/00
Why would you change from Direct Logic to A-B. In my experience:A-B is two to three times as expensive - for PLC hardware, programming software, ..
* Added By Bolko Skowron On 04/20/00
You may use MOV function to store a stage number to a certain word address and use it as a stages substitute (EQU functions to execute). Only bad ..
 Allen-Bradley RSLinks Lite
Posted By Daniel Kreiling On 04/18/00
Has anyone had trouble communicating with an Allen-Bradley MicroLogix
1000 Controller in Windows NT 4.0 using RSLinks Lite? I cant seem to
get the software to handshake with the controller using this platform.

* Added By Pat Swanson On 04/18/00
Daniel, The only thing I can think of is that your df1 driver may have the wrong baud rate. Try changing baud rate to 9600. I think this is the ..
* Added By Blue On 04/18/00
Hey Daniel, What version of RSLinx are you using? Are you using the RS232 DF1 device configuration? What happens when you click the Auto Configure ..

 troubleshooting control panels
Posted By Donald Styles On 04/18/00
I am currentlly preparing for an on-hands test at ford motor company that involes troubleshootting a control panel with relay logic. I have two questions. First the two ground lights on the cabinet, what is there purpose and what are they used for. Secondly when taking a measurement with respect to ground where would I find the ground in the control cabinet. Is the cabinet a ground; can it be used for ground referenced measurement. Any web sites are reading material that could be recommended would be appeciated. ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 04/18/00
The control cabinet SHOULD be ground, if the builder wired a ground lug to his incoming power and if the installer brought a proper ground to the ..
* Added By Mike Jacks On 04/18/00
Donald, kind of a hard question to answer without seeing a schematic. Most places do things differently. In power plants they install 480 three ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/19/00
Donald, This is not an answer to your immediate question, however, I highly recommend, HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY, recommend that you get a hold of ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 04/19/00
What you have is an ungrounded system (like what Mike says). The idea is to allow the equipment to "short" itself to ground and still run ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 04/19/00
Oops! I completely forgot about your second question. Duh...Well, if it's ungrounded, it won't be of much use to use the cabinet as a reference ..
* Added By Len On 04/19/00
Don, John gave a very good explanation but, I'd like to add my 2 cents. A good example of using a 120v. Seperatly Derived System ungrouded ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 04/19/00
Len's right, some things fall under "acceptable risk" and an ungrounded system isn't that bad. I do get amused that we are all taught to ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/20/00
Donald, Everything that Mike, John and Len say is true, in the real "ungrounded" world. And in terms of your question, they might very ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 04/21/00
"In the civilian world we are NOT fighting aggressive Life-or-Death situations. Instead, we are fighting the corporate battle! In that battle, ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/21/00
John, I've more than my share of 120VAC and 220VAC (even a few 480VAC) neck and muscle massages. Electricians develop a talent very early in their ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 04/21/00
I've got to side with Terry on this one. The calculation for 'acceptable risk' goes something like this. If we build that heat treat system ..
* Added By Boyd Johnson On 04/24/00
You all just saved me half the hair on my head. It would have been pulled out by my self trying to explain to our maintenance department why we ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 04/25/00
Well done Boyd,I was waiting for someone to mention about the other fuse.the ungrounded systems, most are very old machines, were like the ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/01/00
Damn! What a shame! I posted some good pot-stirring input that would have kept this thread going for awhile.Bottom-line on what I posted is that ..
* Added By Tom On 03/12/01
If you know how a panel is wired and what lite is on then just starttoggling the breakers until the glows normal. With that test it's ..
 Machine Code Processing on the Logic Stack
Posted By Terry Woods On 04/18/00
I understand how all of the various manufacturers describe rung processing for their particular PLC's. However, these are general descriptions. What I need to know is... for a given large rung, how much of the rung is really loaded onto the stack for processing. And at what point does the first section of the rung get evaluated?

The whole idea here is... if I have a large rung, can it be arranged so that if the first element is false, then the processor simply moves on to the next rung without examining the entire current rung?

The goal ..
* Added By Dave Callesen On 04/18/00
Terry The GOTO insruction will do that. Im not that famillar with Siemens, but if it is in the TI305 series look into the KOYO Automation Direct RLL ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 04/18/00
Terry,I think most PLCs treat each rung as a Boolean equation and solve it as an entity. If the rung is too large, then maybe it needs to be ..
* Added By Grant On 04/18/00
The only exception to this is when you handle data. Any data handling command will be short circuited(move,copy,any math,etc.) Also, block end ..
* Added By joel On 04/18/00
Terry, I will not say with 100% assurance that the 555 is exactly like the S7-300/400s in this respect, but it very well may be. With those latter ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/19/00
Dave, I appreciate the GOTO. I'm already using SKIP (same thing). However, that does not answer my question.Steve, actually, the way a PLC ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/19/00
Now that I've had a chance for the MGD to take effect, that was a MAJOR BRAIN FART!Terry ..

 Communication between two DL05 PLC's
Posted By Matt Shannon On 04/17/00
What is the correct way to set up the direct net sequence and what would the lader logic code look like to control a simple conveyor belt run by a DC motor and with a photo electric switch on it. Just a couple of lines need to be sent to the other PLC but I don't know what they would be and I can't seem to get the correct setup for the PLC's to communicate. ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 04/18/00
We've done this - it is essentially the same as with any DirectNet PLCs. I will e-mail you the test program we wrote when we were checking it out. ..
 Retaining Counter Value
Posted By John On 04/17/00
I am a college student taking an Allen Bradley PLC class. I am having a real problem with a project and time is short. I have a mixing tank problem. Two solutions (A&B) incoming separately and one drain. I:1/0 is the system power/start. I:1/1 is the stop/disable. Each solution is atrted and stopped with their own buttons. When the stop (I:1/1) is pushed, the actual amount of mixed soultion in the tank must be moved or stored somewhere else other than its counter because all counters other than that one will be reset. When I push the start ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 04/17/00
John,I don't really understand why you should need store the accumulated value of a counter. Counter accumulated values are retentive. They are ..
* Added By John On 04/17/00
Hi Steve. Thanks for your reply! The teacher requires that all counters C5:0 (Solution A), C5:1 (Solution B), C5:2 (total inflow of both A&B), ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 04/17/00
Sounds like your problem is related to the order of the rungs in your program. Remember, the program is solved sequentially, starting with the first ..
* Added By 93.LT1 On 04/18/00
I would say make sure all of your rungs are where you want them to be sequentially, and if you are still having problems with your counters ..
* Added By 93.LT1 On 04/18/00
Upon re-reading your problem, I think I see your mistake. First of all, are you using C5:2 and C5:4 as counters or are you using math ..
* Added By 93.LT1 On 04/18/00
I mixed up the addresses of your start/stop PB's........Sorry!! ..
* Added By Tony Bliss On 04/18/00
Hi John. I agree with 9.3.LT1's answer above, you need to move your mathresults to an N7(Integer)file, but I think there may be one other ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/22/00
John, I have found your problem. You are ADDing Solution-A(C5:0) + Solution-B(C5:1) = Total Added (C5:2). Then you are SUBing Total Added (C5:2) - ..
* Added By 93.LT1 On 04/22/00
John, I have a few questions. The sheet you sent me says that solution A flows at 2 cu. ft. per sec. and solution B flows at 1 cu. ft. per sec. What ..
* Added By John On 05/10/00
Thanks a lot everyone for all the help. Terry, your fix did the trick - to write the mix value (C5:2.acc + C5:3.acc) to an extra counter and then ..
 ladder logic or relay logic troubleshooting
Posted By Donald Styles On 04/16/00
I am trained as a electronic technician. My new job requires that I debug ladder logic type circuits. I am having trouble troubleshooting this type of relay logic can someone suggest a book or something. ..
* Added By DaveB On 04/16/00
Hello Donald. Your at the right spot to get started.Order the book from this site. Good luck. ..
* Added By Mike Jacks On 04/18/00
Donald, along with book from this site, try to find an electrical control book that explains ladder logic as used in the "old days". Also ..
 Sinking input conection
Posted By Juan Darienzo On 04/14/00
Can someone tell me how to connect optoelectronic buttons (sinking inputs) to a Koyo 105 with DC inputs? The buttons are Banner OTB VN6 24 V sinking inputs.I intend to power them (2) of the aux 24V supply but...I have a bit of a problem (shame on me it's so simple....) on the actual connection. The brown wire to +24V, the blue one to 0V to power them...where does the black wire (N-O contact) go?
Schematic available upon e-mail.
Thanks in advance ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/14/00
Juan, the black wire goes to your PLC input terminal.Terry ..
* Added By Juan Darienzo On 04/14/00
Thought so, nowhere polarity as described is OK right? ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 04/14/00
Juan, this is a common and non-trivial question. The on-line tutorial for this site has a good discussion on sink / source inputs. If you scroll ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/17/00
Juan, This is a four-wire, NPN, device. The wires are connected as follows:Brown (1) to (+)Blue (3) to (-)White (2) (N.C.) to PLCBlack ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/17/00
To clarify...Brown (1) to (+)....Blue (3) to (-)...White (2) (NC) to PLC...Black (4) (NO) to PLC...Sure wish Phil would fix this ..
 Is software available for Siemens Simatic S5 T100s?
Posted By Wayne Holder On 04/13/00
Who made this unit, and is there software/cables/etc available?

Any help will be appreciated. ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/14/00
Wayne, I suggest you try the Siemens Site. They have search capabilities.Terry ..
* Added By Brad Rosenhagen On 04/23/00
Siemens manufactures the S5-100U controller, but I am not familar with an S5-T100. The S5-100U is prgrammed with Siemens STEP5 programming ..

 Communicating between 2 AB SLC 5/04 on the DH+
Posted By Ray Smith On 04/12/00
I have an application using two AB slc5/04's connected to a DH+ network,
one we will label SLC(a) and the other SLC(b).What is a good programming
method to pass data from SLC(a) to SLC(b).
SLC(a) is controlling a ground water treatment process and SLC(b) controls
2 solenoids and an operator interface. ..
* Added By David On 04/16/00
look up the instruction MSG. ..
* Added By Rakip On 05/04/00
Yes it is the way what David says MSG instruction should be used and take the care of time out control. Use one bit for sync. have a nice work if ..
 PLC Knowledge Assessment Test
Posted By Robb On 04/12/00
Im a QA Eng and I need to develop a non-proprietary PLC knowledge assessment test for newky hired test technicians. Does anyone know of any PLC Test databases I could refer to so I dont have to start from scratch ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 04/13/00
Have you looked through the tutorial on this site? ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/14/00
Robb, after referring to the info on this site, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT make your test brand-specific. There are a lot of unique protocols between ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/15/00
Robb,After letting the Miller-Effect wind its way down yesterday's sewage...I see that you had asked for Non-Vendor Specific tests. So, I ..
* Added By Robb On 04/17/00
A better way to phrase this would be, " if you were hiring a new test technician, what would you want him to know and what questions would you ..
 PLC Knowledge Assessment Test
Posted By Robb On 04/12/00
Im a QA Eng and I need to develop a non-proprietary PLC knowledge assessment test for newky hired test technicians. Does anyone know of any PLC Test databases I could refer to so I dont have to start from scratch ..
 Allen Bradley ladder Logic in AutoCAD
Posted By Columba McGarvey On 04/12/00
I'm doing a final year Mechanical Eng. project in automation and I was wondering if anyone would have or know where on the net I might find AutoCAD drawings of some Allen-Bradley ladder logic, for a pick an place pneumatic station. ..
* Added By Rick Densing On 04/13/00
Do you mean the schematics of the plc and I/O, or the actual program? I am curious if you find the program in autocad, since I can't imagine why ..
 Teleservice 5.0 and modem initialization
Posted By Grant On 04/12/00
I'm having a bit of trouble getting a Zoom 56k external modem to pick up an incoming call using Siemens Teleservice v5. Has anyone had any success or can someone give me a clue to what the problem could be? I've checked and rechecked the hardware and the dial out end of Teleservice, and it seems to be fine. Any and all help would be much appreciated. Thanks ..
* Added By joel On 04/15/00
Grant,I would suggest that you contact the Siemens S5/S7 Support Hotline folks. They are sitting by the phone waiting for your call at ..
* Added By Roy Robbins On 04/17/00
Check your initialization string, I don't think it's default is set-up for AUTO ANSWER. I am using a WiseCom Modem 56K and it works fine. I also ..
 Learning PLC's
Posted By Jason Waters On 04/12/00
I'm trying to learn PLC programming in Incontrol and RSlogics but I can't seem to get it on my own. If anyone knows of a good training guide or something of that natural let me know. Thanks ..
* Added By Mike On 04/13/00
Jason, first of all do you have access to the software and hardware? Are you talking PLC 5s or SLCs? The best way to learn is to do. DO you have the ..
* Added By DaveB On 04/16/00
Jason hello. There is a site, sorry I don't have the address. Look under Industrial automation training, or Industrialtext. One thing Mike has said, ..
 4th Year Project
Posted By Aravin Shan On 04/11/00
Hi...I am currently enrolling in 4 year electrical engineering program at a university. Right now I am in my year 3 work term, working for General Motors. I have knowledge in Allen Bradley PLC's. I am planning to do my 4th year project using PLC. Does any body have any idea what kind of system can I develop using PLC for my project? I have an idea of interfacing the PLC with the internet(able to control PLC through the internet) Does anyone have any idea on how can I do that or anybody know any web page relative to this topic? Have ..
* Added By Sandeep Kusurkar On 04/12/00
Try site. I believe that they have a PLC connected to the Internet which can be seen on their site. Not sure of the exact URL ..
* Added By David On 04/12/00
Sounds interesting. Choose a PLC with a serial port eg Allen bradley 5/03 or higher and then put that to a modem. Then develop you web pages with ..
 Generating and displaying random numbers
Posted By Peter On 04/11/00
I am helping a friend who is building a wishing well. Basically,
someone throws in a coin and this activates a sequence of water jets.
I am new to PLCs but I have managed to get the sequencing of the jets
working fine. Now, he wants to generate a 4-digit random number and
display it on a LED panel as well. Whats the best way to program this
without resorting to buying an additional random number/clock unit? ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 04/12/00
There are mathematical formulas for generating "random" numbers that you can probably find in a programming text on BASIC or ..
* Added By david On 04/12/00
Hi: I've done it buy getting maths functions that functions every SCAN. Control th ewrapping an overflow. This will be random enough if not ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/15/00
Peter, You should be able to gain access to a current timing element that consists of mSec's (This could be an on-running timer that is reset and ..
* Added By Jeff Brandt On 05/10/00
Consult a math book, and use the 'center squared' methodof generating random numbers. It will generate numbersas you desire, but needs a ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 05/10/00
Jeff, I love it! The idea of using a noisy analog input (which we should never want to have) to generate a seed is great! It's just like the idea of ..
 Pulse Module
Posted By William Pool On 04/11/00
Terry, where Do I find information on the Siemens pulse module? ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 04/11/00
William, Have you tried the Siemens web site? It sounds like you're looking for a high speed counter module. ..
Posted By George Bradley On 04/11/00
Who makes a good pendent type enclosure for a PanelView 600? ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/11/00
George, you might look at the Thomas Register (on the net) under Enclosures. There are quite a few manufacturers.Terry ..
* Added By George Bradley On 04/12/00
Thanks! I found what I was looking for. ..
 Can some 1 help me explain what is DF and DF/ ?
Posted By ranma On 04/11/00
is df and df/ = 1 shot?
i don't quite understand what is written in the part 1 shot
so i need help on it
can some 1 help me explain?
i only know df is used when you want a relay to switch from 0-1 and df from 1-0
please help ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/11/00
Ranma, What PLC is this? I don't think I've ever heard of these names.In case it is an obscure PLC type, why don't you give a little more ..
* Added By 93.LT1 On 04/12/00
Sounds like you are inquiring about a rising edge vs. a falling edge One shot???It would be most helpful to know what type of equipment you are ..
* Added By rmt On 04/13/00
DF and DF/ are instructions in Matsushita/ Aromat PLC's.They stand for leading edge differential (DF) and trailing edge differential ..
 Pulse module
Posted By William Pool On 04/10/00
I need a pulse module for a s7-300 To moniter the flow on six flow meters
or is there another method? I am build a project with four other classmates,
we must use the Siemans. We will be using the pulse as a leak detection. If the
comparing two meters on a line. I am thinking about building the circuits after
I get the pulse detection solved. Is the Siemens web site working? Where should I look for
the pulse module? ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/11/00
William, have you been leaning on that bottle of Coors Light too long?You might do well to re-read your question, then re-phrase your question, ..
 Software based PLC
Posted By Ron Foley On 04/10/00
Has anyone used software based control such as Wonderware's Incontrol?
If so, what do you think about it? Is it stable? What are the limitations?
They look very appealing with all the open connectivity available. ..
* Added By Gary Williams On
I use a SCADA product called Modular SCADA from Modular SCADA Ltd in the UK. It is a fully featured, unlimited tag count SCADA system that easy to ..
Posted By Abdullah Alshamsi On 04/10/00
what is plc?
what are the different modules of a PLC system?
What is the function of each module?
What are the advantages of using PLC's over conventional methods?
What are typical applications of PLC's?
What are types of PLC's? ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 04/10/00
Abdullah,Refer to the question posted by Alan on 4/08. ..
* Added By Jon Giedraitis On
PLC = Primary Logic ControllerMAny different Modules are available from a number of manufacturrers. When you say conventional methods, I assme ..
* Added By Orrioha Morgan Kelechukwu On
PLC-Programmable logic control is the use of electronically cotrolled digital system to control repetitive sequence of industrial operations,for ..
 output voltage
Posted By Sha On 04/10/00
Hi, I am new to the term PLC. Wodndering if u could provide me some info re
the output voltage for PLC. Thanks ..
* Added By Grant On 04/10/00
The output voltage depends on the PLC that you are using. The most common output voltages are 24vdc or 110VAC. ..
* Added By Grant On 04/10/00
The output voltage depends on the PLC that you are using. The most common output voltages are 24vdc or 110VAC. ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 04/13/00
For a rookie an important thing to remember is that PLC outputs SWITCH voltage, they don't create it. The rating on the PLC output is the max ..
 Siemens - MOBI-I
Posted By Ednei Jose Vecchiato On 04/09/00
Hello dear friends:
I'm a PLC programmer in Brazil. I work in a company with manufacturer automatic machines of automotive industries. I need informations about the system MOBI-I Siemens to PLC AG95U and family 115U.
Thanks ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/10/00
Ednei,I've never heard of that MOBI-I system and I can't find it on the Siemens site. I think you might have a System Identification problem. ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 04/11/00 spelled MOBY-I ..
 klockner moeller PS3 PLC
Posted By padraig lawlor On 04/08/00
When I try to start the combustion engine I need two outputs one for the starter and one for the solenoid. I am getting the output for the solenoid but not for the starter. I have checked all the relays and fuses by shorting them out and they are fine. I also checked for any broken connections and they are none. I am getting an oil pressure valve warning on the control box display so I disconnected this input and gave it a false input to try and start the engine but I had no luck this way. I can only start the engine when I disconnect the ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 04/08/00
I hope you have the Klockner-Moeller programming software available because its beginning to sound like a failure of the PLC output. To verify this, ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/08/00
Padraig, again I say, get into the program, on-line, to see what is preventing your motor output from going ON.Terry ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 04/11/00
Just a small Question for you.What power supply are you using for you PLC?Hopefully not the same as your starter motor, this would cause a ..
Posted By alan On 04/08/00
Describe the function of:
input and output units
opto isolators
fixed memory ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/08/00
Alan, just about anyone in this forum can answer your questions. These are incredibly basic aspects of this field.The nature of your question ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 04/08/00
I have a suggestion for all the students out there trying to get the answers to test questions. Identify yourselves as students. When you post ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/08/00
Steve, Roger-D, and thank you.One additional point to you new guys to PLc's... Hard-Knocks is where it Rocks, that is, prove yourself by effort, ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 04/08/00
Sorry Alan, But Ditto.Ask yourself about PC's and then PLC's The answers are very similar.Maybe consult an electronics dictionary as well. ..
* Added By joel On 04/10/00
Alan,Here is a great link for you to check out, if you haven't already:http://www.plcs.netIt has an excellent online tutorial that should ..
 klockner moller ps3
Posted By Padraig lawlor On 04/08/00
I am at the moment trying to operate a Bedford LM 31s aerial lift. It is fitted with a Klockner moeller (ps3)PLC, all the I/O are operating except the engine run output(1) the program is fine. Any suggestions greatly appreciated ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/08/00
Padraig, do you have an indication on the PLC that the output is trying to turn on? That is, is this a case of the PLC is indeed telling the motor ..
 Victoria Bitters
Posted By Terry Woods On 04/07/00
So.... Ian, Are you considering sending Tom Jenkins a case of VB?
Terry ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 04/08/00
You Caught me by surprise, I didn't expect this question.But anythings Possible. Although if he likes Guiness, VB is not Stout.Regards Ian ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 04/10/00
I'll try (almost) anything once. Maybe you can e-mail me a six pack? ..
 Speed control
Posted By Phil On 04/07/00
Machine # 2 feeds machine # 1. When the speed of mach # 1 is adjusted the speed of mach # 2 needs to change in proportion to this. Mach # 1 is driven by a Woods DC drive via a speed pot and mach # 2 is driven by an AB VFD via a 4-20ma signal from a SLC-5/04. I am considering changing mach # 1 over to an AC motor and VFD with 4-20ma signal from SLC-5/04. Any ideas? ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 04/07/00
You don't indicate the sizes of the motors. If you are taliking fractional or small hp then the VFDs are cheap and the changeover is the way to go. ..
* Added By Phil On 04/07/00
Assuming that I control both motors with a 4-20ma signal from SLC what ladder logic would I need in order to acheive a linear relationship between ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/07/00
Phil, I kinda figured that you were really looking for speed matching. I believe the best way to get that is by using an encoder/motor/drive set. I ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 04/08/00
Phil,How closely do the speeds of the two machines need to match? If the motors are correctly sized to their loads and follow their speed ..
* Added By Jim Corder On 04/10/00
If the machines are close together and the same voltage as well as can be geared so the motor speed is the same (same frequency) a properly sized ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 04/11/00
Sorry Jim, I've got to dissagree with you. This may work some times but motor factors such as Slip, Rotor clearance and bearing friction will cause ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 04/11/00
Most drive manufacturers have VFD configurations that allow multiple motors off a single drive. Ths will work if:1) The speed ratios don't have ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/11/00
So Phil, what it boils down to is, how badly do you need these speeds to match? What problems do you have at higher speeds if speeds are off by 1 or ..
* Added By John On 05/21/00
If machine #1 has a 4-20 output coupled back to the slc you can scale the input to represent speed. The slc has a pid block you can use to generate ..
 Ladder Logic
Posted By Tom Tutolo On 04/07/00
I'm just learning PLCs. My company wants to design a product using AB, Fanuc, and Modicon PLCs. These are the most popular brands our customers use. IS THERE A SOFTWARE PROGRAM THAT WILL ALLOW ME TO CREATE A LADDER LOGIC PROGRAM IN ALLEN BRADLEY LADDER LOGIC, AND TRANSLATE IT INTO FANUC OR MODICON LADDER LOGIC? ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 04/07/00
Nope, nor is there anything that will translate Modicon to AB or GE Fanuc or GE Fanuc to AB or Modicon. Your best bet to make the translation ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/07/00
Tom and Steve, Believe it or not, they really are working on a standard where you can port a PLC program to any PLC that meets the standard. Ain't ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 04/08/00
I'm not holding my breath waiting for the major PLC players to adopt IEC 1131-3 or any other spec that would allow a programmer to write code that ..
* Added By Mike Connell On 04/10/00
IEC-1131 will NEVER help with this. If I told you the REAL purpose of IEC-1131, you'd probably lump me in with those paranoid JFK conspiracy nuts. ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/10/00
Mike, my insurance will take care of my wife, So, go ahead, kill me, but first, TELL ME! BTW is the Tri-Lateral Commission still around? 1131 ain't ..
* Added By Mike Connell On 04/11/00
Thought that might get a rise out of some of the gang. Any delusional guesses from the group? I had almost forgotten about the Tri-Lateral ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/11/00
I think I see the connection... the PLC group that is running the cyborg is hoping that all of the other PLC groups, self-destruct while trying to ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 04/11/00
IEC-1131-3 is promoted as an attempt to standardize industrial control programming under a small set of languages and instructions, ostensibly to ..
* Added By Mike Connell On 04/12/00
You guys are great! Steve, that's exactly what they want you to think. I wonder, are you one of THEM? It's just that you say it so well. ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 04/13/00
So Mike, which THEM do you think I'm a part of; the grumpy old trolls or the Trilateral commission?BTW, a properly constructed, IEC 1131-3 ..
* Added By Jean Pierre Vandecandelaere On 04/13/00
Tom, as far as I know there is nothing around to solve your problem apart from a (slightly clever) human brain. However, some years ago a program ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/13/00
Steve, were the Black Helicopters your idea??BTW, Tom, it seems we have hijacked your question... apologies.But your seemingly innocent ..
 Telemecanique TSX 47 and XBT terminal
Posted By David On 04/07/00
Hi Does anyone have any experience with the above equipment. I have to replace the above components and I can't figure out how the PLC tells the XBT which message to display. Please Help! ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/07/00
David, I've used Telemechanique in a time long, long ago, in a place far, far away,.... So, I don't remember the particulars, but, you can bet ..
* Added By Paul Catt On 04/08/00
I think Terry is correct. I set up some extra messages on a XBT a few years ago and that application used an "Operate" function to ..
Posted By Pierre On 04/06/00
Hi all -I convince that you can help me on this one.
In a cement factory, we want to control the final temperature of a mix wich
consist of rocks, sand, cement and water. We know the weight and
temperature of the solids and we have to add water. Its comes from to pipes (one for cold water and one for hot water). We detect the temperature of both water lines and we have flowmeters on each ones.

We must control the total addition of water (recipe) and we must control the final expected temperature (22C)of the total material being ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 04/07/00
If you go to your college physics book you will find a "method of mixtures" that will give you the temperature of a mixture if the masses, ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/07/00
Damn, Tom, you're good! I might add, keep your valves as close to the mix location as possible. The farther the valves are from the subject ..
* Added By j.e. van blaricome On 04/09/00
I would use an infrared temp. sensor or multible sensors and average the three. With a little trial and error(old school method),find out how much ..
* Added By Shawn Ballee On 04/20/00
Real simple, buy yourself a closed loop controller, set up resistance heaters in the incoming eater lines.Have controllers vary current to ..

Posted By RODNEY On 04/06/00
* Added By David On 04/07/00
Ebay? ..
* Added By Jim Dungar On 04/28/00
The Mico1 was brand labled by Square D from IDEC. I believe IDEC still supports the Micro1 ..
* Added By Jim Dungar On 04/28/00
The Mico1 was brand labled by Square D from IDEC. I believe IDEC still supports the Micro1 ..
* Added By Luis Paulino Porras On
i need software to program plc micro 1 (squre d) ..
Posted By ROGER On 04/06/00
* Added By George Bradley On 04/07/00
Call Allen-Bradley Tech Support I had the same problem connecting directly to a Micrologix1000The lady at the tech support desk told me to put a ..
* Added By sirak seyoum On 04/17/00
Roger do have any plc communicating with the panelview, if you do make sure to go into WHO active and make sure all your node setting are ..
 PLC Training - Austin
Posted By Becky On 04/06/00
Does anyone know a technical school or training facility in Austin or nearby? ..
* Added By joel On 04/07/00
Becky, there is a company called AWC Incorporated that holds various PLC training classes in Austin / Houston / Corpus / Baton Rouge. Not a ..
* Added By j.e. van blaricome On 04/09/00
I think its called a library. ..
 Scada software with schedule dial up function
Posted By kk On 04/06/00
Which scada can:
1) connect to PLC's via dial up modem (landline or mobile)?
2) perform schedule/interval polling to PLC's?
3) retrieve time stamped event/data log from PLC's?
4) send set up parameters to PLC's?
5) provide user friendly configuration tools for point 1 to 4 above?
And work with DNP 3.0 or IEC870.5 (other than SINAUT from Siemens?) ..
* Added By Sandeep Kusurkar On 04/08/00
Presently we are doing a similar project using Neles Automation's (aka Valmet) OASyS NT SCADA package. However, we are using Modbus as the protocol. ..
Posted By sean cree On 04/06/00
need an explanation of off line programming and it,s advantages over on line programming.
also how a program within a plc is validated against a program within the PLC ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 04/06/00
Will this be on the test?In my experience, off-line refers to creating or modifying a PLC program on your computer while not connected to a PLC. ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/06/00
Sean, As Steve says, off-line programming is done on a separate PC on a separate copy of the PLC program. When you are done making your changes and ..
 PLC Fuzzy Logic Controller - execution time
Posted By Umesh Persad On 04/05/00
Hi! For my final year project, I designed and implemented a fuzzy logic controller on an Allen Bradley SLC 505 PLC to control motor speed.I used the RS Logix software to program. However, as I tested it I realized that the program runs at the speed of the scan time of the PLC and this in turn is too fast to control the motor. The voltage input to the motor is increasing too rapidly and crossing the output level of the PLC before the motor has a chance to respond (and I am getting a fault). I would like to find a way to get the program to run ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 04/05/00
Does the SLC 5/05 allow you to run it in a fixed scan time mode? If not, put your fuzzy logic in a subroutine and call the subroutine once every x ..
* Added By Umesh Persad On 04/05/00
Thank you very much! ..
* Added By femitchell On 03/23/01
What kind of fault?? Was it PID Loop related??Some fuzzy alogorithms change SPt's in PID Loop.The AB's don't like PID setpoints outside ..
 Converting fractions into binary
Posted By Greg H On 04/05/00
I have a C-H D820 micropanel (human to machine interface) with a C-H D50 PLC. I want aconveyor to travel different distances for different applications. Sometimes 2" sometimes 3.125". Since the PLC doesn't know what a fraction is, how do I convert, or maybe a better way to ask is what do I convert so the PLC knows what 125" or 0.015625 (no inch) means? ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 04/05/00
Greg, Make your units of measure tenths or hundredths or even thousandths of an inch and deal in integers. For example, if the distance you need ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/05/00
Greg, In general, the plc performs most efficiently when working on integers. Since the numbers you are working with in the real world (from the ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/05/00
Greg, BTW, in some older plc's you can do real math in special function routines which consume a lot a processor time. So your reaction time would ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 04/06/00
In some cases we have used two data registers for getting better resolution on large numbers. Use one register for the fractional or decimal ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/06/00
Holy Cow, Tom...That is a method I had learned and forgotten more years ago than I care to admit to! But the point is, I should not have ..
 I am trying to write a small program to control an aggregate plant using timers.
Posted By Mary-Jane Sloan On 04/05/00
Just a little history prior to this problem. I wrote a program which will control 5 conveyors, a feeder crusher and screen. The initial program started the last 3 conveyors than the screen and then conveyor 2 and then the crusher and then conveyor one and finnally the feeder. I used interlocks so that no one item could start unless the previous motor was running. Now I must turn these off using 5 second timers. Starting with the feeder. I have experienced some success with this problem. When I de-engergize the feeder, T4:0 starts it's ..
* Added By Mary-Jane Sloan On 04/05/00
from Mary-Jane: this aggregate programing problem is a school simulation problem that I am working on. ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 04/05/00
Judging by the number of school project questions we're seeing lately, I'd guess its getting close to the end of the ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/06/00
MJ, you didn't give a good description of how your various loads are started or maintained. None the less, I'll make a wild guess....I assume ..
* Added By MJ Sloan On 05/10/00
Thank you to all the responses I have received. My program was successfull. ..
 Recommendations for a book with LOTS of programming examples?
Posted By Ken Berg On 04/05/00
I have a project that is over my head. This should prove to be a lot of fun. What I need to do is synchronize the speed of three slave motors to one master. The feedback is from encoders on each unit. I'm using a Mitsubishi FX2n and am familiar with the various commands.
What I am looking for is a publication that has a lot of programming examples - such as subroutines. The fun part of this project is the motors independently need to reverse rotation, but move at the same rate as the master motor. I believe the phrase is "Multi-axis ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/05/00
Ken, when working with motors, I have found that you can get a heck of a lot more information from the Drive manufacturers than you can from PLC ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/05/00
Ken, BTW, this does sound interesting. So if the master is turning CW at 1800 rpm then all others should follow at 1800 rpm, but then, at any time ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 04/05/00
Ken, How are you controlling the speed of the slave motors? PLC analog ouput used as the speed reference to the drive?Terry is correct about ..
* Added By Ken Berg On 04/06/00
Greetings,Thanks you for your responses. I'll try to explain the mechanics and electronics I'm (we're) using. First a bit of background on what ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/06/00
Ken, Aside from not knowing specifically what your problem is, I doubt vey much that you will find anything, anywhere that will give you examples of ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 04/06/00
Ken, This is a motion control application. Does the Mitsubishi PLC you are using support a servo controller module, preferably a dual axis that ..
* Added By Ken Berg On 04/07/00
Greetings Steve and Terry,I don't really have a question as such, what I want is more more experience and exposure to motion control. Terry, I ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/07/00
Ken, intersesting to hear your history, my son is also Majoring in Technical Theatre and I'm trying to get him into robotics. He's attending ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/08/00
Ken, OK, if you want elegant, then, the most elegant solution that I can think of is for you to create a mathematical model of how the system should ..
* Added By Ken Berg On 04/08/00
Terry, MATH? Why do you think I became a Liberal Arts major in the first place???? Well, the desire to learn more math was part of the appeal to go ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/09/00
Ken, so, on a piece of paper, you draw a graph of velocity (vertical) vs time (horizontal). You need to make several of these graphs. You can do ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 04/09/00
Ken, It might help you to understand what Terry is describing to point out that when you plot speed vs time on a graph, the area between the plot ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/09/00
Right you are, Steverino! All area under the plot line, even accel and decel, represents distance traveled in that time. So there should be a very ..
* Added By Ken Berg On 04/10/00
Gentlemen, thank you for ALL of your input. The ideas you have given me will take some time to process. But as always, I love taking on things I ..
 Micrologix HSC
Posted By George Bradley On 04/05/00
Where I can find a good example of ladder logic using the High speed counter function for the Micrologix 1000?
I am trying to count the teeth in a gear using a Keyence FSV10 amp. and I think that the Scan time may be giving me errors? ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/05/00
George, If you can't find a book (although the vendor for your plc should certainly have a book that includes a HSC sample) why don't you tell us ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 04/05/00
Counting gear teeth is the classic example of the need to move from a discrete input module to a high speed counter. Remember how a PLC works; First ..
* Added By George Bradley On 04/06/00
The gear has 60 teeth and it is running at about 25 RPM which gives 1,500 pulses per minute, or 25 Pulses per Second. 20 milliseconds on, 20 ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 04/06/00
George,I'm not sure I understand your description of the problem. When you say "overglues three or four teeth, or revolves one or two teeth ..
* Added By George Bradley On 04/07/00
Let me give you some history on this machine. it puts a circle of glue on top of a round part.(actually Toroidal Shape)It was originally set up ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/07/00
George, what does x10MS mean?If 19.999Ms means 19.999mS (note the difference in caps!) then this is an outrageously LOOOOOOOOONG scan ..
* Added By George Bradley On 04/10/00
In Rslogix software when I view \Data File S2\Scan Times, The dialog box displays current[x10ms]S:3What I mean't is that since this value ..
* Added By George Bradley On 04/18/00
This machine was still occasionally gluing a little bit short.The reason was that as soon as the counter reached a value of 60 I reset it, then ..
 Triac to 120 VAC input module
Posted By Ron Foley On 04/05/00
Are there any problems associated with interfacing a SLC-500 triac output module to a SLC-500 120 VAC input module? Does the leakage current from the triac module pose a problem? ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/05/00
Ron, you can do this but be sure that one is Sourcing and the other is Sinking. BTW, if you do this for multiple lines you can build a real cheap ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 04/05/00
Ron,If the leakage current from the Triac output turns the AC input on, you can put a resistor in the line to drop the voltage below the input ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/06/00
Steve, sourcing and sinking refers to the relative placement of the hot line and the neutral at the particular input or output. On most plcs all of ..
* Added By joel On 04/07/00
Ron, maybe this is just a matter of terminology here, and maybe you were saying the same thing... I would not worry about triac "leakage ..
Posted By TONY SALZBRUN On 04/04/00
* Added By David On 04/04/00
I have done this many times its very easy. Have you made sure you have selected the correct processor node, and you are trying to read/write ..
Posted By Ronny On 04/04/00
Can anyone tell me the meaning of subroutines?. All the Allen Bradley program that i have seen has one subrotine for inputs,another for logic and one for outputs. the routine is located in Ladder 0 in Rslogix 500.
When programming SLC-500 is it required that we use subroutines? In school i learnt pragramming Omron plc`s and i was never told to use subroutines in my programs. How does the plc read the program when we implement the subroutines? Is there and place that i can larn about that online?. I will also learn how to set up and make ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/04/00
Ronny, sub-routines are sections of code that are "called" to perform some action on an as-needed basis. They don't consume cycle-time ..
* Added By Rick Densing On 04/05/00
You are giving conflicting information. There is no ladder 0 in a SLC. I think you are talking about the output data file. This is the values of ..
 PLCs and software
Posted By Jeff Rhinock On 04/04/00
I am doing an exersice on PLCs and the question of does software exsist in a PLC, and if so is it system or application software, and is it then canned, custom, or modified? ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/04/00
Jeff, the answers are... Yes, Both (sort of), Yes, Yes, and Yes.PLC Manufacturers install a CPU just like in a PC. They also install a BIOS, ..
 MEDOC V2.20
Posted By Jim Dungar On 04/04/00
Does anyone know where I can get a programming manual for Mitsubishi's Medoc software? I have been able to create simple programs but their help screens are of no use when it comes to simple commands such as creating timers or interperting their syntax (what are ORB and ANB?). ..
* Added By NEIL ALDRIDGE On 04/04/00
* Added By Orn On 05/15/00
Clearwater TechnologyBoise Idaho ..
 SLC 150 Software
Posted By Paul Catt On 04/04/00
I need to modify a program in a SLC 150. I have the cable and converter required, but my copy of PCIS is corrupted.
Is any one able to send me a copy? ..
* Added By Paul Catt On 04/05/00
I have obtained a copy. Thank you very much. ..
* Added By DAve Kennedy On
I would also like to know where I can get a copy as my software disk is also corrupted, Thanks. ..
 PID control
Posted By 93.LT1 On 04/04/00
Anyone care to give me a rundown on the basic theory of PID control??
Thanks in advance!! ..
* Added By Richard On 04/04/00
How basic would you like? The three terms are proportional, integral and derivative and can be applied to many processes including temperature, pH ..
* Added By 93.LT1 On 04/04/00
I am just curious. I want to know how it works in relation to an Allen Bradley SLC, if possible. I have no application in which I would use it (that ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 04/04/00
P = Proportional. It determines how much change your control output or control device gives you when your process variable is off setpoint. The more ..
* Added By Richard Hughes On 04/04/00
Hey Tom! some of the best equipment I worked on as an instrument tech. were the old Moores 3 term controllers. Many were the nights sat waiting for ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/04/00
Hi Tom,I have several applications which could easily have had PID control installed. Instead, because I too HATE PID, I opted to use my own ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 04/05/00
Control engineering ran an article in 1993 that said survey results showed more than 30% of P-I-D loops in the country were in manual mode because ..
* Added By Prasanna On 04/06/00
PID Control has mainly three algorithm. In AB PLC you have option of using either Independant gain or Dependant Gain. Before you start tuning ..
* Added By Steve Wiebe On 04/08/00
Sounds like Terry works in a place like where I used to work.I was called to fix a PID based level controller that had failed.It failed ..
* Added By Stephen Luft On 04/27/00
Entertron offers a PID application note on their web site in the customer support area...It is application note ..
* Added By Stephen Luft On 04/27/00
Entertron offers a PID application note on their web site in the customer support area...It is application note ..
 How you can help us to help you...
Posted By Terry Woods On 04/02/00
This is not a question, but rather, a suggestion for anyone that would ask a question on how to do this or that...

We could save a lot of time and possibly provide better answers if questions include details. Asking generalized questions about specific problems leads to many ambiguous interpretations of the problem.

So, please include any and all details that might apply to the question.

Terry ..

 DF1 for A-B PLC-5/25?
Posted By Steve Wiebe On 04/01/00
Is there an economical way to add a DF1 port to
an Allen-Bradley PLC-5/25? It's the Classic model
with only Remote I/O and Data Highway ports. ..
* Added By Blue On 04/11/00
Steve,You can add DF1 communication with one of the following options:1785-KE , 1 slot, Rack mounted communication module1770-KF2, shelf ..
 time driven sequencer operation of traffic lights
Posted By Tom Viviano On 03/31/00
I can program an event driven sequencer for machine operation but I am having difficulty writing a time driven sequencer instruction set for a traffic light configuration. I am not quite sure if I should use one timer in a subroutins file or a set of timers for each light. Can someone write me a short program for 3 lights using a timer? Thanks. ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 03/31/00
Tom,I'm a little confused... does your phrase "3 lights" mean 1 set containing 3 lights, RED, YELLOW and GREEN, or does it mean 3 sets ..
* Added By DaveB On 04/01/00
Hello Tom are you tring to construct a real traffic light were as the yellow light will only be on for 5 to 6 sec. and the red green will be on for ..
 How i can send SMS GSM to a cellular with PLC and modem GSM?
Posted By Antonio Astuti On 03/31/00
I want to send message SMS to cellular when a event occur. What kind of PLC I can use?
What kinf of GSM Modem I can use.
How I can interface them?

Thank you ..
* Added By David On 04/01/00
Hi, Depends on your budget. The way did it was with Citect SCADA software. If you know a website that allows you to do it you can use the function ..
* Added By David On 04/04/00
Hi Again,I was reading a magazine and so a paging modem.: ..

 Reasonable priced PLC for my application?
Posted By Kevin Trombo On 03/30/00
I need to replace 32 seperate counter timer circuits, with 1 plc. Each circuit consists of a input that will count 6 pulses (not high speed) then turn on the a relay o/p for 24 hours.
Only 1 i/p can be active at a time but any or all o/p can be active at a time. I was thinking about Aromats PLC. I am new to PLC's however I think this should be fairly easy to program....right????...
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 03/31/00
It should be easy to program, but some entry level PLCs limit the number of counters and timers available. Make sure you have twice the number ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 03/31/00
Kevin,Tom is right in all he says.But remember... for anyone to recommend one PLC over another is basically a pissing contest. And so, to show ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 03/31/00
Ok Ill enter the contest, Ill just crack another fostersNow how about an Omron CQM1. But as you say Terry, With a 64 I/O PLCMost will handle ..
* Added By David On 04/01/00
Hi-Wow the big three on one question! Any PLC with the I/O will do it, You only need one timer/timing bit and you will kill your application. Just ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/02/00
Wow, David... I am humbled to be included in such company. I hope this is a good thing.Anyway... Kevin, you seem to be implying that there is ..
* Added By David On 04/02/00
Of course its a good thing Terry! ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/02/00
Excuse me Kevin.... Ian, what happened to VB Vitoria Bitter?I just told David that I would try a Fosters. Only to see if itwould help to put ..
* Added By Kevin On 04/03/00
I'll give more details. This is to replace 32 independant counter timer relays.I will have only 1 i/p devise connected to a 32 position ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 04/03/00
I'm sorry Kevin, but your PLC problem is going to get in the way of a more serious question of beer! I like Foster's, but I prefer Guiness. I've ..
* Added By David On 04/03/00
You won't have any problems with the right Beer! What your doing is easy Kevin there are 86400 seconds in a day so your limited by 32 bit registers ..
* Added By David On 04/03/00
Sorry that should be 16 Bit not 32 Bit ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/03/00
About the Victoria Bitters... ask Ian.Kevin, Let's see if I got this... 32 inputs on the PLC are fed by 32 individual lines. Each of these lines ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/03/00
Kevin, i talked to the guy that runs this site and he said he was going to do something about how our rungs get displayed... I guess he's still ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 04/04/00
I prefer Victoria Bitter rather than Fosters, Too much gas.But I did'nt think it was available in America.Similar to Bundaberg Rum.If you ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/04/00
Ian, I think you ought to send Tom Jenkins a case of Victoria's Best Bitters. I'll pay, if you do.Terry ..
* Added By Glenn On 04/14/00
This answer requires careful consideration.An NAIS FP series is a good choice......did i mention that i happen to sell them as well?Now to ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 04/14/00
Glenn, I take great umbrage at being called a yuppie! I am too old, and demand respect for my grey hairs. I am forced to concede the point on ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 04/14/00
First, I should mention that Kevin sent me an E-mail saying thanks for all the great ideas. He has decided to side step our suggestions and use a ..
* Added By Kevin Trombo On 04/17/00
I'm not done monitoring this site yet. I like the comments on the beer. I like the smooth tast of Labatt Blue. Up in Canada we find it to be a ..
* Added By Glenn On 04/18/00
G'Day guys,Tom, I dont know where you are from but the only people that quaffe (poof language for drink)Guiness in the great country called ..
* Added By Glenn On 04/18/00
G'Day guys,Tom, I dont know where you are from but the only people that quaffe (poof language for drink)Guiness in the great country called ..
Posted By NEIL On 03/30/00
 Convertion From AB PLC 2/30 Operator Interface / to AB 550 Panel View
Posted By James G. Strebe On 03/30/00
I am trying to convert and old operater keypad, interfaced with a AB PLC 2/30 using BTR. I need to remove the old keypads for new allen bradley panel view 550's. the old keypad used numaric code to preform a specific operation (Batch process) I really don't even know where to start Please Help!.. ..
 Programming manual
Posted By Ramy On 03/30/00
Looking for a programming manual for the TSX RKN52 PLC module,also I would appreciate any advice from a former user.Thank you. ..
* Added By Jim Dungar On 04/04/00
This is a rack assmbly for a Telemecanique PLC. Contact Schneider Automation @ ..
 2 Way PLC Technology
Posted By wayne goodman On 03/29/00
I have been reading about this technology and was wondering if it makes sense to use it over power lines in some locations, if you can make the technology rugged enough to withstand the physical problems? Also would this technology be patentable?

Comment would be appreciated. ..
* Added By Dennis Dodge On 03/30/00
Check out the CEBus. Similar technology should be able to be applied to PLC use ..

 Koyo 105-Time setting
Posted By Claudio Aguirre On 03/29/00
Can Koyo's 105 PLC's cpu time be configured? Help shows that time is kept in two consecutive V-locations, and eventually after loading into the accumulator and out putting to those V-locations time could be set this my only option?? ..
* Added By ericn On 03/29/00
Claudio,As far as I know, the 105 does not have a real-time clock/calendar. You have to move up to the 205 to get this (though it's now ..
* Added By Claudio Aguirre On 03/29/00
Great...thnaks for saving me some time. ..
 Data base to remote PLC
Posted By David On 03/25/00
Hi, I want to get some information from a database to a PLC via modems. I am sending only ascii strings with a custom protocol. Can I use a VB macro to open a port, dial up, and do some handshaking? Any pointers of where to get information on this? Thanks! ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 03/28/00
Yes you can do this. You need to look at the appendix in your modem manual to get the "AT" commands to send to the modem.First Open the ..
 Anybody used Delta Computer Systems VMC 186/40?
Posted By Steve Wiebe On 03/25/00
I'm currently upgrading 3 GE Series 6 PLC's to GE 90/70's.
With the 90/70, I have the opportunity to upgrade a hydralic positioning
system from a crude system using proximities to a proper linear positioner.
It seems that the Delta Computer Systems' VMC 186/40 would work in this app.
Has anybody used this card?
Does anybody know of a better system?
Thanx. ..
* Added By Peter Nachtwey On 03/28/00
Since no one has replied I will.I am a owner and President of Delta Computer Systems, Inc.The VMC186/40 will do the job. Actually there is a ..
* Added By j.e. van blaricome On 04/09/00
If your linear positioning cylinders provide a propotional output(10vdc or 4-20) or if the output is from an absolute encoder, you can use standard ..
 Logic for Security system
Posted By Don On 03/24/00
First I must tell you that I am a rookie at PLC programming and basically being self taught. I did a short program for a security system at work and had no problem with the logic if the security switch is on the outside. My problem is this.
I have an output which latches in and sounds an alarm if the security switch is not opened in 60 seconds. The problem being if you are in the building and close the security switch then open the door to go out my counter will start and latch in my
alarm output. What do I have to add to allow me ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 03/24/00
Don,In general, what you need is a delay-before-activate. Push a button which latches an internal relay. This internal relay runs a timer. When ..
 Industrial computer Windows NT
Posted By Andy On 03/24/00
Whats the comparison between Win95 and WinNT. Using as a operating system with rs logix software and networking all together.
What the best OS interface with PLC's. ..
* Added By ernie On 03/25/00
Based on experience, Win NT it's more stable, so more relaibale for industrial application and machinery control by PC.The Win95 or Win98 has ..
* Added By Roy Robbins On 03/25/00
Does this mean you agree that Dr. Watson is a PEST and not a BUG? ..
* Added By Blue On 03/26/00
Andy, I have been running Windows NT 4.0 for 2 years now. About the only thing I miss from Win95/98 is the Plug and Play features. Also miss USB ..
* Added By Peter Nachtwey On 03/27/00
If you plan to use RSLOGIX 5000 then you will need WIN NT or WINDOWS 2000. It doesn't work on WIN98 or WIN95. ..
* Added By Crashman On 04/04/00
Although it is true that NT is a more stable platform, I have seen many cases where software written for '95 and '98 crash under NT due to the ..
 High speed switching of Solenoids
Posted By Marvin On 03/23/00
What type of output is best for the following application.
We have a machine with six solenoids (rated per solenoid 120 Volts 0.72 amps) The machine is currently using a Siemens S7-214 relay output plc.
These selenoids are switched on and off every 48 seconds.
Our options are to 1) output the plc to a larger relay that can handle the switching current and rate. Disadvantage is the life cycle of the plc relays and the larger relays.
2) Output the plc to a zero crossover 24 volt solid state relay which in turn activates the ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 03/24/00
Marvin,If this is a really critical operation, then you might use multiple outputs from the PLC (driven by the same logic). Use these outputs to ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 03/24/00
Marvin,There must be a maintenance day, or at least some shut-down time when you can test and verify the capability of each output. During that ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 03/24/00
Marvin,There must be a maintenance day, or at least some shut-down time when you can test and verify the capability of each output. During that ..
* Added By Marvin On 03/24/00
Terry, The reason I am considering zero crossover solid state relays is because they will reduce the amperage that will be across the S7-214 output ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 03/24/00
Marvin, What I meant was that you should get a PLC that has solid state outputs and use multiple outputs (in parallel) to drive multiple relays ..
* Added By Roy Robbins On 03/25/00
I have attached the link to the Data Sheet. It appears to me that you need to replace ..
* Added By ericn On 03/26/00
Hi Marvin, I'd just like to confirm your specs. on those solenoids....Are you sure that they draw 0.72 amps each? That would mean something like an ..
* Added By Marvin On 03/26/00
Terry- Only three solenoids are activated at one time.Roy- I would be interested in why you are so definitive in stating NOT to use solid state ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 03/27/00
Marvin, upon re-reading everthing, I think you are looking for the same thing that everyone else is... a highly reliable system which, if it does ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 03/29/00
I think I'll put in my two cents on a couple of points:1) A good machine tool relay with field replaceable contacts will probably handle your ..
 Connect a modem to PLC
Posted By Giuseppe Colombo On 03/23/00
I have to connect a SCADA to an S7 300 Siemens PLC by means of a telephone line. The question is: how can I perform the link between the PLC and the modem? Maybe by means of a serial module (CP341)?

Thanks in advance ..
* Added By Sandeep Kusurkar On 03/23/00
The PLC manufacturer, Siemens in your case, should most probably have a modem card which directly sits in the PLC rack. You should with your ..
* Added By Roy Robbins On 03/25/00
Save yourself some head aches, use a Teleservice adapter that plugs right into the programming port of the CPU. It can be used as a direct ..

 Phoenix contact PLC field controller (green toaster) vs other PLCs
Posted By Michael On 03/22/00
I have a large project for which I'll be using plc control. We have been looking at the Phoenix Contact 486 based plc, and interbus for remote communication, if we go this route we will most likely use the Genesis 32 software by Iconics. I would like to hear from anyone who has used any of these items and their thoughts on them. I would also like to hear any comparisons on plcs fieldbuses and software. Thanks in advance for your input. Michael ..
* Added By Roy Robbbins On 04/02/00
Michael, do yourself a favor and look at and investigate other networks for openness. I feel Profibus has the most support and the ..
 S5 programing and trouble shooting
Posted By Joe On 03/22/00
I would like to learn to program and trouble shoot siemens S5 & S7 does anyone know of a simulater program in english for download or reasonable purchase? ..
* Added By Grant On 03/22/00
Below is a link for a sixty trial of the S7-200 software. If you check Siemens web site, you should be able to find demo versions of both STEP5 and ..
* Added By joel On 03/22/00
For a demo CD of the latest Step 7 software (used for programming the S7-300 and S7-400), see the following ..
* Added By Roy Robbins On 04/02/00
The full version 5.0 Step 7 software will run fine without the authorization key although you will get a message that it has not been autorized. ..
* Added By Pevo On
Roy,Can you explain how that works? I work with S5 and would just like to have a copy at home.Thanks for any help you might be able to give ..
 Book from
Posted By Eric Elliott 800.827.503 On 03/22/00
Can't order the book from; Verza lies that my credit card is not valid & did not respond to my email asking for help ordering.
Is the book worth further efforts to get it?
Is there a better book to buy? ..
* Added By Jim kasper On 03/23/00
Go to Search for Learn plc programming.Same book, same author. Send a money order and you have the book. ..
 Allen Bradley SLC 500 series
Posted By Ben Botwright On 03/21/00
I have searched the AB website but have had little success. Do you know what CPU the AB SLC 500 series uses? ..
* Added By PBanno On 03/27/00
It varies depending on the processor. Do you have a particular model in mind? ..
 Anybody help a student??????-PLEASE
Posted By Thomas Stott, University of Abertay Dundee, UK On 03/21/00
Im doing a PLC course as part of my degree, and errm a bit confused on the coursework, so if anybody can help......
Im supposed to write a report comparing and contrasting the following PLC units F1 Mitsubishi, Fxo Mitsubishi, Omron (no model specified) and Siemans (also no model specified), and describe your choice for a PLC for an application which requires the following:-
1) 12 Inputs
2) 5 outputs
3) Ladder Logic Programmable
4) PC based development enviroment

also if any body knows any good websites for on fundamental ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 03/21/00
Tom,I don't know about the Mitsubishi PLC's, but the Siemans PLC (S-7 with an extension module) will certainly handle these requirements.As ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 03/21/00
All of hte units are ladder logic programming. I've used the Mitsubishi Fxo's and found them very good units - lots of bang for the buck. The Omron ..
* Added By Grant On 03/21/00
If you want all in one package, look for a Siemens S7-200 series starter kit. It comes with the PLC, built in I/O points(number varies by model), ..
* Added By Grant On 03/21/00
Also, if your budget is tight, check out eBay, or one of the other online auction houses. I've picked up PLC related stuff much cheaper than going ..
* Added By Nick Miller On 03/25/00
The Mitsubishi F1 is now an obsolete model and is not worth considering for any new project, availability is limited. The FXo is the current model ..
* Added By TDman On 04/22/01
Tom, AROMAT FPO-C32Ct/p series plc's with 16 DI 16 DO, 10khz HSC, 10 khz pulse output,PID(with auto tuning),PWM,2 RS232c ports and all in a pocket ..
* Added By Ernst Hulshof On
Hello student,The Siemens Step 5 has no ladder logic, Step 7 does! ..
* Added By Ernst Hulshof On
Hello student,The Siemens Step 5 has no ladder logic, Step 7 does! ..

 micrologic 1000, and 1000c
Posted By Randy On 03/21/00
I have a micrologic 1000 1 can't download to. I can however upload. I am using a.i.series software. Anyone have any suggestions? ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 03/21/00
You may have an "obsolete" version of the programming software. A-B often upgrades the PLC SPU and the previous version of their software ..
* Added By Randy On 03/23/00
Thanks Tom, We upgraded to ver 8.18 all works well now. Randy ..
 6200 series / rslogix5 program conversion
Posted By Jim Schroll On 03/20/00
Most times, when I convert a 6200 series plc 5 program into rslogix5, when
I convert the documentation database, my rung comments end up being on the
wrong rungs. This is very confusing to say the least. Can someone tell me
what I am doing wrong? Other then that, everything works great. Just these
rung comments. Thanks ..
* Added By Paul Boose On
You probably do not have the last revision of RSLOGIX5 software. I had that probably years ago. Check your rev number to the lastest. I fairly ..
Posted By Steve Smith On 03/19/00
I am working on a Cimplicity trending project at my plant. Prior to a few months ago I had little PLC experiance and no experiance with Cimplicity so any advice would be most helpful.
Here is what the program is 6:30 pm I have a script get a point value(totalizer on belt scale,Read only) and then write it to another point"point_pm"(Virtual).At 6:30 am the process repeats itself except that it writes to" point_am ".Then at 6:31 I have a script subtract (Val point_am-point_pm)= total tonnage and divide by ..
* Added By steve smith On 03/19/00
The above e-mail address is wrong,please send any suggestions to ssmths@aol.comAnd as far as suggesting that I consult tech support I already ..
 I want to buy GE PLCs
Posted By Max Archer On 03/18/00
Does anyone out there want to sell their GE PLCs?

Have you or your company replaced Ge with AB/Modicon,.......

Please email me at

Max Archer ..
* Added By Max Archer On 03/18/00
Opps! And you are looking to sell them?Please email me a list of what you have and what you will take for it.I guess I should include ..
* Added By Max Archer On 03/18/00
Opps! And you are looking to sell them?Please email me a list of what you have and what you will take for it.I guess I should include ..

 Does anyone have any OMRON C20's
Posted By David On 03/18/00
Hi I had an application some time ago that used alot of C20 PLC's & expansions, I am now having trouble finding spares. The New model from OMRON has a different footprint and requires an extensive and time consuming rewire. For the time being It would be great to get some more C20 Hardware. ..
* Added By David On 03/18/00
Hi had the Idea of getting the PCB socket for the wiring arm and prewiring the New model PLC's to it. There is a program conversion utility but I ..
* Added By Ed On
Hi I'm lo0oking for a omron caps jr key can you help .If you can email me Thanks Ed ..
 CTC & Dlink to AB PLC
Posted By K. Bailey On 03/18/00
anyone out ther43e got info. on configuring a Dlink card with
ADBH driver for "CTC"'s Interact.

Have a machine on site already configured , but don't seem to be able
to interrogate it enough for settings etc. ..
* Added By Alex Hagler On
Sure, that's an easy one. First of all, are you using a flash card to store all the application files? If so, make sure you have the DL2 folder ..

 Siemens T5
Posted By S.Chandrasekar On 03/17/00
Last month one Siemens engineer was trying to download the program from siemens T5 series PLC, (the customer lost the backup disks).When down loading the program on line from the PLC,the communication to the notebook suddenly failed and all program were lost in the plc also. One of my friend says it was due to demand for high data flow in the plc CPU.Because the PLC is also connected to Network as well as the backup PLC (which was appararently not working before). My friend says we must disconnect network line before down loading into T5. How ..
 communications protocols
Posted By Nestor Agostini On 03/17/00
I'm develloping a hardware to interface PLC with several industrial equipments. For this pourpose I need to know how the modibus and profibus protocols are configured (start bit, data, stop, bit, etc). I would like anyone hel me.
Thanks. ..
* Added By Peter Nachtwey On 03/19/00
The specificiations for Modbus and Modbus/TCP can be found at You should consider Modbus/TCP so you can communicate over ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 03/21/00
You can contact the PTO (Profibus Trade Organization) at, and the ISA fieldbus "standard" includes Profibus ..
* Added By Sandeep Kusurkar On 03/23/00
Following is the exact URL for Modbus protocol specifications Whereas for Modbus Plus it is ..
Posted By K.Rajni Kanth On 03/17/00
I am new tp PLCs and am interested init,so i want to know the different poular brands in PLC,and please give the sites related to those brands? ..
* Added By Stephen Luft On 03/17/00
You can obtain information about Entertron and its embedded PLCs from Besides product information, there is also application ..
* Added By Stephen Luft On 03/17/00
You can obtain information about Entertron and its embedded PLCs from Besides product information, there is also application ..
* Added By Blue On 03/19/00
You can find information on Allen-Bradley PLC's at ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 03/20/00
If you go to the Control Engineering Magazine site and do a serach, or go to the Thomas Register Site and do a search, you will find more brands of ..
 Defining Source and Sink
Posted By Ken Berg On 03/16/00
I'm playing with a Mitsubishi FX2N and I'm not grasping the details of Source and
Sink. What is it and why does my PLC care?
Thanks, Ken ..
* Added By Ken Berg On 03/16/00
Ok, ok, I went back through the site and found the pages that deal with source and sink. DUH.But if anyone wants to add more ..
* Added By Pierre On 03/17/00
Ken - One easy trick to get it every time is to make an image of a faucet and a sink. The faucet woulf always be the source of water(current) and ..
* Added By Orn Jonsson On 05/15/00
You are essentially dealing with the direction, (in a conventional sense from + to -), of DC Current. For example if you are using a Sinking Input ..
 IEC 870
Posted By Sandeep Kusurkar On 03/16/00
Where can I get online literature on IEC 870.

Thanks in advance. ..

 Learning PLC programming
Posted By Eric Elliott 800.827.503 On 03/16/00
How should I learn to program PLCs?
A little on my background:
Trained as Electronics Engineering Technician back in 1975.
Trained as Instrument & Control Technician in 1981.
Worked mostly in nuclear power as I&C Tech.
Been roadwhore (contract Technician) since 1983.
Some experience in food industry, Metrology, Engineering.
Some TDC3000 and PLC startup experience.
I could buy a $500 trainig system, maybe more.
Yes, I bought the book.

What do you suggest?
Is there a company that I could hire ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 03/16/00
Eric, It is pretty easy to learn to program a PLC. However, each manufacturer has their own little idiosynchrocies (spelling?) on how to perform ..
* Added By DaveB On 03/17/00
Hello Eric. You can try I have looked at some of the free stuf. It doesn't look bad, however I have never tried it. ..
* Added By Stephen Luft On 03/17/00
Eric,Entertron offers a 90 page programming manual on its web site that gives you the basics of programming. Their software is also available ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 03/17/00
There is no substitute for trying stuff with a real PLC. For $250 you can get a DL05 PLC, manual, and programming software from ..
* Added By selvakumar On 03/17/00
hai eric it is easy and very simple. though the programming of plc's varies from manufacturer to manufacturerbut the basic understanding of ..
* Added By Elliott Sancan On 05/10/00
I'm a Canadian I&C technologist (specializing in PLC programming)who wants to be a roadwhore too.Any advice as to how to bust into the ..

 Converting NPN to PNP
Posted By Greg Matthews On 03/16/00
Is there an easy way to convert an NPN output to a PNP output? ..
* Added By David On 03/16/00
Some people sell SSR's solid state relays to convert them. "Pheonix Contact" do as do "weidmuller Klippon" not sure on the ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 03/17/00
ASI ( has a logic inverter specifically for converting sink to source or vice versa.Tom Jenkins ..
* Added By ericn On 03/18/00
I have used a pullup resistor in a pinch. Go to and download "Chapter 2" ..
* Added By Mike Vokes On 03/20/00
Go to's on-line catalog type in part number 2943437 print out the catalog page and their you have your solution. It's DIN ..
 Old Plc's
Posted By Aaron On 03/15/00
Is there a place to unload old Plc's besides the trash bin? ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 03/16/00
You mean, besides my house? :)You could try some of your local colleges (if the stuff isn't ancient).Otherwise, it would be great for ..
* Added By David On 03/16/00
Hi: ebay is pretty good! Do you have any Omron C20's I'm desperate for some. ..
* Added By Roy Robbins On 03/17/00
I for one, would not object to the "Junk Mail". You could grab everyones e-mail address at this site and e-mail them a list of the ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 03/17/00
There is a site called iMark ( for just this purpose. It is lik eBay for industry.P.S. I would definitely object to the junk e-mail! ..
 CP525 interface to ActiveX control/Access97
Posted By Les Clayton On 03/15/00
I am currently at a loss as of what to try next. I am trying to
monitor a Siemens S5 plc 155u processor via a CP525 card set up with the
3964R protocol, RK512 interperiter. I have successfully communicated with
the plc with a DDE server, but I cannot get a couple of ActiveX controls,
one from Parijit and the other called workmate vision to respond correctly.
I am sure that the cabling and the current loop convertor from Black Box is
set up correctly from the 525 card to the pc as the DDE server is ..
* Added By Aaron On 03/16/00
Les,What "container" are you using, VB.. If so the LINK TOPIC and LINK ITEM properties must be set.. Also a "mode" for the ..
* Added By Roy Robbins On 03/17/00
Have you tryed the Siemens PLC Hotline @ 1-800-333-7421. The call is free and they can steer you in the right direction. I have used active-X and ..
 GE PLC Card
Posted By Richard Gordon On 03/15/00
I have a customer with a GE PLC system controlling a refrigeration system. The rack contains a card wit the following numbers:
Can anyone tell me if there is a card made for this system with double the quantity of I/O, and a possible source (either new or surplus)? ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 03/15/00
Richard,That's a GE Series One part number. The product has been through many incarnations and is currently being sold by Automation Direct as ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 03/16/00
Not to mention that AutomationDirect has a very nifty programming package (even if it is only for Windows...) for Series One Pluses. And the DL340 ..
Posted By Bob n. On 03/14/00
what prerequisites are needed to expect to be successful in learning plc.
education level, math, electronics,etc.????? ..
* Added By M. Jamil On 03/15/00
Hi, Bob, I started out about 6-8months ago, all I knew was how to operate a computer and that you have to know the basics, like 24/110/220 AC or ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 03/16/00
Basically Boolean Algebra, or a Logical Approach to puzzles.PC adventure games (not all of them), Chess etc.These will give you a good start ..
Posted By David On 03/13/00
Hi, I have an application that will be duplicated many times. I have decided that it will be more cost effective to implement it with micro-controllers. It requires a 232 port as it recieves commands via a modem,a Real Time Clock, 4 inputs 4 outputs (24V DC .2A) and it needs to have a password entry point so either more I/O or a built in keypad/touchscreen. I do not want to program it in assembly so some high level compiler please. Speed is not important. It is an industrial application so military specs would be good. Please advise. Thanks ..
* Added By Peter Nachtwey On 03/13/00
My favorite controller is the AM186ES. This 16 bit CPU would be overkill in your application so look at the AM188ES which has a 8 bit bus. Add a ..
* Added By Stephen Luft On 03/14/00
David, Entertron already has a product available that can handle all of your above requirements. The unit is called the Smart-PAK and can be ..
 PLC Data on the Internet
Posted By carl On 03/13/00
i am a new engineer at a manufacturing facility. i oversee four
processing lines. i have been told that the machines run using
Allen Bradley PLCs, and that they are linked together onto a
"Data Highway" network.

i would like to know if it possible to "watch" the PLC data over
the internet. i know that our maintenance personnel have software
on a laptop for editing and troubleshooting the PLCs, but was
wondering if this data can be seen over the internet (possibly on
a web page???)

also ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 03/13/00
Carl,I've seen a few requests for information about seeing data over the internet. Frankly, I don't see the sense of it.If you have access to ..
* Added By Peter Nachtwey On 03/13/00
Have you looked at Carbon Copy, PC Anywhere or even Netmeeting?We use Carbon Copy to look at remote installations using a modem. Our customers ..
* Added By Bruce Poteet On 03/14/00
Carl,Since you are using AB PLC's and obviously RSLinx there are serveral ways to get data aq into a database and conversely view that data on a ..
* Added By Mike Jacks On 03/29/00
Carl, check to see if you have any graphics programs, MMIs, or HMIs attached to your processors. If all you want to do is monitor data graphics ..
* Added By Ken Livingston On
If you already have your PLC's connected to a common server via DH+ the its easy to get a copty of RSLINX Gateway and configure for a internet ..

 Documentation standards
Posted By Paul Citrin On 03/12/00
Does anyone know if there are documentation standards concerning the wiring of a PLC within a system as well as the proper documentation for the PLC's I/O. ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 03/13/00
Paul,There is no such thing!Documentation for PLC's is a free-for-all. As much, or as little, or no documentation at all! I am fortunate in ..
 PLC SattCon 200-CPU30/10
Posted By Roger Lachance On 03/11/00
I have a PLC named SattCon 200-CPU30/10 and I must get a paper copy of the PLC program. Someone told me that I require the program DOX10 to print it, but apparently it is very expensive. The program has been downloaded on a diskette. How can I get a paper copy from the diskette ? Is there any company that can do that for me and how much it costs ? On the same machine, there is an interface called OP-45 ; I believe there is also a PLC program in the OP-45. Can we use the same procedure to get a paper copy for this too ?
Thanks, Best ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 03/13/00
Roger,I've never heard of this PLC. If this is a common PLC where you work, then the company simply needs to buy the software!If it is not a ..
* Added By David On 03/15/00
Hi: In Australia this PLC is supported by a company called "Alfa lovell" I'm not sure on the spelling. If you can't find them in the US ..
* Added By Geoff Walker On 03/16/00
The SattCon is a Swdish systemby Alpha Laval. They are quite common in the UK. The 30/10 is pretty old now, but all you need is a lap top with a ..
* Added By Geoff Walker On 03/16/00
The SattCon is a Swdish systemby Alpha Laval. They are quite common in the UK. The 30/10 is pretty old now, but all you need is a lap top with a ..
* Added By Naqvi On
Did u get dox10 program... I can dox10 and Sc200 very well. Let me know if u still need help.Regards Naqvi ..
 Simatic S7-212 plc- Turning off outputs in response to an external signal
Posted By Bob Gagnon On 03/11/00
I have a S7-212 plc turning 12 outputs on and off at different time intervals. Upon receiving a switch closure at an input, I would like to be able to turn off and disable all outputs until the external signal resets. I have read the manual on interupt usage but I can't understand the explanation. I'm familiar with using interupts with assembly language. Is there a global command or some other simple way to accomplish what I want? I tried using a jump instruction at the beginning of the program that jumps to the end of the program. It ..
* Added By joel On 03/11/00
Bob, you can use interrupts if you like, but you should be able to accomplish what you desire in your main program without using interrupts. ..
* Added By joel On 03/11/00
Whoops! Let me make a couple of additions to my last post.1) If there are any --(S_I) coils in the existing program, you must add enable/disable ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 03/12/00
Hi Bob,The operation you are describing is essentially an E-Stop; if not a system E-Stop, then at least a partial (or sectional) E-Stop. That ..
 comparison instructions
Posted By Sam On 03/11/00
How can I construct a traffic light using compare instructions? ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 03/12/00
Sam,I'm very confused as to why you would want to use COMPARE.A traffic light SHOULD be controlled by current conditions!That is, what is ..
* Added By Peter Nachtwey On 03/12/00
Lighten up. Sam is problably just a student wanting an answer to a hypothetical question. ( I hope ).Sam, you can add one to a memory location ..
 Character mode communication
Posted By Manu On 03/11/00
I have to connect 2 pls using character mode communication.
I must use PCMCIA cards: i don't know the hardware scheme and my programs don't
workCan you help me please!! ..
 rate of cycle
Posted By paul walter On 03/09/00
i can handle most basic programming for our machines we use omron plc's and some mitsubishis and maple systems oits what my boss is asking me for is a display of speed in operations per hour the oit will display the numerical value of any data register but how do i get the number
is there some combination of counter and timer function along with math function that could do this .
i seem to be drawing a blank on where to begin ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 03/09/00
Paul, You don't say how long one operation takes, but try this. Set up a timer that resets itself after one minute as long as your machine is ..
* Added By paul walter On 03/10/00
that sounds like the right idea the cycle rate varies depending on the operator but is between 15 to 20 a minute ..
* Added By J. E., Van Blaricome On 03/10/00
Most plc's have a 1 sec. pulse gererator. Use that to pulse a counter. When that counter reachs 60 have it pulse another counter and reset itsself. ..
* Added By David On 03/13/00
Hi Paul,You know speed = distance / time. If you can fix your scan time it is far more accurate than the timing bits eg 1 second pulses. Then ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 03/13/00
Paul,This is not a straight-forward task.In order to keep track of the current rate you need to look at it in a couple of different ways - ..
* Added By paul walter On 03/13/00
yes Terry i had considered putting in more than one calculation 1 would be a minute by minute calculation 2nd would be an average for the ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 03/14/00
Paul,I'll crank out some formulas and methods. I'm not familiar with the math functions in your specific PLC, so I'll give you a general ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 03/14/00
Paul,It's worse than I thought... Give me another day and I'll have something for you.Terry ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 03/15/00
Paul,OK... This is going to be a general description. We can get into details later. This stuff is going to use a lot of math; ADD, SUB, MULT, ..
* Added By paul walter On 03/15/00
yes i am interested i think you have given me much more than a direction in which to start i also had similar thoughts about one timer to ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 03/17/00
Paul, If you have enough to get started, then good luck. However, be aware that there is a lot more stuff beyond what I suggested already.I sure ..
* Added By paul walter On 03/17/00
well thanks for your help terry dont feel it was a waste of time i an now going to start by using one of our spare bagging machines to work out ..
 Micrologix 1000 addressing in DF1 protocol
Posted By H W On 03/09/00
I am in the process of writing an Allen-Bradley DF1 protocol driver to communicate with a Micrologix 1000 controller. I have followed the DF1 Protocol and Command Set Reference Manual (Allen-Bradley publication 1770-6.5.16 - October 1996). I am successfully communicating with the controller using commands such as Diagnostic Status. My problem is that I do not know how to correctly perform reads or writes using any of the commands.
For example, the open file command is used for obtaining a tag which can then be used with a protected typed ..
* Added By Blue On 03/19/00
H W,I am not sure why you are writing your own DF1 driver. Plenty of OPC drivers are available on the market. RSLinx is one. Kepware is another. ..
 Ethernet Program For Mitsubishi PLC
Posted By Chua Choon Beng On 03/09/00
Hi,I am working on a project that requires sending and receiving information via an ethernet module for Mitsubishi PLC.
But I do not have the neccessary knowledge of ethernet programming
to kick start the program.
Does any one know how to go about programming the Mitsubishi
Ethernet module ?
Why can I find information on this subject ? ..
* Added By BILL On 03/09/00
The manual that you want AJ71E71 ETHERNET USER'S manual.You can order it through a distributor. ..
 Membrane & Rubber Keys
Posted By M. Jamil On 03/08/00
Hi Friends!
I have lot of machines waiting to be rebuild and then fitted by PLCs, mainly Cigarette making, packing, wrapping and other related.
Currently we are using the standard Push buttons, bulbs, etc., but I was think to switch to the Subject option (Membrane....), does anyone have any experience, to tell me what would be the advantages and disadvantages? and problems an amatuer would face while installation and maintenance?
Since I have a variety of machines, and do not require much quantity of panels, I was thinking to design ..
* Added By selva On 03/09/00
dear jamilu can go for membrane pushbuttons if ur operation is so critical and the existing pb goes bad very oftenit is advantageous to us ..
* Added By selva On 03/09/00
dear jamilu can go for membrane pushbuttons if ur operation is so critical and the existing pb goes bad very oftenit is advantageous to us ..
* Added By J. E. Van Blarcome On 03/10/00
DON'T use either one. There are several ergonomically designed Optical activation switches that are designed to replace standard ..
* Added By S.Chandrasekar On 03/11/00
It depends on the machine. The problems with touch screens and membraneswitches are the acess time to reach a soft push button is longer,The ..
* Added By Laura On 03/17/00
I've use membrane keys in several situations and I've to say that they worked very very good!! I also Know a guy who designed and developed exactly ..
* Added By ericn On 03/18/00
In theory, membrane switches should last a long time and usually they do. But recently I've had multiple failures on one operator control station ..
 Second serial port on SLC 5/03?
Posted By John T. Foley On 03/08/00
I desparately need a second serial port in an AB SLC 5/03 while I migrate to SCADA from paper. Does anybody make a module for adding serial ports to SLC's?
I'd prefer a backplane module. I have a DH485 network in place, but performance and stability problems are leading me away from pushing more data on it. I intend to aquire data directly through SLC channel 0 using DF1 and an ethernet terminal server, or set up a second DH485 network using 1761-NET-AIC modules through the SLC's channel 0 interfaces. ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 03/09/00
ProSoft Technology 805-664-7208 makes a number of communications cards that pop into the SLC backplane for extending communications ..
* Added By Blue On 03/19/00
Miille Applied Research makes a port multiplexor. You can find them at ..
* Added By george g On 03/24/00
I have used a 1746-bas module as an additional serial port. Data can be passes in and out by use of the MO and MI files. ..
* Added By Jon Giedraitis On
you can use a 1747-KE Module. We use one in our plant to communicate with a modem through the additional serial port. Its has a DF1 serial port, a ..
* Added By Jason On
Comtrol makes DeviceMaster RTS multi-port serial connectivity solutions.Visit them at ..
Posted By Josh O'brien On 03/08/00
how many programming languages can be used to program a plc and what is the standard that attempts to merge plc programming languages under one international standard? ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 03/09/00
The standard your refer to is IEC 1131-3. It is my understanding that it doesn't try to stndardize languages, just programming environments.If ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 03/13/00
Josh,Tom is right. There is no standard for ladder logic nor the higher level languages. All PLC's allow you to program in Ladder Logic... Their ..
 PLC free simulator
Posted By Roberto Carabajal On 03/08/00
Is there same educational free simulador running under DOS or Win95 ?

Thank You.

Roberto ..
* Added By Benjamin Bagwell On 03/09/00 ..
* Added By Benjamin Bagwell On 03/09/00
This one is much better, ..
* Added By Muhammad Hidayat On 05/30/00
How to make positive transition/one shot coil with relay contact ..

 Siemens Step5 STL "Batch" compiler
Posted By Kev On 03/05/00
Has anyone a copy of the "stand alone" version of the Siemens Step5 Batch compiler software?

Thanks ..

Posted By Mostafa On 03/05/00
I have AB slc 150 and I use their hand held programmer to troubleshoot them. Is there any computer based software I can us on my notebook?
thanks in advance. ..
* Added By Robert Maybon On 03/07/00
There is a DOS based program, that you can use with your lap top. Thename of the program is PCIS. DOS name: PCISSL~1.EXE. This is a ..
 Need Omron Sysmac Mini SP20 Manuals
Posted By David Hinkle On 03/05/00
I have a customer that is using an old Omron
SP20 PLC that they want some functionality
added to. Unfortunately, they do not have
any of the documentation. Omron refered
me to the distrubutor, who came up empty
handed since Omron no longer makes the SP20.
If someone has this documentation and can
spare a copy, please let me know.

Thanks in advance for any help. ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 03/13/00
David,You should probably try to sell them a new system. Since no-one here seems to be able to help you, I'd say that PLC is DEAD, DEAD, ..

 Desperately need a Texas Instrument i/o software driver TI5
Posted By George Luniv On 03/04/00
I am looking for anyone who could e-mail an attachment consisting of
the information located on the discette for the TI5 driver to work with
Siemen's 545 Cpu. If you have it please e-mail it to ""
Thanks for time. ..
* Added By Grant On 03/07/00
check out ..
 Thermocouple input modules 90-30
Posted By Mark Schramm On 03/04/00
I am trying to build a remote monitoring system for my summer cottage including
temperature monitoring and control.My background is with GE 90-30's in elevator
control systems as a field mechanic.I have a pretty good understanding of all
the coil,timer and counter functions using discrete refrences.However I have
never used any analog inputs or sub routines.I have a Horner Thermocouple Input
Module installed in a 90-30.Can anyone point me in the right direction with a line
of logic that uses a thermocouple unit? Or anything ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 03/04/00
Hi Mark,The thermocouple module returns its data in analog input memory (%AI). The units will be degrees x 2 or degrees x 10 depending on which ..
* Added By Mark On 03/05/00
Thank's Steve You tipped it in! I appreciate your time and Knowledge. ..
* Added By All your friends On 03/11/00
Send the module back and spend the money on your friends.See you soon. Chillss2 ..
* Added By All your friends On 03/11/00
Send the module back and spend the money on your friends.See you soon. Chillss2 ..
 Comprehensive list of PLC manufacturers? The PLC SIC Code?
Posted By Steve Carr On 03/03/00
I know next to nothing about PLCs but am trying to size the PLC market? Is there a source that lists the major PLC manufactureres (small and large) and / or is there a distinct primary SIC code under which PLCs fall? Any information and help would be GREATLY apprectiated. ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 03/03/00
Steve, there are many PLC brands available. Some are very cheap others are expensive, the price varies with their speed and support ..
 C-H D-50 rotation program
Posted By Greg H On 03/03/00
I need to write a simple ladder program that can determine what direction a shaft is turning (CW or CCW) I have two input prox. switches 90 degrees apart having a common target mounted on the shaft. ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 03/04/00
Hi Greg,You will need to mount the proxes so that there is a period of overlap when both are true as well as a period when both are false. Your ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 03/06/00
You should be able to do this with the single target and two prox switches at 90 degrees. You need two timers and two compare operations.Time the ..
 Can someone troubleshoot my program?
Posted By Phii Carson On 03/03/00
I can Attach it in an E-mail ..
* Added By norizan On 03/03/00
I am Norizan from Malaysia. I am working with Cement Industries which having Fuji PLC (Ladder) and Siemen PLC.We can try to help you. ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 03/04/00
It would help to know what PLC you are working with (and what software).John ..
* Added By Phii Carson On 03/07/00
I fixed it, the SV on the counters were incorrect. Phii ..
Posted By HEMANT NANDRAJOG On 03/03/00
* Added By Terry Woods On 03/13/00
Hermant,What are you looking for?Terry ..
 Emergency Stop
Posted By Michael On 03/03/00
Does anyone know where I can find information that defines the requirements of E-Stops? Some of the answers I am looking for are: Hard-Wired vs PLC. When are E-Stops really needed? ..
* Added By J. Dungar On 03/03/00
A very good source is NFPA 79 "Electrical Standard fo Industrial Machinery". This standard is available from the National Fire Protection ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 03/05/00
Michael, with all PLC's, please realise the outputs are ALL TRANSISTOR type. Even relay output cards use transistors to switch the relays. ..
* Added By Michael On 03/05/00
Thanks for the response. However my dilema is this. 1.) E-Stops are not replacements for lockout/tagout and are not recognized as such.2.) I ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 03/06/00
Michael,It appears that you are looking for the 100% E-Stop solution; one that meets lock-out/tag-out requirements.Your question is too ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 03/06/00
Safety lockout systems generally do not soley consist of emergency stop buttons. Your problem is the old story of what checks the checker? this is ..
* Added By Steve On 03/10/00
PLC E-stops require functionality not normally available, e.g., force guided relays, redundancy, self-monitoring. As an example, search the ..
* Added By Laura On 03/17/00
The NFPA 86 has some standars regarding the use of Estops, but first of all, it says that you can't never let a PLC be the only one protection and ..
Posted By Greenie On 03/03/00
Can anyone explain the difference in addressing between a PLC 5, SLC 500 and the Micrologix. Is there an easy way to remember the difference? ..
* Added By saurabh On 03/07/00
1.PLC i/o address in octal2/slc i/o in decimal3.slc keeps cpu in slot0 ..
 Need mitsubishi melsec f2-20m chip ma2386c
Posted By Wendell On 03/02/00
Does anyone know where I can find an input chip (ma2386c)for a Mitsubishi melsec f2-20m
plc. Or I guess use an old one for parts. Email to

Thanks ..

Posted By NEIL KAUFMAN On 03/02/00
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 03/03/00
You can buy the software PC-PGM105-16 from for $99.00 ..
 PLC for boiler control
Posted By Ricardo Almarza On 03/02/00
Hi folk !!

Has anybody any info (I mean SAMA diagram, description, etc) or web site dealing with PLC controlling multi- boilers steam plant??

Thanks in advanced
* Added By J. Dungar On 03/03/00
Check with Schneider Automation (Modicon)at They have several PLCs in boiler operations which are programmed using ..
* Added By T Warr On 04/02/00
NFPA Part 85 specifically prohibits PLC's controlling Boiler/Burner controls and timing, i.e. ignition trials, purge timing etc. unless the PLC is ..

 communication error omron c200hg/cpu 43
Posted By kevin o smith On 03/02/00
I`am useing a dell 3200 inspiron labtop.and syswin software .but no communition with
plc using a diffrante laptop toshaba and the same cable and software with no prolems
check serial port com 1 with a serialmouse and it works .all settings are the same ? ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 03/07/00
What is the comm port settings in syswin. Also check your win95/98 comm port configuration setting.If you have a machine program copy load it ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 03/07/00
What is the comm port settings in syswin. Also check your win95/98 comm port configuration setting.If you have a machine program copy load it ..
 Rebuilding CNC machines with PLC
Posted By M Barker On 03/02/00
Can any help with some information on the rebuilding of CNC machines using PLC's in place of the original control systems. Why is this done ? what are the benefits ? and how can the use of PLC's benefit Cellular manufacturing. ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 03/02/00
CNC controllers are extremely good at controlling the motion of machine tools to high levels of precision and coordinating multiple axes.The ..
* Added By Rick Densing On 03/02/00
The advantages are basically cost. The big advantage of the CNC is the programming flexibility available to the operator. A PLC may require a ..
 Question about RSLogix500
Posted By 93.LT1 On 03/02/00
Hello, I am having a problem doing a histogram.
I am using RSLogix500, the PLC is a SLC 5/04....using the 232 port with a DF1 driver(If that makes a difference)
My problem is that the histogram works just fine when recording an internal bit(B3), but it wont record any outputs or inputs. The reason I am trying to do this in the first place is because the input I am trying to read directly triggers an output that ties to an external counter. The cycle is three strokes and the time between the 2nd and 3rd strokes is very quick, and ..
 PLC on the internet
Posted By Alfred Khng On 03/01/00
Anyone try to run Netscape or IE with OPC PLC driver to access the internet
by the PLC. ..
* Added By Roy Robbins On 03/04/00
Siemens has WebOPC at this website. ..
 Temperature controller - VERSUS - PLC controlled temperature
Posted By M. Jamil On 03/01/00
I have 5 heaters, on a machine, controlled by a temperature controller using a 'K' type thermocouple, OPTION-1 they can be independant of the PLC on the machine and OPTION-2 I could introduce a Analog module for the S7-300 CPU.

Which should I go for, because the operator changes the heater temp. as per his requirement, so it seems easier to give him five controllers other option I have is (if possible and easy) I could use the Display panel for the CPU to INPUT the required temperature values instead of the temp. controller and use a Analog ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 03/01/00
The answer depends on the process. I normally prefer to use all of the controls in the PLC and use the O/I for tuning and adjustments - it makes ..
* Added By Geoff Walker On 03/16/00
It also depends on the complexity of the thermal characteristics of the process. Ultimately you may need to evoke a PID (3Term control algorithm) ..
* Added By Laura On 03/17/00
I usually work with heating applications and I've seen that independent controllers are the best solution when you have 1 to 3 control loops and the ..
* Added By j.e. van blaricome On 04/09/00
Check out PLC Direct. They have an Thermocouple input card with current donut inputs and outputs to control the heaters. You can use the plc and an ..

 questions related to Encoders
Posted By M. Jamil On 03/01/00
Some of you may be aware, I was using Incremental Encoder with a S7-216, which has been done thanks to a lot of help from friends at this SITE.
I have some more questions.

1) since I did not do the selection of the hardware, and want to do the same project, except using CPU-300 (any model - please recommend),
now the thing is Should I be needing a separate module for the Incremental Encoder (of course it depends on the frequency).

2) I am not sure what one means by frequency, say if the encoder gives me 1000 pulses per revolv. what ..
* Added By joel On 03/01/00
1) Keep in mind that the S7-200 PLCs use the inexpensive MicroWin development software, but the S7-300s & S7-400s use the more advanced Step 7 ..
* Added By Roy Robbins On 03/02/00
I would reccomend the S7-314IFM, it has much more power and functions, including positioning built in. It can handle a 10kHZ signal. If you are ..
* Added By Roy Robbins On 03/02/00
I would reccomend the S7-314IFM, it has much more power and functions, including positioning built in. It can handle a 10kHZ signal. If you are ..

Posted By Charoen Rompet On 02/29/00
Could you tell me about the software tutor or simulation software for PLC. Mitsubishi fx-series and siemens Step7
Thanks very much. ..
* Added By Roy Robbins On 02/29/00
I use the simulation software for Siemens Step 7 almost everyday and am more than pleased with its perfomance. It comes as an add on package to the ..
* Added By M.Jamil On 03/01/00
Hi! I started out firstly by downloading a a demo version of some sfotware from 'A PALMER INSTITUTE', a basic demo it was, then I purchased the ..
 plc ocx
Posted By John Armstrong On 02/28/00
Has anyone used any of the ocx controls available from many third party suppliers for communication with AB SLC? They seem to be a good solution for a low end VB HMI. ..
* Added By Jeff Henderson On 02/29/00
Yes. INGEAR from Softwaretoolbox. Works well. I have been teaching a two week unit on this topic. It does provide an inexpensive HMI for the ..
* Added By Steve Wiebe On 02/29/00
I've been using an ocx from Parijat Controlware ( about a year now and it works great. I've been testing theCimQuest ..
* Added By John Armstrong On 03/01/00
Thanks for the feedback!!! ..
 Allen Bradley Brainteaser
Posted By chuck pantusa On 02/28/00
am in need of some creative opinions. here goes:

a customer of ours is a water utility. they've got
an AB SLC 5/03 hooked up to a modem which talks to
a Micrologix 1000 (which also has a modem) and is
located 30 miles away (across a river). the Micrologix
controls and verifies operation of supply pumps; the
SLC 5/03 controls tank-filling operations and analog data
collection (flow rate, pH, etc.).

the customer wishes to add 3 additional pump stations,
each located 1000 feet away from the primary pump ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 02/29/00
The solution depends on the protocol you are using. I don't believe the DF1 protocol is adresable or suitable for multi-drop networks. In this case ..
* Added By Blue On 03/06/00
The SLC 5/03 could be setup as a polling master by configuring channel 0 as DF1 polling master. You would then setup the existing Micrologix and ..

Posted By HEMANT NANDRAJOG On 02/28/00
* Added By Terry Woods On 02/28/00
HEMANT,What exactly is your question?Terry ..
* Added By selvakumar On 03/02/00
hai hemant what do u want to know about? do u want to change ur system to a plc system or do u want to upgrade ur system alone. if ur going ..
 allen bradley plc
Posted By JIM On 02/27/00
I am new to PLC's and I am currently Learning allen bradleys at school. I am looking for help in understanding them and me and a few other students need help but the instuctor just keeps trucking on. WE go for tutoring but he doesn't seem to care. Where can we go on line for help. ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 02/27/00
If you don't have access to the PLC hardware, it's going to be tough. Kinda like learning to fly from reading a book...There is a simulator ..
* Added By DaveB On 02/27/00
Hello Jim, This is a good place to start. The guys on this site are sharp.Professor Bill's at It is pretty good I ..
Posted By Muhammad Ali On 02/25/00
Can I program MITSUBISHI Melsec A CPU using C language? ..
* Added By BILL On 02/26/00
NO. ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 02/29/00
the PLC programming package will be written via some PC program package.this may be 'c' or c++ it may even be cobol or pascal. I don't Know ..
* Added By Tim H On 03/03/00
Only Medoc with the appropriate cable will program a Mitshubishi Melsec. ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 03/06/00
With respect Tim, for a computer to talk via RS323 Communications it requires a Program Generally DOS or Windows Based. Medoc is one of those ..
 Extreme Magnatism and PLC Operation in this Environment
Posted By Lauris Kelly On 02/24/00
I Have an application where the Mitsubishi FXos-14MR-ES/UL will be provided to run a high speed door.
There is an extremely strong magnetic field generated by the Aluminum Smelter. If you take a generator with electronic ignition thru this doorway, it will stall.
If you had a handful of paperclips they would stand on end and dance in your hand. Will the Mitsubishi PLC function properly here? ..
* Added By David On 02/24/00
Hi, this is interesting my suggestion would be to get your local Mitsubishi rep to bring round a PLC pop in a number crunching Progam and see if it ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 02/24/00
David's suggestion is excellent. Chances are that you will need to experiment with different enclosures and shielding. If your Mitsubishi rep can't ..
 temperature control
Posted By Doug On 02/24/00
I am looking into controlling temperature of batch tanks with PLCs. We are using DL105 and DL205 PLCs for some equipment but never on temperature related tasks. The tanks are currently using Red Lion controllers and J thermocouples. output opens a steam line with 120VAC soleniod. Temperature has to be within 5 degrees F of setpoint. Is it possible to replace the Red Lions with a PLC without having to change sensors? What type of inputs would I have to specifiy on the PLC to read a J type thermocouple? I figure on using timers on the output ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 02/24/00
Your basic logic will work, assuming the steam supply and valving are properly sized. You could also use P-I-D with time proportioning outputs, but ..
* Added By Jean Pierre Vandecandelaere On 02/25/00
Maybe it will work, but take it into acount that a PLC is a VERY SLOW PID controller. If your tanks are big enough so you have a heating time ..
* Added By rmt On 02/25/00
I think a PLC doing PID would work here.I have PLC's that have analog cards that you can directly connect a J type thermocouple to, eliminating ..
* Added By Raposo On 02/28/00
Have you think of using a Mitsubishi PLC?FX2N series have auto-tuning PID loops which are very fast and the number of loops possible are only ..
* Added By Raposo On 02/28/00
Have you think of using a Mitsubishi PLC?FX2N series have auto-tuning PID loops which are very fast and the number of loops possible are only ..
 what is new ?
Posted By moh hegazy On 02/24/00
what is new in plc and pc control?
i need more information about opperation and aplication of plc ..
 Why someone says PLC is going to die?
Posted By Paolo Bizzarri On 02/23/00
I'm an absolute beginner in the field of PLC. In a recent conference about embedded
systems many people were discussing about the swan song of PLCs because (they say)
the Single Board Computer (PCI 104, PCI, ARM core) and many others electronic boards will
perform better and will be less expensive. Is it rue ? Are PLCs going to disappear ?

* Added By Tom Jenkins On 02/23/00
Aout10 years ago Opto 22 had a very clever campaign claiming "The PLC is dead". The demise is stillpending.Their are a lot of things ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 02/24/00
Paolo,PLC's were created by Engineers, to be used by Electricians. The PLC was created to replace all of those god-awful relays and to eliminate ..
* Added By Rick Densing On 02/24/00
I have two things to add. The idea of better educated electricians is a good one. The problem is (and this is very common now) the better ..
* Added By David On 02/24/00
Hi: I have something to add, PLC programs inherrently are easier to debug you can view logic and most PLC software allow traces and triggers. The ..
* Added By Joel On 02/26/00
Just a few thoughts to add about the longer-term future of today's hardware. Technology forecasters writing in IEEE Spectrum magazine recently ..
* Added By DaveB. On 02/27/00
Good question. Lets see The shovel is still used. They said the computers would eliminate paper, however there is twice as much now then in the 70s ..
* Added By Rick Stevens On 02/28/00
Will PLC's be around in 10 years? 20 years?The question is : What do we mean when we say "PLC" today, in 2000?All but the ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 02/28/00
I've been keeping up on this one. I'd like to re-address the question...As Tom said, you WILL see technologies merging or at least changing. The ..
* Added By Carl Lee Tolbert On 03/04/00
Hi:I'm new to this board...I just have one thing to add. As an Electrical Foreman for one of the large steel mills in IL, I spend $30K annually ..
* Added By J. E. Van Blaricome On 03/10/00
You can't teach old dogs new tricks. They will go out and spend a bundle on a PLC, OIT, communications modules and even put a 486 module in. I like ..
* Added By Geoff Walker On 03/16/00
PLCs are so easy! Even the data handling side. You can add seven segment display to the ouputs and use the software to detect machine malfunctions ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 03/18/00
I'm back, and I have to respond to Geoff's comment.With respect to simple systems, a PLC is more than adequate.However, as systems become more ..

 AB PLC 5/40E CH 0
Posted By liew_sc On 02/23/00
can ch 0 use as programming port for 6200 software.

thanks..... ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 02/24/00
It sure can (and is a good way to get in if your DH+ channel is dead). A simple 3 wire interface (if I remember correctly) is all that it takes. ..
* Added By wee (Kevin) Bailey On 04/03/00
Sorry I can't help with your problem , but would appreciate ifJohn Waalkes could send me details re accessing CH0 , specificallyto use as a ..

 I/O Server Programming
Posted By Prasanna On 02/23/00
In one of my project , The HMIs used are Wonderware (Intouch Version 7.0). There are about 22 Work stations which are used as Operator Interfacing Stations. These are connected to PLCs( AB -PLC 5/80c) via I/O servers. I would like to know the steps involved in the configuration and Programming of I/O Server. This information is required for me to estimate the time and sequencing of plc & HMI program. Could any one help me. ..
* Added By DaveB On 02/27/00
Are you looking for info on 1771-ASB remote I/O adapter Modules? ..
* Added By S.Chandrasekar On 03/11/00
You need to connect all the PLC to ethernet or a DH+ line and onfigureone address for each plc.The Wonderware servers are all also havean ..
* Added By saurabh On 06/06/00
Hi Prasana,Wonderware has drivers for all AB plc' require I/O server ABPLC.exe for ur case at one node.further with wonderware's ..
 TASK: 2 digit display (LCD or LED) attached to a Siemens S7-200
Posted By M. Jamil On 02/20/00
I have a machine which gives serveral outputs (say about 20),
is there any other (easier) to connect a LCD or LED disp. panel,
instead of taking Twenty wires from the plc to the BULBs on the error panel. (my requirement is 20 errors maximum, personally I think,
for smaller range the direct cable to a bulb is better)
please advise, and thanks to all who have helped me every now and then. ..
* Added By David On 02/21/00
Hi you have a lot of options here, but the bottom line is cost. I'm based in Australia but there are LCD/LED 2 line 16 character message displays ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 02/21/00
I think your best bet is an Operator Interface (O/I) such as David suggested. You simply have a communications cable between it and the PLC, and you ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 02/22/00
It may be easier to wire "bulbs". but consider the panel size and time required to wire and lable the bulbs. The O/I displays are ..
* Added By Raposo On 02/28/00
SYSTEME LAUER (Germany) has a very simple message display called LCA200. It has 10 binary/BCD inputs to display 1024 messages. If you need only 20 ..
* Added By Roy Robbins On 02/28/00
If you want to see something from across the room, use bulbs. Otherwise the cheapest is the TD200 text display. There is a wizard in the Win32 ..
* Added By John T. Foley On 03/08/00
Pro-Lite ( makes a retail POS message board, about $140.00 USD on the street, that can be triggered and/or programmed on the fly ..
* Added By John T. Foley On 03/08/00
Pro-Lite ( makes a retail POS message board, about $140.00 USD on the street, that can be triggered and/or programmed on the fly ..
 Looking for RSLogix5 + RSLogix5000 bugs...
Posted By Mario Wachs On 02/20/00
Who knows the bugs of these two programming languages ?
Sure, threre are only a few, because it's from Rockwell Software.
But there could be one or two or three ... ..
* Added By John On 02/22/00
Mario what are you running on your computer...95,98,NT. I run NT and early on ran into a fair amount of bugs. Alot of them have been corrected. You ..
* Added By Mario Wachs On 03/12/00
Right John, I use Win95 with a 1784KT(X)- card for programming RSLogix5.I program RSLogix5000 under (the obligatory (?)) WinNT 4.0.For ..
* Added By Laura On 03/17/00
I use RSLogix500 in Win95, some times when I Upload the program from the PLC, the software tells me more than 2 times if I want to save it, then ..
Posted By Sandeep Kusurkar On 02/20/00
Would like help in locating good online resources for earthing for
Instrumentation System. Do we require a separate earthing for
Instrumentation System? Does the NEC/IEEE have any guidelines on earthing
for Instrumentation System? What should be specifications for such a system?


Sandeep Kusurkar ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 02/20/00
EC & M Magazine recently had a series of articles on grounding. Start with this ..
* Added By Mark Ray On 02/26/00
Try this link - is a Q/A post that may be helpful.Mark R. ..

 schematic software
Posted By Wayne On 02/20/00
I am looking to download a program that would allow me to make electrical schematic diagrams and print them. Any help would be appreciated. ..
* Added By Melvin Caldwell On 02/20/00
Wayne,Here is a link to a site that has a lot of information on CAD programs. Some are available to download for ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 02/21/00
Wayne,I know you're relatively new to this PLC stuff, so, with that in mind, there is a schematic program that could helpyou alot. It's called ..
* Added By Mark Ray On 02/26/00
I have used CMH software with great results. It had to purchased but it is worth it. Try this link works like ..
* Added By Wayne Doyscher On 02/27/00
Thank you both Terry and Mark. I downloaded the demo of CMH, this is whatI was looking for. I will purchase this. Again Thank You. ..
* Added By babybylar On 11/17/01 look for unidraf ..
 DH+ and RS-485
Posted By Melvin Caldwell On 02/19/00
According to B&B Electronics Web Site, Allen Bradley's DH+ is an RS-485
compatible system. B&B list their 485OP as a device that is compatible
with the DH+. I left Email for B&B tech support in an attempt to clarify
the connections between a PC running RSLogix 5 and a PLC-5/10 using the
485OP. I found B&B to not be very helpful. They suggested that I
contact Allen Bradley. I'm sure AB's response will be to purchase an
AB 1784-KTX. Does anyone have any suggestions or information on hooking
a PC ..
* Added By Mario Wachs On 02/20/00
Hello Melvin,I can understand your question, but I don't know how to hooka PC to a PLC-5/10 'without' using an AB interface card.Maybe you ..
* Added By blue On 02/26/00
Melvin, DH+ is not equivalent to RS485. If it were then you wouldn't be able to communicate at rates of 56K or 230K. Also, the node limit would be ..
* Added By Mark Ray On 02/26/00
This link may help You will have to post your question again. ..
* Added By John T. Foley On 03/08/00
I'm using a standalone converter from DL-Tech . . . Check out the excerpt:The DL2000-K2F connects two serial devices using A-B serial DF1 ..
 time-stamping events
Posted By Luminita On 02/18/00
I have to record, for any breaker close/open event, the time it occurred. I am using a Modicon Compact 145 that includes a real-time clock. Any help will be very appreciated, thanks,
Luminita ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 02/24/00
Luminita,I'm not familiar with the coding for this processor, however, the routine is the same on all PLC's.If your PLC detects transitions ..
Posted By saurabh On 02/18/00
please tell me the mmi which is cheapest in cost. thanks ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 02/18/00
The cheapest I've found is the Optimation units from However, you get what you pay for: I was not impressed with either the ..
 safety systems
Posted By Safi M. S. On 02/18/00
what is tricnix? is it the brand name or manufactureres name?
I will appreciate any information available on the web is identified.
Safi ..
* Added By Philips On 03/10/00
Triconex is a safety PLC which utilised 3 processors which running parellelly, where as the normal PLC has only one processor. It's call TMR ..
* Added By Kent On 03/10/00
Triconex is a safety PLC which utilised 3 processors which running parellelly, where as the normal PLC has only one processor. It's call TMR ..
 Underwater plc
Posted By Bob Broheed On 02/17/00
I recently bid on a job to design an underwater strobe light system. Is
there a plc that is rated for underwater.Is there a salt water model ??
Please let me know if im all wet on this approach.
Thank You
Bob Broheed ..
* Added By Bob worheem On 02/17/00
I think i seen the model you need at Wallmart. ..
* Added By Joel On 02/17/00
PLCs normally go inside of protective electrical enclosures. Just use a suitable watertight enclosure & fittings and it will not much matter ..
* Added By Dave B On 02/18/00
Maybe the light is under water but why would you want the PLC there. ..
* Added By ericn On 02/17/00
You can view the current scan time by viewing the Status File. For the 1000 it's S:3L....I assume it's at the same address in the 1500. Should be ..
* Added By Guy Dannolfo On 03/09/00
The MicroLogix 1500 does not have a S:3L word in the status file. In theproject tree open the Data Files folder and double click on S2-STATUS. ..
 Minimum Qualifications of a PLC Instructor
Posted By Greg Aitken On 02/17/00
Hi: I have a pretty strong background in electronics as well as some teaching experience. I believe I have a reasonable understanding of the theory and operation of a typical PLC. I recently saw and ad from a local community college for a person to do "on site" PLC instruction. I researched the subject on-line and now have some idea of what is involved. My question is this: Being that each manufacturer seems to have it's own proprietory programming language, which language should I learn first? From my reading, I'm inclined to ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 02/17/00
I would say that Allen-Bradley would be the place to start.And there are some simulators out there, one of them being "Professor ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 02/17/00
Greg, you are correct that RLL would be the most frequently encountered programming language. Each PLC maker implements RLL in its own way, although ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 02/17/00
Greg,All PLC's are basically the same. The only differences are in the particular ways that they require you to set up the rung to execute a ..
* Added By Pierre On 02/17/00
Greg - Don't take this personal but I thinck you would fit perfectly in this domain because most of the teacher have the level of qualification as ..
* Added By Jean Pierre Vandecandelaere On 02/18/00
Greg, don't worry about what PLC to learn first. I'm a PLC instructor over here in Belgium myself. When I began this job I didn't know anything ..
* Added By Pierre On 02/18/00
Greg - J.P. is wright about all the PLC working in the same way... and you must consider that the best knowledge a teacher can transmit to his ..
 Turning on a solenoid for 2 seconds..then turning it off.
Posted By John On 02/16/00
Hi, the subject says it all. I tried doing it with timers,
we only have an ON timer. This process must be repeated all the time.

1. Turn solenoid 1 on.
2. After 2 seconds turn it off.
3. Turn solenoid 2 on.
4. After 2 seconds turn it off.
5. Go back to 1.

Please help!!! ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 02/17/00
Most PLCs have a drum timer instruction. It emulates old style drum timers with a clock motor, cams, and limit switches. Your logic should be simple ..
* Added By Joel On 02/17/00
One simple way I have accomplished this is as follows, in 3 simple networks:1) Have T2 N.C. contacts enable T1, which is a 2 second On Delay ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 02/17/00
John,For a new guy, Tom's Drum can be pretty hairy. Joel's suggestion will work but, you need to turn the PLC on to activate the controls and ..
* Added By David On 02/22/00
Its good to explore different ways of doing the same thing so how about a shift register! Or multiply or divide by 2 if your instruction set does ..
* Added By Alan On 02/22/00
This is really easy to do with a flip/flop. If you review the logic on this web site for flip/flops I think you will agree! ..
* Added By Jim Kasper On 02/26/00
Your solution doesm't have to be done with a plc. Several manufacturersmake "repeat cycle" timers that will accomplish this very ..

 Allen Bradley
Posted By Von Steward On 02/16/00
I'm looking for Allen Bradley software for programming ladder. This is for school projects. Teachers is making things sound like star wars, I need to get familiar with programing at home in my free time.

Can anyone help? ..
* Added By Dave B On 02/18/00
Try Professor Bill's Home Page if it is still up and running ..
* Added By Jon Giedraitis On
Check out The offer a training program that works almost identicallyt to the real thing. It should help you get down the ..

 a.b. program
Posted By Dave B On 02/16/00
Hello. I'm looking for an answer. Question, on a (ons) one shot when the rung is true the bit changes state. To change the bit state back do I just make the rung there a reset instruction to change the bit back? ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 02/16/00
Dave,The output of a one-shot stays on for 1 scan only. It resets itself.Different PLC's handle it differently. That is, on some PLC's, all ..
* Added By Dave B On 02/17/00
Terry thanks from Dave B. ..
Posted By M. Jamil On 02/16/00
I want every possible information on the above PLC,
as I need to replace it with siemens,
What I need to know is,
(1) hardware required to download its programming,
and reprogram a Siemens PLC (2) what software and where can I find it? so that I can achieve my task.
 PLC's vs. Microcontrollers
Posted By John Mackay On 02/16/00
Hi, I am new to PLC's,but i have worked with DSP's, MC 68HC11, etc.
I am wondering why not use a microcontroller, but use a PLC?
Both have input/output points, etc. I read the tutorial on the site.
The Ladder diagrams are not hard, but they seem cumbersome compared
to C/assmebly code. I have to use an OMRON PLC in my next project and
i am just trying to understand what can it do that a microcontroller
can't ?

Great turorial BTW!!

John. ..
* Added By Stephen Luft On 02/16/00
John, Basically when you strip everything down...A PLC is a microcontroller. Several things make a PLC different...It requires minimal additional ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 02/16/00
I've used both, but I tend to use PLCs more now. They are physically more robust and the I/O is more varied and easily expandable. Microcontrolers ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 02/16/00
John,It boils down to what you need to accomplish.In general, PLC's are packaged to handle just about anything you might want to do. They ..

 Cable configuration for RS485 25pins to 15pins
Posted By ChaiTC On 02/15/00
Anybody can help me with the pin connection using RS485 between 25pins
15pins. ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 02/15/00
There isn't one answer! Pin-outs (the function of each pin on a device port) vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, especially for RS 485 and ..
* Added By ericn On 02/17/00
Check here: info on a BUNCH of connector pinouts! -Eric ..
Posted By Nomi On 02/14/00
I am having trouble configuring the TD-200 on Siemens PLC,
any fuction key pressed brings me to the 'F1' key display,
however using the up/down keys I can go to the next message,
can some 1 help? ..
* Added By Roy Robbins On 02/15/00
Are you using Micro-DOS or Micro-WIN software and what version? There is a configuator in the new windows version. It sounds like you may have the ..
 RSLINX/RSLogix 5 - need ladder logic design. I'm new to rslogixs and need to comfirm.
Posted By Roy Roldan On 02/13/00
I need a ladder logic showing a start button activating three motor at 10 seconds a part. Once the motors are activated they need to stay on until a stop pressed to make the rungs false. Can any one help. .. ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 02/13/00
Begin with a latching circuit for an internal coil turned on by the Start button. Call it 'Run'. Use either a self-sealing circuit or a latch ..
* Added By 93.LT1 On 02/13/00
First rung:XIC I:001/00 (Start PB) XIO I:001/01 (Stop PB) OTE B3:000 (Run bit)With XIC B3:000 Branch around I:001/00 (Start ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 02/14/00
Roy,There are two ways to set this up.Both ways generally are somewhat like Steve and 93 said.The first method involves starting each ..
* Added By 93lt1 On
test ..
* Added By test On
test again ..
 plc ladder logic design
Posted By Roy Roldan On 02/13/00
I need a ladder logic showing a start button activating three motor at 10 seconds a part. Can any one help. ..
* Added By joel On 02/15/00
Cannot draw pretty ladder diagrams here, but one way to write your program is to have the button start motor #1 and a 10 second on-delay timer T1 at ..
* Added By Dave B On 02/18/00
____--!--_________(m1) ! ! !-[m1]! ---[m1]----------[t1]---[t1/dn]-------(m2)---[t1/dn]-------[t2]getting the ..
* Added By Dave B On 02/18/00
I tred but Joel is right you can't make pretty ladder diagrams here. ..
 Is a PLC suitable for this?
Posted By Howwie Yoong On 02/11/00
I'm trying to get switches and lights to be interfaced to a Macintosh using the serial port. At first I was thinking of using a microprocessor such as the HC12 to get the interface done but someone pointed me to use a PLC. But I would like to know if it is easier using the PLC and where can I purchase one with a serial inteface. ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 02/12/00
First off, how many switches and lights? This will determine what size of PLC you will need.Assuming that it just a few (16 or less), you could ..
* Added By Howwie Yoong On 02/12/00
Yeah 16 is enough, do you know where I can get one with a serial interface? ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 02/12/00
Sure, the Triangle PLC (http://WWW.PC-IO.COM/) has Modbus RTU (the T100MD-1616+ PLC) and goes for about $300. Their software is free (what a ..
* Added By rmt On 02/23/00
Aromat/ Matsushita PLC's are available with communication ports and functionality that allows any data to be passed back and forth over the serial ..
Posted By Jacques On 02/10/00
I am new on plc programming. I am trying to get 2 motors going on a 6:1 sequence. That is motor 1 will come on 6 times ; then motor 2 will come once. and so on. I am trying it with counter and compare. Anyone who can help will be much appreciated. Thanks. ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 02/11/00
Hi JacquesI have done something similar, but in GE Fanuc series 90-30. I'm not fully proficient in SLC500. Here is a verbal description:1. ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 02/11/00
Steve's solution is elegant, but I personally don't like one-shots and flip-flops - I find them too hard to debug.Try something like this: Run ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 02/11/00
Jacques,Is this a real world problem you are working on, or just an exercise in ladder logic?If an exercise, then I like Tom's solution. He's ..
* Added By S.Chandrasekar On 03/11/00
Use a shift register function with seven steps. advance each step when the required function is done ..
 Elevator Project
Posted By Pedro Benitez On 02/10/00
I wonder, if someone can help me to find out, where can I get
The Elevator Project (book or kit). By now, I'm working in this project
as a subjet to understand, how the elevator works. I'm a student of electronic engineering. Thanks for your information. ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 02/10/00
Try: ..
Posted By David On 02/10/00
How many of you have heard of E.D.D.I. It is an Acronym for Erro Dynamic Diagnostic Information and I found several IEEE papers on it with reference to PLC Programming I read it about 5 years ago and it has been invaluable. Am I the only one using it? ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 02/11/00
David,So, what is EDDI? And How can it help me?Terry ..
* Added By David On 02/14/00
Hi Terry, How can it help you? I don't know if it can. Its quite long winded so I suggest you go to the library and look up IEEE papers on it. A ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 02/15/00
David,That sounds just like "CLASS" in the "C++" programming language.I agree that it is very powerful when using a ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 02/20/00
David,I've trying to search for it but it doesn't come up!Have you got an IEEE Reference Number for it??Thanks, Terry ..
* Added By Dan McClung On 03/01/00
There entire Ford Windsor Aluminum Plantis running a Siemens version of EDDI. It has been quite successful once the format is understood.A ..
 Pilz P8
Posted By Kev On 12/31/99
I have some Pilz P8 PLC's that I want to remove the CPU from and use the Pilz racks of I/O as a "slave" of a Siemens S5 and/or S7. Is this possible and what comms cards do I need for the Pilz and Siemens?
Any help with the above would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance ..
* Added By Roy Robbins On 02/12/00
What protocol does the Pilz use. Is it RS232 @ 19,200Baud, RS485 @12mb? My guess it is propritory. The communications is the problem, I have never ..
 400 Ton Press
Posted By Wayne On 12/31/99
I am relatively new at plc's. I have taken the RSLogix programing course & I have written my first program for a 400 Ton press. I am using a Micrologic 1000 controller and I would like to ad a 2707 operator interface to monitor the parts and machine functions. Does anyone have a sample program I might be able to compare mine to. ..
* Added By Joe On 01/26/00
I hope the PLC is not the controling clutch/brake package. The cardinal rule of thumb is to never use a PLC on a punch press. A single PLC is not ..
* Added By Joe On 01/26/00
I hope the PLC is not the controling clutch/brake package. The cardinal rule of thumb is to never use a PLC on a punch press. A single PLC is not ..
* Added By Marvin On 02/10/00
Allen Bradley does sell a PLC for a punch press. The system is a complete package that includes two redundant SLC 5/03 processors. According to ..
* Added By Fred Nieborg On 02/27/00
First of all I need to know what kind of press it is. Is it a normal stamping press or a perforating press. Second of all you need to know what the ..
* Added By Wayne Doyscher On 02/27/00
Thank you for your help. I installed a micrologic 1000 on this Stamping press. It works just fine. I still would like to see some ladder logic ..
* Added By S.Chandrasekar On 03/11/00
If you are new to PLC do not ever try to program a press. You are puttingthe user in extreme danger.There are a lot of other things like ..
 allen bradley plc5/20 communication problem
Posted By Jim Schroll On 12/31/99
I have a dh+ highway, with 10 plcs online, 8 5/40s and 2 5/20s. I have an ongoing problem with communication loss, while working online with the program in a 5/20, using rslogix5 software. Observing the queue errors counter on rxlinx, it is constantly incrementing, as is the buffer not armed counter. This is the only plc on this highway that is giving me this problem. I have been over the program, processor settings, etc and I cant find a reason for this. I even replaced the 5/20 with a 5/40, same problem. Any ideas for me to try? Thank you. ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 01/03/00
Try removing the program and see if that helps. If it does, add a file (or portion of a file if one is all that you have) at a time until it comes ..
* Added By Ken Peavey On 01/08/00
Do you have the resistors in place that allen bradley requires you to have when linking processors together.This information is in the hardware ..
* Added By Richard Barnes On 01/26/00
Jim,Keep adding those 250ohm resistors at every junction point. They knock down the noise on DHwy+. Is your Dhwy+ set for 56k? Is it ..
* Added By Jim Schroll On 01/27/00
Ok...the problem turned out to be the improper configuration of numerous "msg" commands. These were all turning on and turning offat ..
* Added By Laura On 03/17/00
Few years ago, I had the same problem using 6200 software, turns out to be the Lap Top DH+ card, if you're using one, try to go thru a KF2 or a KT ..
 help pls,
Posted By Al_Mahel On 12/31/99
any body can help me to find free resources on the web about plcs? ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 12/31/99
You've found a great source.Run through the tutorial, then post your questions, you'll get answers. Also, many of the manufacturers have help in ..
 Which is better for a small coating line, a Siemens 545 or a AB SLC 5/05?
Posted By Ron Foley On 12/31/99
The application is a roll to roll coater that will have various PID loops controlling oven temperatures, fan speeds, unwind brake tensions, etc. It will also have Intellutions FIX 7.0 as the HMI and I would like to have a touch panel as an auxillary interface. I will be using either Siemens or Eurotherms AC Flux Vector drives. Cost is important but not the deciding factor. I do like the RSLogix programming software though. But I have not purchased any of the software or hardware yet. I am currently getting quotes from the drive manufactures. ..
* Added By Peter Nachtwey On 12/31/99
Both will do the job. You may find integration easier if the PLCs and drive are from the same sources. I agree that RSLogix500 is better than ..
* Added By Roy Robbins On 12/31/99
I would use the Siemens S7 315-2DP, which has a better programming software and is more powerful than the 545 and also has a profibus interface ..
 Plc use and Programming
Posted By Wasif ur Rahman On 12/31/99
I am new to plcs and need to use it for automation in industry using sensors for digital and analog input/output. If possible I would like to have some information which may help me to start up.
Please email to ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 01/26/00
Read every book you can get your hands on!!! ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 02/10/00
The tutorial on this site is one of the best learning rescources I've seen. Go through it step by step, and you'll have the basics for anything you ..
* Added By Mohammad Jamil On 02/16/00
I too had started about 2-3 months ago and have spent tons of hours on the net searching for this kind'a site, beleive me there is none better (and ..
 RTD Temperature probe into an analog input module.
Posted By Jim Tomlinson On 12/30/99
Is it possible to connect an RTD temperature probe up to a SLC500 analog input card? They are about $200 cheaper than the RTD/Resistance Module plus I already have some analog input cards (1746-NI4). If it is possible do you know the procedure and formula to scale the results to read degrees in Fahrenheit. ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 12/30/99
Theoretically, you could do it. Practically, your temperature resolution would be lousy. The NI4 card isn't capable of detecting the small signal ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 01/04/00
The best way to do this is to use a signal conditioner to convert the RTD to a 4-20 mA or similr analog signal. These are readily available from ..
 pull start/push stop button
Posted By Bill Porter On 12/28/99
can someone help a newbie and explain how to program a 'pull to start/ push to stop' button in a plc program?

do i program it as two seperate buttons with two inputs?

also do i need an input for the light on the button?

I am using an AB slc150 w/ PCIS software if that helps. ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 12/28/99
I need a little more detail please1.Are you using a Mechanically held P.B.2.Is this a safety circuit Or switching a safety cct. This method ..
* Added By Jim Kasper On 12/28/99
Ian is correct about the dangers of using a plc for safety stops.This cannot be stressed enough.If the push button you are using is a ..
* Added By Roy Robbins On 12/29/99
Most insurance companies require a seperate circuit, external to the PLC to interlock the stop. The PLC is not concidered "Fail Safe". The ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 12/29/99
I'm assuming that your Start/Stop is maintained. So all that you are going to need "PLC-wise" is one input from the switch. Make it come ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 01/03/00
Don't Forget your Budgies either! JohnPlease get back to me with the switch info anywayRgds Ian ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 01/03/00
Not the Budgies! What's a "Budgies" anyways? How are they with Ketchup? Do they go good with a Foster's?John ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 01/04/00
We call it Tomato sauce .Yes i do have a beer belly. but sorry we ausies dont all drink fosters, its too gassy . I drink VB Victoria Bitter not ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 01/04/00
Sorry For My Aussie ExpressionsA Budgie is Small Caged Bird (A Budgerigar) We call it Tomato sauce .Yes i do have a beer belly. but sorry ..
* Added By Bill Porter On 01/05/00
Thanks to all for their replays, to clarify my situation:1) the start/stop button works as follows: a)you pull out on the button and a ..
* Added By Jim Kasper On 01/05/00
Bill, it sounds like your on the right track. I can see where the confusionwas on the type of push button you are using. Email me the Visio file ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 01/05/00
Hi BillFrom what you described today, you need two inputs to the PLC, just as you would for a seperate start and stop button. The previous ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 01/06/00
For the software side of things, you'll want to use the "start" contact in the PLC to seal in a coil (the motor starter output is fine). ..

Posted By Mohan Joshi On 12/27/99
Can PLC be used as Remote Terminal Unit(RTU). in a communication network.
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 12/27/99
Absolutely! We have used hardwired RS485, digital radios, and analog radios for our RTU communications.If you use Modbus RTU or similar protocol ..
 Subroutine in PLC
Posted By Prasanna On 12/26/99
I would like to know what is subroutine and its function in the PLC logic diagra.
I do know that for instance , for controlling the Discete valves
thers is valve logic file , & subroutine which has logic file.
I am refrring to AB PLC. The valve logic file has JSR
(jump to subroutine function.
I would like to have clear understanding of subroutines.
Could you pleas e explain it to me ? ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 12/26/99
A subroutine is a section of code grouped together to perform a certain function(s). Clear? Suppose you had a scheduled routine that you would like ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 12/27/99
We use suboutines both for code that only needs periodic operation, as John suggests, and also for "modular" program functions that are ..
 Software Hitachi EM
Posted By Peter Meijdam On 12/25/99
CAn anybody help me with the programming software ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 12/26/99
I dont have a copy of the software any more, if you need assistance i can help in any other way . Ive been programming them for years.Ill be ..
Posted By Regina Logue On 12/24/99
I have received RSLogix from a coworker but I am only familiar with using the old hand held for SLC 5/03.
Can anyone help me get a quick start? I am the most familiar with Moore type controllers, so I am REALLY confused at this point.
Any help is always greatly appreciated. Thank You. ..
Posted By kal abdel On 12/23/99
Can a PLc be controlled by MIDI messages. ..
* Added By S.Chandrasekar On 03/11/00
There is no direct Midi to PLC converter available to my knowledge.You have to use the midi controlled switches they use for stage lighting and ..
 I/O response time
Posted By Slamet Sumaryadi On 12/22/99
I have calculate I/O response time, the result is about 4 ms(minimum) and 5 ms (maximum), Is it enough for scanning the machine that have 10 times input per second ? Please explain further ? thanks a lot of ..
* Added By David On 12/23/99
Hi:- Depends on your signal on and off times, if uniform i.e. the same duration on as off you are OK you can effectively have up to 50msec scan time ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 12/28/99
Just a small Point For Slamet, with respect to both you and David.In reading your question. If you mean how to caculate response time,10 ..
 unable to use arrays in STEP7 for a Siemens S7-300 PLC (and general whinge)
Posted By Mike Evans On 12/22/99
Given the task of getting the PLC to store strings of data coming in from the serial port for later transfer to a PC via profibus for processing I declared an array of strings with the plan of having an indexing variable to specify which location in the array to use to store the next incoming string

Step 7 would not allow me to do this.

I could access a specific string using arrayname[1] or arrayname[2] but not with arrayname[index] where index should be an integer variable. In the end I had to write an STL function to copy a string ..
* Added By Joel On 12/22/99
Mike, let me address the block interface issue. The error message you mentioned occurs when you have changed a function in such a way that the ..
* Added By Roy Robbins On 12/22/99
Mike, I agree with Joel, I am hoping you are using version 5.0, I have had to delete the instance DB when I added IN or OUT varible to a Function ..
* Added By Peter Nachtwey On 12/23/99
Mike, I have had the same frustrating experience. Time stamping is necessary but the procedure to update function blocks is less than optimal. ..
* Added By Mike Evans On 12/23/99
Joel, Thanks for pointing out the Edit-Call-Update function - That has made life a great deal easier. ..
* Added By Roy Robbins On 12/23/99
Peter, There is such a place, please don't memtion CP/M, it hurts my head to think back to those years. If you guys will E-Mail me your names and ..

 Analog or Digital
Posted By Todd Belville On 12/22/99
What is the difference between a data and analog signal? ..
* Added By Pierre On 12/22/99
DATA is the expression of the values, recorded or not, that you get from any sources. This could be a real word like BANANA wich would be a ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 12/22/99
An analog signal to or from a PLC is a voltage or current within a predefined range (+/- 10 volts, 0 - 10 volts, 0- 5 volts, 4 - 20 mA etc). Analog ..
 Allen Bradley vs Modicon PLCs
Posted By Diana On 12/21/99
What are the differences in the features between the two? Is it a problem to network new ABs with old Modicon 984s? ..
* Added By Peter Nachtwey On 12/21/99
1). There are many differences between different versions of AB PLC let alone AB and Modicon PLCs. Programming, how the ladder is scanned, function ..
* Added By Pierre On 12/22/99
Peter - Very instructive view. I just whant to add that to interface the 2 systems we fit in a Quantum PLC and have to other racks work as Remote ..
 1747-DTAM / 1747-ND013 Operation
Posted By Rich Johnson On 12/21/99
Anyone familiar with the DTAM? This is my first time working with one and would like some general info. How do I set it up for a SLC5/03 DH-485. This DTAM is 2 lines with numbers and text only. How do I set it up? Please help ..
* Added By ericn On 02/12/00
Rich, I've used the DTAM a lot, though it was many years ago! Do they still sell it?! Since you listed the P/N for the manual (ND013), I'm assuming ..
Posted By Andy Lowe On 12/21/99
What is the differance between the two RS LOGIX 500, the starter and full version?
I know one is cheaper than the other... ..
* Added By blue On 12/21/99
RSLogix 500 doesn't allow online programming.RSLogix 500 doesn't supports serial communications only. Cut and paste the following URL into the ..
* Added By blue On 12/22/99
CORRECTIONRSLogix 500 Starter doesn't allow online programming. RSLogix 500 Starter supports serial communications only. ..
 True and False
Posted By Jay Kenney On 12/21/99
At the risk of sounding really stupid, does True and false basically mean being "on and off ". True on and off false ? ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 12/21/99
Yup, it does. High (on, true) and low (off, false) means the same thing too. "thither and yon" however is now considered obselete :PJohn ..
* Added By Dave On 12/21/99
Hello Jay. True is a term used for On, However be care full of turning a bit true or on.It may be a normaly closed bet that when true. It goes open ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 12/21/99
Good point Dave :) I didn't think to point out on how it applies to PLC's Oops! John ..
* Added By David On 12/23/99
Hi:-I would answer that a series of logic may be true if all certain conditions are met. i.e its output is on if the statement made/question asked ..
* Added By Jamey Stephens On 12/24/99
A simple way of looking at it, is by example:In one rung of your program you have XIC 2/2, XIO 2/3, XIO 2/4,and OTE 4/1Now, If your input ..
* Added By Jamey Stephens On 02/10/00
Oops, I got my xic's and xio's mixed up!! ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 02/16/00
Jay,I've watched the progress on your question and have come to the point where I must say something! The normally open contact and normally ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 02/16/00
Jay,I forgot to add a very important part... If you use the normally open and closed contacts as questions, then it is vitally important that ..
* Added By sparky On 10/04/00
Terry, never believed in an omnipotent being before, but you must be the closest since Napoleon! "jay, I've watched the progress on your ..
 SCADA linking with DDE
Posted By Pierre On 12/20/99
HI all - Can someone explain why when using a VB application to request some data trough a DDE connection I have to repeat the loging password of the client node in multiples of the seperate data, i.e. if I request 5 different data, I get 5 popups rquesting the password. It the same if I am using an Xcel spreadsheet as the client ? All clients are Win9x but Server is WinNT. ..
* Added By XaNaX On 12/22/99
Hmmm, Possibly because you are using more than one DDE conversation..Try using the FORMS link props..Then object.linkitem... I think this will ..
 Window to your Data
Posted By Sam Moore On 12/19/99
I would like to write a C++ program on my PC to read or monitor the data inside an Allen Bradley PLC5 through its RS232 port. A source code example (DOS or Windows based) that has been tested successfully would be appreciated. ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 12/20/99
I'd like a copy of that too, if anybody has source code for it.John ..
* Added By André Memelink On 12/21/99
There is an AB reference manual "DH/DH+/DH485 Communication protocol and Command set" publication number 1770-6.5.16 describing the DH and ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 12/21/99
Does the serial port use the same protocol?John ..
* Added By André Memelink On 12/22/99
DF1 is the protocol for the serial port and is used by AB programming tools if you connect or program via a RS232 link ..
* Added By Stephen Wiebe On 12/23/99
If you are interested, I've got a Delphi program to a SLC-500 using DF1.To connect to PLC-5 you just change 1 line.Be forewarned though, I'm ..
* Added By Sam Moore On 01/18/00
Stephen, a copy of your Delphi program would be appreciated. ..
 Modbus protocol
Posted By Rafael Arguelles On 12/17/99
Can anybody tell me formats, protocols, table sizing, possible to time stamping and first out sequence using modbus?
any information regarding to modbus protocol would be appreciated. ..
* Added By David On 12/20/99
Hi:- ..
 Plc register
Posted By Les Jordan On 12/17/99
What function does the register perform? What is the relationship to the actual program? ..
* Added By Pierre On 12/17/99
Les - Registers are memory area where one stocks BIT or WORDS. They are used either to WRITE in or to READ from. The discrete inputs values (0 or ..
 Distance Learning Courses on PlCs
Posted By Satish Kumar.C On 12/16/99
Can anyone guide me about Distance Learning Courses on PLCs please. ..
* Added By Pierre On 12/16/99
The best introduction course you can have is to purchase a starter kit from almost any manufacturer. It will cost you about $500 and you will have ..
* Added By David b On 12/18/99
Hi Satish try connecting to Industrial Text or Industrial automation training I think it's the first of the two.I can't tell you much I just ..
* Added By Philip On 12/21/99
Front Range Community College offers PLC Distance learning Courses on the internet. Classes start soon. ..
 RTS/CTS Pin on Modbus Port
Posted By Paul On 12/16/99
Can anyone advise if the RTS and CTS pins at the modbus port need to be used when connect to modem for proper handshake/flow control. I notice that these two pins always just being tied together. Thanks ..
* Added By Tom Jenkins On 12/16/99
RTS - Request to Send and CTS - Clear to Send are hardware handshaking lines that some devices use for communications flow control.Sometimes the ..
 A/B SLC 5/04 Question: Why cant I use DH+
Posted By Jamey Stephens On 12/16/99
At work we have many SLC 5/03s and 5/04s. I use RSLogix500/RSLinx Lite. On ALL of the 5/03s and 5/04 I use the PCMK DH+ comms. This works on all but two. These two 5/04s control heater banks on two identical plastic forming machines. When dealing with these two 5/04s I have to use RS232 DF1.
It is really no big deal, I can still get online, but I am just curious.
ANyone have any ideas why I cant go on line through the PCMK DH+?? ..
* Added By David On 12/16/99
Hi:- Interesting question, I am in Australia I thought 5/03's did not have DH+ comms? Are you trying to use DH+ on these? If it is a 5/04 (DH+) then ..
* Added By Jamey Stephens On 12/17/99
Ok, Actually we have about 13 5/04s and 1 5/03. I was doing back-ups when I noticed this. The two I am talking about are 5/04s. I always change the ..
* Added By Rafael Arguelles On 12/17/99
Did you check the port configuration? ..
* Added By B. Hartline On 12/17/99
Check your baud rate setting for the DH+ port. The 5/04 will run at 57K or 230K. Check it in your driver configuration in Linx. If you can get on ..
* Added By David On 12/18/99
Hi:- Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. You probably have solved your problem by now anyway but.. Channel 0 is the 232 port, Channel ..
* Added By Jamey Stephens On 12/18/99
Ahh! In my channel 1, I have DH-485, and DH+ is an option. These two 5/04s are hooked-up to their own Panelviews, and I didnt want to cause a ..
* Added By David On 12/18/99
Hi:- Do the panelviews connect to the DH+ port? what is the full part number of the panel view,are there any other devices between the panelview and ..
* Added By Jamey Stephens On 12/19/99
I think they are Panelview 1000's, but I will check on everything you are talking about when I go to work tomarrow. ..
* Added By blue On 12/21/99
Jamey, I have read the dialog for this problem and I still can't figure out what you have there. 1st, you can not configure channel 1 on a 5/04 to ..
* Added By David On 12/21/99
Hi Blue, Thanks for your help. I asked for a configuration check with my first answer. My understanding is that the panelviews are already ..
* Added By Jamey Stephens On 12/22/99
OK, A few mistakes on my part, I was going off of my ever slipping memory. I checked it out further, at the time I noticed this, I was doing ..
* Added By David On 12/22/99
Hi:-Just change it on the processor when your online under "channel configuration", if you can't, change it offline then download. Its ..
* Added By Jamey Stephens On 12/22/99
Thanks David, and evryone else who replied!!!These were installed recently by contractors and I think i was the first plant technician to try to ..
* Added By Sue On 01/21/00
Hi, the PCMK using RSLinx will not allow communications to a SLC5/04 using DH+ protocol when it's the only processor on the network. There is an ..
* Added By Jamey Stephens On 01/22/00
Well I found my problem. The buad rate in the processor is set at 230k rather than the 57k that I had configured. I tried changing the baud rate in ..
 Siemens s7-400
Posted By chairudin H.W On 12/16/99
has any one worked with siemens s7 -400 simatic's PLC. i want to talk about his/her experience with it. is it posible to use plc simatic S7 with S7-416 CPU for the purpose it for collecting 4 Channel digital/pulse data ( with high speed /accurate for each channel ) ..
* Added By Roy Robbins On 12/16/99
I am currently finishing a project with 3 sets of Redundant S7-416's. I was amazed at the speed of these even though the programs are huge. I had to ..
* Added By Saeed M. ALAbeediah On 12/21/99
Mr Robbin, good morningI was wondering what kind of redundancy you used in your project and how did it function. I know that Siemens are ..
 Foundation Field bus inteface to Profibus-DP
Posted By Saravanan On 12/16/99
Is there an interface to connect Foundation Field bus intsruments
to redundant profibus-DP network ? ..
* Added By Roy Robbins On 12/16/99
I have access to a new "Y" connection, we are trying out to allow Non-redundant devices to switch between redundant profibus networks. I ..
 AB520E Ethernet
Posted By Ron Carr On 12/15/99
Going to upgrade a test machine to a AB520E. I need to send test results
to a server. Can I use FTP on the server to pull test data from the PLC or
do I have to use RSLinx. I have RSLinx Lite installed on a pc where I do
trend analysis on a AB 1395 drive. Will the lite version work with a PLC? ..
* Added By Peter Nachtwey On 12/16/99
You can't use FTP. Your RSLinx plan is probably best. I have use RSLinx Lite as an Ethernet interface for both RSLogix500 and RSLogix5. The trick ..
* Added By blue On 12/21/99
Ron, Peter is correct. You can not use ftp to communicate with the 5/20E. RSLinx Lite only will work with the RSLogix 5 programming software and of ..
 Series Six Obsolete?
Posted By Bob Knesek On 12/15/99
Our supplier told me that the Series Six (all models) is a "mature" product and that there was a five year window for purchasing new parts and 1-2 years of that window already gone.
He told me that once the window has expired, You will no longer be able to purchase new parts, but they may be able to repair boards or that there are third partys willing to repair boards.
Has anyone else heard this info? or is our rep just trying to get us buy a new plc?. God knows we would love to get a newer system but these Series Six's just ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 12/15/99
Its true Bob. Most Series Six parts have a 'mature' date of May 1995. That means that they are orderable for five years after that date or until May ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 12/15/99
It sure is, and parts are already becoming tough to come by. There's a program available that converts a Series Six program to 90/30. We have it, ..
* Added By Pierre On 12/16/99
What you where told above is rigurously exact but one must consider that there is more to these facts ... First the Serie 6 is a TANK. Really it ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 12/16/99
Pierre is right, it is a tank. But what we're experiencing is Arithmetic boards whose timers "turbo time" (a 1 second timer times out at ..
* Added By Bob Knesek On 12/17/99
Appreciate the info gentlemen, What about Microsoft declaring dos to be dead after Windows 98?LM6 was written for dos and since GE will no ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 12/17/99
You'll just have to keep a DOS disk around. There's a free program called "Partition Manager" that comes with a boot manager that will ..
* Added By Pierre On 12/17/99
""a hard time getting someone who understands ..."" Here is how we deal with this issue. Take example of the wireless ..
* Added By Phil Bauer On 12/20/99
The "decision makers" have the responsibility to justify expenditures primarily based upon a comparison of the cost to operate and ..
* Added By Stephen Wiebe On 12/23/99
Bob, - FYI Horner electric makes an interface card for the GE 90/70that connects to Series 6 IO racks. - There is software out there for ..
* Added By Pierre On 12/24/99
Stephen - Can you tell us the cause of failures in those PLC ? I know of no companies that would accept this kind of MTBF... How many thecnical ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 12/24/99
The root cause (I suspect) is that they're getting old, and probably the electrolytics (sp?) are drying up (probably wouldn't hurt to put an O-scope ..
* Added By Stephen Wiebe On 12/25/99
Most of the problems with our Series 6's seem to be caused by the connectors used to connect the math and logic cards to the backplane. ..
* Added By Frank Marlowe On 01/21/00
Just a real world experience to pass on. We replaced a cranky Series 6 system during a 2 week shutdown last Xmas. We used the GE conversion program, ..
* Added By LUIS On 02/28/00
Its true, the series six is old, new part is not possible to purchase, but in the following address you can find ..
 Thumbwheel switch connection to PLC
Posted By Saravanan On 12/15/99
How to connect a 5- digit thumbwheel switch with decimal point to a PLC? ..
* Added By Roy Robbins On 12/15/99
Thumbwheels when out in the 70's. Use an operator panel, they are cheaper, faster and a lot less headaches. Who's PLC are you using? Most can sell ..
* Added By Pierre On 12/15/99
Saravana - You will find in the PLC's functions, one where the example is specificaly related to what you need. Such installations are widely used ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 12/17/99
Saravanan The Thumbwheel switch is imputted as a five digit numbereg. 19,999 you must divide this value inside the plc by 10 or more depending ..
Posted By Claudio Aguirre On 12/14/99
Is it possible on a subject 105 Koyo to address output witht the format or so....? Also...what's a good simulation software to test drive the program before loading it on the PLC?
Thnaks in advance ..
* Added By Turker Engin On 12/17/99
No it is not. But You can do this with the other way. You may use control Relays as word then you can move (LD/OUT) to output. For instance: you can ..
 Machine Vision Method
Posted By jay smith On 12/12/99
Anyone know how to use a Machine Vision imaging system to find the Centroid
of a general objects
??? ..
* Added By Glenn On 12/20/99
JayAre you talking about vision image checking of components to check pressence or dimensions? ..
* Added By LUIS On 02/28/00
hello, you can find some help to your question whit the National Instrument company, they make some vision system. ..
 This is an Exam question please answer!!
Posted By joe McDoald On 12/12/99
Why PLC? Can we live without it? ..
* Added By John Waalkes On 12/16/99
1) Robust (bullet-proof is probably a better choice) flexable, and well-suited for the application (whereas a PC is really not designed for PLC type ..
* Added By Judah Holstein On 01/10/00
Joe, This is not a simple question. From a completely traditional sense, a PLC replaces racks of relays from the "old days" of ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 01/25/00
Basic Answer:CAN we live without it? Certainly!Do we want to live without it? ABSOLUTELY NOT! ..
 communication siemens s5
Posted By JW On 12/12/99
I'm still learning about plc. I want to link a s5 to a pc. What connector on my pc do i need. I thought lpt 1. I've found a drawing that's from 15 pins (plc) to 9 pins (pc) but lpt 1 is 25 pins. ..
* Added By Roy Robbins On 12/15/99
You need a cable that converts RS232 to Current Loop. The Siemens part # 6ES5-734-1BD20. If you are using a laptop, you will also need a 9-25 pin ..
* Added By PKR On 12/19/99
A quick word of warning !!, a couple of the engineers I work with have blown up the com ports on their standard laptops whilst trying to copy the ..
* Added By Gerrit van Goethem On 10/19/00
Has anyone the schematic to build a rs232 to current loop convertor forS5 ? ..
 Concrete Batching Plant
Posted By S.Rajendran On 12/12/99
I am working with a concrete batching plant newly designed by a PLC. I find difficulty in the pecise weighing of aggregate materials. Here is a brief discription of the system: Aggregate material is stored in a hopper and is controlled by a pneumatically operated gate. The gate is operated by a solenoid valve which conntrols athe air supply to the Pneumatic gate. The problem I experience is, when the gate open signal is applied to the solenoid, the gate opens rapidly and hence a large amount of material is dropped into the weighing scale ..
* Added By Ray On 12/12/99
1. The gate should be changed to a small one i.e. with a short stroke cylinder.2. Sometimes, you may encount a long cycle time problem after ..
* Added By randy edens On 12/12/99
the easy solution to this problem is to add a flow control valve in the opening direction only. try adjusting this to a speed of about 1 second from ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 12/13/99
Check Your Weight Indicator/controller as some can have a stabilising stting available to you to prevent the Initial High reading If thats The only ..
* Added By k.B. On 04/03/00
I've worked in the (animal) feed business & come up against this problem several times, the introduction of a "flow control" valve ..
* Added By Jon Giedraitis On
We have TONS of agg gates and have had the same problem in the past. A few things you could do. You can put some stops on the gate to prevent it ..
 concrete batching system
Posted By Randy Edens On 12/10/99
I am designing a new batching system where i work using Koyo I/O with a WinPlc. I am using Think and Do software. Has anyone had any experience with scales and scale controllers? ..
* Added By Glenn On 12/20/99
RandyThere is a company in Melbourne,Australia who design concrete batch weighing systems. Their name is United Weighing, Ph. 61 3 9311 9155.I ..
 Allen Bradely PLC5/80C Project
Posted By Prasanna On 12/10/99
I am responsible for Installation and commissioning of process control
project. We have seven PLCs , Ten OS (Wonderware Intouch), Distributed
I/O Panels,and Network communication is through ControlNet, EtherNet
and DeviceNet.
Can any one advice me the activities to be listed for this project please?

* Added By Sandeep Kusurkar On 12/11/99
1. The most important part for any successful installation and commissioning is to ensure that you are having all the necessary documentation and to ..
* Added By David On 12/11/99
Hi: Are you non-technical, ie managerial? Your question is broad. I believe you should contract a specialist engineering project manager, this is a ..

Posted By Ralph E. Cheek On 12/10/99
What is the difference between "DISCRETE I/O" and "DIGITAL I/O" ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 12/11/99
Ralph, the simple answer is probably that there is no difference. The two types of I/O most frequently used in PLCs are discrete (or digital) ..
* Added By David B On 12/11/99
Steve is right on. Here it is in a nut shell. A ligth switch on/off this is discrete. A dimmer light switch is analog. vary the output. ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 12/13/99
The term Discete was used in the old type of electronic control.It was used with pure Transistor Transistor logic Or ( ttl ).Some early PLC's ..
* Added By Ian Trost On 12/13/99
Additional Side Note:- Discrete normally refers to no I.C.s ..
 This is a question in our exam, so please help!!
Posted By Ronan Duffy (Derry, Northern Ireland) On 12/08/99
What is a PLC? What advantages has the PLC over a PC when used in industrial control? ..
* Added By Jim McCormick On 12/08/99
PLC is simple and robust. Easier to understand/program than a PC. PLChas various output power sources. ..
* Added By Pierre On 12/08/99
A PLC is a sort of black box containning functions wich can be applied to various inputs and outputs divices attached to it. The best known ..
* Added By Paul Tolsma On 12/10/99
A PLC, as you probably know, is a Programmable Logic Controller. PLCs are dedicated digital controllers which receive inputs from physical devices ..
Posted By Todd Belville On 12/08/99
What is the difference between pnp,sinking and npn,sourcing?Also why is one advantageous over the other. ..
* Added By SETH YANCEY On 12/08/99
Hi Todd,Sourcing field devices are wired on the positive (or hot L1) side of your power supply. Sinking field devices are wired to your common ..
* Added By LEN On 12/14/99
NPN, & PNP is the term used for three wire DC electronic input devices. (Ex; prox switches). Unlike a standard limit switch with an actuator ..
* Added By LEN On 12/14/99
I'll try the drawing again: 3-wire NPN input device*NegNeg* -- * |--O_____O-------------------------O IN1* ..
 SLC 500 and C++
Posted By dan skelton On 12/07/99
are there programming tools or classes available for developing software in C++ or MFC for a SLC 500 ..
* Added By Peter Nachtwey On 12/08/99
To my knowledge no. Few PLCs have this capability. Modicon does.The SLC500 has a motorola processor, I think it is a 68030, so you would need ..
* Added By Don On 12/11/99
Yes and No. The program that resides on the SLC will have to be done in ladder logic using one of the programs that generates code for the SLC. ..
 Send hex code to serial port
Posted By ruth On 12/07/99
Can any one tell me how can I send a hex code to my serial port...using any
programming language (C/C++, VB)...
* Added By Ian Trost On 12/09/99
Any Serial Communication must be done in binary You need to convert hex to binary and Vici Verca ..
* Added By Don On 12/11/99
If you have a Hex Editor, an editor that you can enter characters in hex orascii, the job would be easy. You could create a file of the ..
* Added By dedo On 12/20/99
in VB you can use MSCOMM-6 Control to deal with serial port ..
 Book on advanced programming
Posted By Tom Mahoney On 12/06/99
I am looking for some information on advance programming of AB plc SLC 500.
I need something to help me understand the internal instructions of the SLC. ..
* Added By Terry Woods On 02/16/00
Tom,What do you mean by internal instructions?Terry ..
 plc 5 instruction
Posted By Bob Stanley On 12/06/99
I wanted to know what all the b3/50,b3/140, instructions in the program were. How do you interpret the instructions. I tried to figure it out but can't seem to come up with a logical answer. If you could explain the function and how to read this I would appreciate it.


bob ..
* Added By David On 12/06/99
Hi Bob, You are looking at the operand not the opcode. i.e B3/50 is a data location not an instruction. B means it is a bit address 3 means it is ..
* Added By David 2 On 12/11/99
Hi Bob David is correct. the b stands for binary(bit) file.the b3 is the prefix . Prefix O output I inputs b3 binary t4 timers c5 counters ..
* Added By Jamey Stephens On 12/17/99
Quite simply, it is an "internal" output. If you are trying to solve a line of logic and you are not getting a, for instance, XIC B3/5 ..

 Sending data through Ethernet
Posted By Bob Kamali On 12/04/99
I'd like to know that how can I send some I/O data, which come to a AB PLC5 to another AB PLC5 through Ethernet link.
Thanks ..
* Added By Peter Nachtwey On 12/05/99
Use message blocks. Only one side needs to intiate the read or write. The key is to make sure that both PLCs are on the same net. The IP ..
Posted By COREY ROBBINS On 12/04/99
* Added By SETH YANCEY On 12/08/99
Are you using the PID instruction? ..
* Added By John Pettus On 12/08/99
Corey what kind of feedback analog, temperature .... What are you controlling with the PID. More info may result in better answers. ..
* Added By John Pettus On 12/10/99
CoreyI received your response but am still somewhat confused. What do you mean by O/P. Can you send me how the project is written up. I have ..
* Added By Rafael Arguelles On 12/17/99
Do you refer to O/P as the output to the process??What variable are you controlling?What variable are you using to control?Is it cascade ..
 Klockner Moeller SUCOS6 PLC Software
Posted By Steve On 12/04/99
Does anyone know of alternative software to program the Klockner range of PLC's (PS3; PS316 etc) OR can anyone supply me with an uncompiler for these PLC programs?
Thanks in advance. ..
* Added By David On 12/06/99
HI Steve, I have some software it is Dos Based but your problem is the Hardware and instruction manuals. It took a lot of effort to get hold of the ..
 Mitsubishi F1 PLC
Posted By Kev Cruickshanks On 12/04/99
I'm doing a project for college using a Mitsubishi F1-12 PLC, and I'm having a few problems.
Does anyone know of a specific Mitsubishi F1 Simulator? If not, I am trying to use a timer to hold an o/p on for 7 seconds. After 5 seconds of the first o/p being on I want another o/p to come on for 2 seconds. Both o/p are then to go 'low'. the may seem obvious to someone out there, but I'm pulling my hair out. ..
* Added By David On 12/05/99
Where are you getting stuck? Set a latch that drives a 5 sec timer. When the timer times out get it to set another latch which drives a 2 second ..
 Analog input
Posted By N.B SHAIKH On 12/04/99
 Changing timer values w/PC on AB plc
Posted By Thomas Schattner On 12/03/99
I am trying to make it where I can feed data values coresponding to times and values for analog inputs from a PC to the SLC5/03 processor. I would like to give it an array of data and then have it run with that data. I can figure out the PLC code, but I am not sure of how to get the values to the PLC.
To sum up my needs, the first column is a time duration to do that line... the rest of the columns correspond to the voltages (0-5Vdc) for that period. then progress through them sequentially.

30 3.4 3 4.5
20 2.0 0 3.2

The ..
* Added By Brad Kidder On 12/04/99
MS Excel and NetDDE ..

 AB 1336S overheating
Posted By Pierre On 12/03/99
Hi- We have a problem with a 1336S drive from AB. We get a failure every time the ambiant temperature reaches 35C. It's installed in a panel (80x48x14). The heatsink are external and clean. We have installed an air conditionning unit with 4000BTU capacity. The drive supply's 250 Amps at 575 Volts. It's controled via HMI and PID loop. Can you give us a hint on what to do or what the causes could be. Fault is: heat sink verheating ..
* Added By Rick Densing On 12/03/99
The troubleshooting guide says to check that the amibient temperature is not above 40C. I don't know how accurate the thermal sensor is. The air ..
* Added By Roy Robbins On 12/03/99
You may want to use a non-contact heat gun and get a true reading on the HEAT SINK temperature. The ambient temp may be OK but if there is no air ..
* Added By John Pettus On 12/08/99
Hey Roy, good answer but your last sentence makes me wonder if you are trying to sell AB products now. Give me a call sometime you big rascal.By ..
* Added By B. Hartline On 12/17/99
The 1336s uses a thermistor to read heat sink temperature. You can read the temperature on the HIM display. Start the drive and monitor the rise. ..
 IsaGraF and multivendor & offline simulator plateforms
Posted By Jean-M. Boissard On 12/02/99
Who know this software ?
Do you know other similar products ?
We have to make choice in educationnal environnement (Technical college) ? ..
 disadvantages and advantages of plcs.
Posted By Andy Whittaker On 12/02/99
could you tell me the disadvantages and advantages of plcs.

yours thankfully a j whittaker. ..
* Added By COREY ROBBINS On 12/04/99
* Added By Ian Trost On 12/07/99
The Dissadvantages are Initial cost and Support Equipment/Training.Most of these Should be well outweighed by the result of PLC control.As ..

Posted By David Lawrence On 12/02/99
Has anyone experienced alot of problems with encoder noise on the AB 1394
turbo motion control system. This has been an ongoing problem that keeps
popping up on different systems.We have tried different grounding techniques, 5 volt encoders, 24 volt encoders, suppressed all inductive
coils nothing seems to work. Could it be mechanically related ?????????
Any insight into this problem would be helpful. ..
* Added By Rick Densing On 12/03/99
I did. I had two servo motors, I tried swapping the cables and the noise fault stayed on the axis. I wound up replaceing the system module. The ..
* Added By Andre Memelink On 12/20/99
A little late maybe. But are you by any change using motors with brakes?Never ever use the supply you use on the brake circuit to connect to ..
 Energy Management
Posted By Sam Moore On 12/02/99
I am looking for ideas, comments or examples on designing a PLC program to manage the energy demands of a factory or manufacturing plant. The plant already as a PLC connected to their major plant services, and we are looking for ways to better manage these services to reduce our energy bills. ..
* Added By David On 12/06/99
Hi Sam. If you are limited to what can run at what time then you can't capitalise on peak/offpeak rates, If you can then disable all automatic stuff ..
* Added By Steve Smith On 12/19/99
Check out for ideas/application papers. ..
* Added By LUIS On 02/28/00
How David indicate, I think that the first steep is make some power analysis in your plat,Check the p.f. and your demand, and other electrical ..
 Help for introduction dates for PLC brands?
Posted By Randy Wilkinson On 12/01/99
Can anyone provide me with the year that the following PLCs were introduced?
GE FANUC series 5

Thanks in advance ..
* Added By Marvin On 12/01/99
The manual that I have for the 584 has a Copyright date of 1980. ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 12/02/99
GE Fanuc (Koyo) Series Five was 1988 or possibly as early as 1987. ..

 Reset Continuous Program
Posted By Andrew Miller On 12/01/99
Hello. I wish to reset a continuous program but it doesn't work. ..
* Added By John Pettus On 12/08/99
Andrew how about somemore info. Do you want a manual or auto reset of the program. What is the program functionality. If auto reset of a sequential ..
Posted By John Graves On 12/01/99
Where can I find software for the Omron SYSMAC CQM1 cpu21E or at least a demo version to check out? ..
* Added By Joseph Meyer On 12/07/99
Omron has a limited version of the SYSWIN package but it only programs the low end cpm1 controller.Take a look at their web site ..
* Added By rui silva On 02/08/02
I have syswin 3.4 beta, if you need i can send to you by e-mail ..
Posted By collumeau didier On 12/01/99
Did somebody know where to find a schema to build a board for a PLC with
a PIC or SX microcopntroler ? ..
 Level 2 PLCs
Posted By Ben On 11/29/99
Can someone tell me what a Level 2 PLC is? I was told that Level 2 PLCs
are sometimes necessary to meet OSHA requirements. ..
* Added By Allen R. Brier On 01/02/00
Could you possibly be referring to SIL Level 2? ..
Posted By Ray On 11/29/99
Can someone please give me a little detail about What a rack is, what is a for exmple a 10 rack PLC and what is a 4k PLC studying for a test & interview. Thanx ..
* Added By Steve Bailey On 11/29/99
Ray, a rack is the mounting base for all PLC modules. Racks come in different sizes such as your ten-slot example. A ten-slot rack can hold up to ..
* Added By Sandeep Kusurkar On 11/30/99
A rack in most cases does mean the physical location for holding the different cards viz. the processor card, input cards, output cards, power ..
* Added By David On 12/05/99
the best way to answer this is with an address. this is from AB 5/15I:000/00. the I stands for input. The first two 0's are the rack ..
Posted By DaveV On 11/28/99
I am receiving path and node errors when trying to download a program from the fixed SLC-500 thru the PIC interface. What node should I select or am not setting something up correctly? ..
* Added By Pierre On 11/30/99
Dave - Basicaly the software should do all the work for you ... but the PIC is a something else... IF you use WHO or SUPER WHO, all should work fine ..

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